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 Chapter 465: METAL Mechanic

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"Boss, Oh... Ah... Everyone is here." When Tan Bu and Lun Duo stormed into the meeting room, they found out that all the top fighters of the Battle Wolf were in the room with Guan Dongyang.

"What's the hurry?" After five years of fighting an uphill battle, Guan Dongyang had matured into a calm and imposing commander. As one of the top warriors on Mars, Guan Dongyang had made a name for himself thanks to his powerful Mastery.

"Boss, Duo Lun had saved a METAL mechanic out here in the wasteland, a furry-faced dude. He fixed half of our damaged METAL suits. I have tried them on myself, and they work!" Tan Bu announced excitingly.

"Really? I have never heard of such talent before." Pen Bo said incredulously. He never liked the carelessness in Tan Bu.

"It's true! Zi Ye has seen it as well. I say, why don't we do the Blaze Company a favor and help them fix their METAL? Maybe, they won't be so disgruntled about us taking the lead position during the assault."

Guan Dongyang exchanged a glance with the other leaders and said calmly, "OK, I will deal with it later. You can leave now."

Duo Lun and Tan Bu nodded and left the room. They were grateful for this opportunity of being the bearer of great news. However, Guan Dongyang was not as excited about this news as the other two had expected. A little favor such as fixing the METAL would not be enough to quell the other factions' thirst for power. In addition, he doubted that one mechanic would be able to take care of all the damaged METAL suits. Nonetheless, the news brought some comfort to him: a capable mechanic was never a bad thing.

"I have heard that Michaux has made another huge advancement in his cultivation. This time, he did it solely with soul energy." Pen Bo announced. Although Pen Bo was older than Guang Dongyang, he was not as talented as the young warrior.

"We owe our existence to the Divine Master Sect. We should be grateful."

"Touché! What a talented mastery warrior, that one! It would be hard pressed to find anyone more powerful than him in the recent hundred years." Pen Bo exclaimed.

Guan Dongyang shook his head. He used to know someone who was much more powerful than Michaux. If that person was still alive, this war might not be a lost cause like it had been for the past five years.

Patroclus didn't give the human a chance. Eliminating his only worthy challenger was the first thing that Patroclus had done after the Zergs tainted him. Although the Templar's court was still struggling against Patroclus' rein on the Earth, without the heir of the Blade Warrior, their demise was only a matter of time.

Guan Dongyang shook his head and reminded himself that his priority right then was not to save the world, but to save himself and his band of warriors.

Wang Tong stared at his face in the mirror and let out self-pitying laughter. He had decided to let the beard grow and wear it as a reminder of what had happened.

"Bang Bang Bang!"

"Come in!"

Ye Zi walked into Wang Tong's room, holding a stack of folded clothes. "These are your clothes. Come to join us in the dining room when you are ready."

"Do I need to pay for food?"

Ye Zi covered her mouth to suppress a snicker, "Money is useless unless you are in the House Lie's territory. Speaking of which, let me know if you are heading there. I think I can help."

Wang Tong shook his head and said, "Nah. Thanks anyways. But, I would like to know the situation on Mars if you have the time to indulge me. I don't know how to put it...You see, I think I have lost my memory."

Ye Zi studied Wang Tong's slightly crumbled face and felt sorry for him. "Of course, I can help."

Ye Zi was born on Mars, and therefore, she had the Martian's typical candor. Even years of Mastery cultivation couldn't mask her eagerness to help. Ye Zi was also caught off guard by her urge to help the boy who she had just met a new hours ago.

Ye Zi started to introduce the situation to Wang Tong as the latter listened attentively.

In a nutshell, the condition on Mars was dire. Although the human resistance had gained control in a few cities, which was a considerable improvement, it came at the cost of the Divine Master's life. The Dark Lord was not dead, and Mars would return to chaos as soon as the Zerg Lord had gathered his strength.

Knowing that peace would not be secured on Mars until the death of the Dark Lord, House Lie and the Divine Mastery sect had deployed all tricks up their sleeves to assassinate Moye. However, so far, the hiding place of the Dark Lord still eluded the human assassins.

Clearly, the Dark Lord had learned how to hide while dealing with the cunning humans. Some factions had even sent in spies, who appeared to the Zergs as captives. But, no one had ever heard anything from those spies since then.

However, not all hope was lost, as the Kaedeians suddenly took up arms and caught the Zergs who had been focusing on House Lie by surprise. The Zergs quickly found out that not only the Kaedeians were powerful fighters, but also immune to the corruption of parasites due to their genetic incompatibility.

After the Zergs realized how big of a threat the Kaedeians were, they quickly gathered forces and campaigned against the Kaedeian settlements.

Wang Tong nodded and asked, "Got it! Where can I find the Kaedeians now?"

"Why? Do you want to visit them? It's too far. You will have to sneak through areas controlled by the Zergs. It's impossible." Despite being the voice of reason, Ye Zi told Wang Tong the general direction where the Kaedeians were settled relative to their location. Immediately after giving Wang Tong the direction, Ye Zi urged him to stay put in the camp and warned him that only the top tier warriors would be able to get to the Kaedeian settlement alive.

Wang Tong had heard people talking about the three great Zerg generals, so he asked Ye Zi who they were. His face became taut after he was told that the leader of the Zerg army inside the city of Maersa was one of the three notorious generals.

Wang Tong's burning desire to punish the Zerg leader for his heinous crime didn't escape Ye Zi.

"I know you are angry, and trust me, you are not alone! But, you need to know your place and do what you are good at. Don't be silly."

Ye Zi's caution caught Wang Tong off guard. He paused for a second and then cracked a smile, "Thank you for the thought. I won't court death."

As they heard the noise rose in the dining room, Ye Zi pushed herself out of the chair and said, "Come on! Follow me... I will introduce you to everyone."

Except for the soldiers who were on duty at the guard post, everyone had gathered at the dining hall. Ye Zi introduced Wang Tong to members of Battle Wolf. Although Wang Tong was not in the battle unit, his fixing of the METAL suits had earned him everyone's respect.

After the dinner, a few young girls started dancing around the blazing campfire. The Martians always had been a promiscuous lot; the imminent Apocalypse had only served to exacerbate the burning desire for lust.

There were not many females among their rank, and the most beautiful girl in the camp was Ye Zi. Unlike many other female fighters, Ye Zi had turned down everyone's request for dancing with her. Each failed attempt aroused a round of snickers and banters.

"Haha, it looks like only boss has the ability to tame this wild one."

"What a shame that the boss is already courting someone else!"

"Lie Xuan? Haha... Now THAT one is a real she-wolf! "

"Do you think Boss really has a chance?"

"Hush! Don't let Boss hear it! I have heard that House Lie had sent a representative to our camp recently. He said that Lie Jian was pleased, but there will be no marriage until Boss has taken over the City of Maersa." A soldier said with pride in his voice that belonged to soldiers from a group that was deemed worthy by Lie Jian.

"It's a honey trap! But, I think our boss will be successful. He had partaken in the tournament before the sh*t hit the fans."

Those tournament players who had survived the five years of turmoil had all grown up to be toughest leaders of the human race. Although these individuals' power was limited while facing hordes of Zergs, they had lit up the beacon of hope in humans' hearts.

"Hey furface, why don't you join everyone on the dance floor?" Ye Zi asked Wang Tong, who was sitting quietly in a corner. Ye Zi was a powerful mastery cultivator, and therefore, she was very sensitive to people's emotions. Right then, she could feel a mixture of loss and sorrow roiling inside Wang Tong.

Wang Tong rubbed his furry chin and regretted leaving it like this.

The soldiers surrounding Wang Tong looked at him with envy. He was the first person to be asked by Ye Zi. However, Wang Tong's seemingly ungrateful reply turned their sour look into that of despise.

"I'm a terrible dancer. I will pass."