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 Chapter 526: Crystal Gun

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The news about the attack quickly got into the ears of the young master. Numerous skirmishes were happening every day, but none had the profound impact as the one that occurred in Jade City.

The combined strength of Xiao Yuyu and Vorenus could barely fend off the dark one's attack alone, much less when the dark one was aided by the Scarab Zerg. Over the five years, the Zergs had surprised humans with their power many times, and therefore, Xiao Yuyu knew that the humans could not lower their guard. The cunning Zergs would not hesitate to deliver the deadliest blow when they noticed a hint of relaxation in humans. Even when the humans were constantly on high alert, they were still struggling with the power of the Zergs.

After the Sect had received the footage of the battle scene, they broadcasted it across Mars. The appearance of another Einherjar would boost the Martians' confidence, even though no one knew who this Einherjar was.

Life in Jade City had returned to normal in just one day. Wang Tong and Ye Zi also started to iron out the last few wrinkles in their first step in working with the Sect.

Syracuse had also got wind of the collaboration between Battle Wolf and the Sect. This development lent him confidence in the success of the upcoming auction.

Despite the reputation of Guan Dongyang and the expertise of Xiao Yuyu, the merchant's pragmatism had spurred Syracuse to demand Wang Tong to demonstrate the usage of the two crystals during the auction.

Although Wang Tong thought it was a waste to use two crystals just for the show, he accepted the demand.

Syracuse informed all of his business contacts about the auction, which not only came from within the city, but also from the outside. Many attendees who were located too far away from the Jade city would join the auction via video conferencing.

Since the skynet satellite system had been destroyed by the Zergs, all communications were made possible with landlines. Communication was of paramount importance to the resistance groups. Not only did they need it to stay connected with each other, but the humans also relied on it to get a sense of unity and solace.

Due to the high profile attendees, Sanders had called off all the unsavory auction items, such as slaves and stolen goods.

Xiao Yuyu's mood lightened up significantly after the incident. The carcasses of the dark one and the Scarab were being moved to the Sect's lab for experiments. The biggest surprise that came to Xiao Yuyu was the change in Sander's attitude. It had occurred to her that Sanders had picked up his slack and started to work on preparing for the war. In a couple of days, he had issued a dozen edicts that aimed to strengthen its military capacity. Although the Divine Mastery sect didn't send in a single soldier, as the leader of Mars, it had played an important role in uniting the different factions under the same banner.

When Wang Tong and his friends arrived at the auction house again, they reckoned that the ambiance inside had changed significantly.

"Wang Tong, chief Medic has agreed to our terms. "

"Hehe, good job!" Wang Tong nodded pleasantly.

"That's it? No reward?" Ye Zi asked.

"Ah, of course, there is. Ask Captain Guan!" Wang Tong cracked a smile.

"Pff... Stingy!" Ye Zi rolled her eyes at him.

Wang Tong scanned the people pouring into the auction house, and noticed that almost all of the attendees were influential men and women in the city. It had occurred to him that Syracuse didn't organize this auction solely for his energy crystals; instead, Wang Tong happened to have walked into his office with the crystal right before the annual Grand Auction.

As the auction house started to fill up, people soon gathered in small groups and started socializing with each other while waiting for the auction to start. Most of the conversation topic covered the identity of the mysterious Einherjar. Some lamented about the danger of not having a legendary level warrior guarding their city. Although there were no legendary level warriors in the Jade city, there were numerous level twenty warriors. However, for one reason or another, none of these level twenty warriors appeared during the battle.

Accompanying Xiao Yuyu, Sanders also attended the auction. Sanders should have counted himself lucky that he didn't' work for House Lie, since Lie Jian would have never given him a second chance. Compared to House Lie, the Divine Mastery Sect was much more lenient and patient with their subjects.

Syracuse hosted the auction by himself, and the first item was a mint condition super METAL. This was a work of art from House Ma before it lost its manufacturing capabilities. The blade symbol on the METAL's pauldron would make any METAL warrior's face shine with pride. This was not only a precious gift for anyone who was interested in METAL combat, but also a rare and very practical armor for METAL warriors. Most of its kind had been destroyed during the war, and by then, only a handful of copies remained.

The bidding quickly followed suit; buyers raised their number one after another, and the price quickly skyrocketed.

Xiao Yuyu and Vorenus sat in a VIP room as they watched the action unfold, seemingly uninterested in the METAL suit. They were waiting for even rarer items.

"This Syracuse is quite a character." Xiao Yuyu cracked a smile.

"Absolutely! He is well connected in all cities, and even in the territories that are controlled by the dark ones. Sometimes, even we have to rely on his information about the situations in remote areas." Sanders put in.

"Is that right?" Vorenus asked with a knotted face. It was not good news that the local lords would have to rely on a merchant to collect intelligence on the Zergs.

Sensing the edge in Vorenus' voice, Sanders cracked a smile and then said, "Although he is a greedy businessman, he has talents that others lack, and we need to utilize all sorts of talents in order to defeat the Zergs. On another note, if you see anything you like, I will buy it for you as a gift."

"Thank you, Lord Sanders, but that will be too much." Xiao Yuyu refused the offer politely.

Sanders waved his hand and insisted on his offer. "This is not a bribe. It's just a token of appreciation for saving us from the Zergs."

Xiao Yuyu smiled and let the matter slide; she doubted that she would like anything in this auction.

Suddenly, they heard a wave of gasps rising from the audience. On the podium rested a gun.

"This is the work of the Kaedeian weapon master, Cinderella! A GN crystal gun! The energy crystal can reduce the GN force required to fire the gun by seventy percent!" Syracuse announced excitedly.