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 Chapter 464: Super Mechanic

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When Wang Tong opened his eyes, he found himself surrounded by bright lights and then heard a musical voice.

"You are finally awake."

The bright lights slowly faded away; Wang Tong cracked a smile as he reckoned that he was inside a city. He realized that had been running in the wrong direction and eventually passed out because of dehydration. Someone must have saved him.

Wang Tong looked left and right without noting a pair of beautiful eyes watched him attentively. "Don't worry; you are very safe here. What is your name? Where do you come from?"

"Wang Tong... I don't know. I was walking in the wasteland."

Ye Zi furrowed her brows; the boy was lying. The wasteland was what was left after the nuclear bombardment. No one could traverse in that area without the protection of METAL. However, the earnestness in Wang Tong's eyes seemed to suggest that he had told the truth. The examining crew had checked Wang Tong, and he was clear. Since he was not a hybrid Zerg, the team had opened its arms and welcomed Wang Tong to its camp.

"Thank you for saving me." Wang Tong said sincerely.

"My name is Ye Zi, field medic of team Battle Wolf. It was my duty to save any human here. You should say thank you to Lun Duo; he is the one who brought you here. "

Wang Tong nodded blankly. "Battle Wolf? Where am I?"

Wang Tong's confusion didn't surprise Ye Zi. It was a trying time for everyone on Mars; the order was toppled by chaos and destruction. Many people were forced to leave their home and seek protection in the cities controlled by House Lie. War had made the road not only dangerous, but also unfamiliar. Many people had lost their lives on the way. Even among those who had reached the city wall, only a small portion were guaranteed safety due to House Lie's insufficient resources. The imminent danger had spurred the rest of humanity to take up arms and form Militia units such as the Battle Wolf.

Team Battle wolf fought under the common banner of the Malunsa district. The team's excellent performance had quickly caught the attention of the Divine Master, and the latter deemed the team worthy of receiving field medics. Therefore, they sent Zi Ye to join the rank of the Battle Wolf. Zi Ye was not only responsible for mending the wounds of the injured, but she was also the instructor of new Mastery users.

It turned out that Gods didn't forsake the human entirely. Once a Zerg took control of a host body, the host would lose its ability to use Mastery due to the Zerg's inability to understand the arcane art. However, Zergs' most potent weapon was their adaptive ability. Therefore, no one could say for sure that human would forever hold onto the edge in Mastery.

All Mastery fighters were prepared to end their lives at capture in order to protect the last secret of the human race.

"Ye Zi, Ye Zi? Did that boy wake up?"

Tan Bu's voice approached the medic's room. As the door cracked open, a head poked through; Tan Bu's face gleamed as he gazed at the field medic.

"Come to meet your savior. This is Tan Bu, and the one behind him is Lun Duo." Ye Zi said.

"Thank you!" Wang Tong announced.

"You are welcome!" Lun Duo spared Wang Tong a glance, and then his eyes returned to Zi Ye's beautiful face.

"Hey Furface, save your words. I need your actions. Come out when you feel better and see if you can help with anything around the camp. You need to contribute if you want to stay."

Furface? Wang Tong rubbed his chin and found a handful of fuzzy beard. He suppressed a snicker and then said, "I can do a lot of things."

"Don't be a d*ck, Tan Bu. Hey, you, don't be scared of him; that's just him. We won't leave you alone out there. Is there anything you can do? If your mind is opened, I could assign you to the combat unit. But, it appears that you are not qualified. How about helping around the mechanic shop?"

"Phff....Whatever! If we recruit everyone, the Battle Wolf would soon be called Meek Sheep."

Wang Tong's face lit up with glee and then replied, "Yes, I can be a mechanic. I used to repair METAL."

Silence suddenly fell into the room. Ye Zi said with disbelief, "Seriously?"

"Of course! As long as I have the parts, I can repair just about any METAL."

The other three in the room looked at each other in disbelief. A good METAL mechanic was the most sought-after talent in any camp due to the METAL suits' importance and its complexity.

"Keep bluffing, furface. Don't we have a few broken METAL in the storage? Let him try it."

"Don't feel obligated, Wang Tong. He is just curious." Ye Zi spoke quietly.

"That's fine. I'm more than happy to fix those for you." Wang Tong announced.

Despite the discernible conviction in Wang Tong's voice, the other three kept their doubts.

Ten minutes later, Lun Duo and Tan Bu stared at the newly fix METAL with shocking disbelief. Despite the low-grade tools and sub-par parts, Wang Tong's repair was able to breathe a new life into the thirty or so dilapidated METAL suits, turning them into deadly weapons again.

"By the gods! Lun Duo, you have picked up a genius! Furface, you can stay!"

"Incredible! I doubt House Lie has any technician who shares the same level of skills. Hey, where did you learn this?"

"I ... I can't really remember." Wang Tong announced.

"Ah...That's fine. We all have things that we don't want to remember; that's what war does to us. Tan Bu, stopping bubbling and go tell Boss that we have a new addition. Lun Duo, please arrange accommodation for him."

"Haha! Roger that!"

The two walked out of the room with a skip in their steps. Wang Tong's performance had exceeded their expectation. Without a professional mechanic, those METAL suits were abandoned in the corner of the storage room, waiting to be stripped for parts. But, the new addition to Team Battle Wolf would turn the situation around.

Ye Zi reckoned that it would be hard pressed to find such a talent even in the Divine Master Sect. Wang Tong's skill was apparent, but one question remained: Why would such a talent end up wandering around in the wasteland?

"Wang Tong, welcome aboard!" Ye Zi reached out her long and delicate fingers toward Wang Tong for a handshake.

Wang Tong nodded and cracked a smile, but didn't shake the girl's hand. "Thank you. I won't be staying here long, but while I'm here, I wish I can pay you back and fix METAL for you."

Ye Zi was taken it back and asked, "You are going to leave soon?"

Not only staying with team Battle Wolf would guarantee Wang Tong's safety, but he had also just landed a cushy position in the mechanic shop. For most people, it would be a dream come true in such reduced circumstances.

"I have other things to do." Wang Tong spoke low under his breath.

"Hey, didn't you tell me that Furface had no sea of consciousness? Why did I see him use soul energy while he was repairing the METAL?"

"How would I know? Maybe his soul energy was too small to be detected. At any rate, he can fix my METAL, and that's all I care."

"Ah-ha! Speaking of which, do you think we should bring Furface with us when we finally move against the city of Malunsa?"

"You mean..."

"Think about it, you thickhead! His skill is needed everywhere; if we ask him to repair other team's METAL, maybe they would let our team lead the assault. Don't you think?"

"That makes sense to me! Come, let's go ask Boss."

Guan Dongyang and a few other captains of Battle Wolf had just returned from a mission. He sat in his chair and was absorbed in reflections. The war had been going on for five years. Under his court brothers' persistent persuasion, he had finally joined Battle Wolf two years ago. As soon as he took charge of his team, he realized how little his power was, so he quickly reached out to the Divine Master Sect and asked for help. Since he had left a good impression on Michaux when the two first met at the tournament, Michaux had offered him his full support and sent him capable field medics. Ever since the Zerg deployed hybrid Zergs in the war, they had learned to not only harm human warrior's body, but also their sea of consciousness. Equipped with the ability to heal the sea of consciousness, the field medics had become essential in this war, and their status in the combat team also rose considerably. In the same token, the METAL suit mechanic had also become a well-respected profession in any military force due to scarcity.

When Lun Duo and Tan Bu arrived Guan Dongyan's office, the team leaders were discussing recent development. Meetings like this were never comfortable to sit through, not only because they were long, but also because of the infighting and bickering among the leaders.