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 Chapter 449: Karmamudra

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A mixture of envy and resignation rose inside Tee. Wang Tong's oblivious look didn't help her in coming to terms with the reality that an amateur had easily surpassed her.

As Wang Tong's supervisor, Tee knew she couldn't let her emotion get the better of her. Plus, there was still the possibility that Wang Tong had done it accidentally.

"Wang Tong, you have done well today. How about you join me tomorrow. We can fix that pile of garbage together."

"Awesome!" Wang Tong shouted. Finally, he felt that he was making progress in becoming a part of the team.

"You can leave now."

Tee shook her head as she watched Wang Tong saunter out of the room. She had heard rumors that the heir of the Blade Warrior was a cunning and calculating person. However, the boy full of sincerity and energy didn't seem to fit the description. How would she describe him in the weekly report? Tee pondered on and failed to reach a conclusion. Therefore, she decided to keep on observing Wang Tong for a few more days.

"You look happy today." Ma Xiaoru greeted Wang Tong, whose face bloomed like a flower.

"Thanks to you, Tee finally invited me to work with the rest of the team."

"That's nice."

"Phf... When are you going to come work with us, Boss? What's so exciting about fixing other people's METAL?"

"Can you be more optimistic? Wang Tong is making progress. " Zhou Sisi rose to Karl's comment.

"Sisi, I noticed that your evaluation was always on the top. Can you share some of your experience with us?" Xiaoru asked.

"Wow, good job, Sisi. "

"Well, my rating was still far behind Zhang Jin."

"How about you, Karl?"

"I am bored. When are we going to fight the pirates?"

Everyone shook their heads in disapproval of Karl's childish fantasy for war. War was brutal, terrible, and always tore loved ones apart. If history could have taught the human one thing, it was that war never changed.

The mentioning of war brought Ma Xiaoru's thoughts back to Norton. She held out her hand and squeezed Wang Tong's, and was greeted by a loving and knowing smile.

Karl watched the couple's appalling public affection with much displeasure.

"Hello? You two! We are still here. I am going to see if I can find my soulmate on this ship." Karl started back after he lodged his complaint.

Zhou Sisi's face darkened a little and then said, "What a cute couple! I have other work to do, so I will leave you two alone for now."

In the night, the two often engaged in the practice of Karmamudra. Although it might seem like debauchery in other's eyes, it was one of the most effective methods for cultivation.

"Xiaoru, let's aim for the seventh level of the Tactics of the Enchantress." Wang Tong said excitingly.

Ma Xiaoru nodded with a serious expression. Should Li Ruoer know that Ma Xiaoru was already preparing for level seven, she would be very surprised, since the last time she had heard of Ma Xiaoru's cultivation the latter was still at level four.

As the two started the Karmamudra, their soul energy slowly intertwined with each other. Ma Xiaoru had learned to let go of her body and sea of consciousness, and let Wang Tong take full control. As Wang Tong's soul energy guided the energy inside Ma Xiaoru's body, he kept on searching for ways to improve her cultivation efficiency by increasing the number of GN nodes. Failing that, Wang Tong realized that he was wrong from the beginning. For some reason, the Tactics of the Enchantress worked much better when only one set of GN nodes fueled it. The double GN attribute might do more harm than good to the Enchantress.

Syncing the rhythm of the movement of their soul energy, Wang Tong slowly channeled his soul energy into Ma Xiaoru's body, displacing some of Ma Xiaoru's, and allowing it to flow freely into his own body. As his energy grew, Ma Xiaoru's body reacted to the foreign energy and tried to push it back. It was critical not to resist her body's natural instinct. Therefore, Wang Tong would retreat his energy and let Ma Xiaoru's energy flow back to its owner.

This push and pull would last for the entire night. The constant blending of each other's soul energy would eventually give birth to a refreshed and revitalized soul energy in both of their bodies.

When the two first started this practice, it would take them a whole night to complete one round. However, as they got good at it, it would only take them two hours to finish one round. Thanks to Ma Xiaoru's help, Wang Tong's injuries were quickly recovered.

Ma Xiaoru had calculated that the benefit of the Karmamudra was two folds. Firstly, Wang Tong could quickly recover from his injuries, and secondly, the appearance of having fallen into debauchery due to the stigma of Karmamudra would lower the guard of Wang Tong's enemies.

Like everything else in this world, the power of any tactics came from the balance of Yin and Yang, and that was why Karmamudra was such an effective method for improving cultivation. Since Wang Tong's soul energy was much more powerful than Ma Xiaoru's, intermingling their soul energies was particularly beneficial for her advancement.

After each round of Karmamudra, both of their soul energies would return to their owner's body, releasing a wave of sensation that gave a more intense euphoria than a climax. As the exhilaration shot through Ma Xiaoru's system, her body tensed up, face reddened and eyes half closed. Her half-naked body was more inviting and tantalizing than ever. This was the enchantress's ultimate ability, to reach nirvana together with her lover in a tight embrace of infinite intimacy.

Wang Tong was reveling in the waves after waves of sensual rushes. After each rush, Wang Tong craved that the next wave would be more intense than the one before. Meanwhile, he marveled at the brilliance of the Blade Warrior for inventing the tactics of the Enchantress.

"Babe, we are almost done Karmamudra. It's about time to finish our business." Wang Tong said as he clenched muscles in his groin, pumping more blood into his jackhammer. It responded by doubling its size.

"No...Too big..Too..." Ma Xiaoru moaned, but she didn't resist.

"Haha. I'm only beginning." Seeing Ma Xiaoru have completely surrendered to him, Wang Tong felt a rush of satisfaction.

Although physical stimulation was necessary while they were engaged in Karmamudra, it was nowhere nearly as intense as when they got right down to the business.

Ma Xiaoru felt a slight pain at first, but it only lasted a few seconds. As her body naturally responded to the stimulation, wetting her mouth and area around Wang Tong's red-hot iron, the pleasure soon intoxicated her.

It was not the first time Wang Tong toiled in the bed. He knew exactly what he needed. His hands danced around Ma Xiaoru's body and finally rested on her butt...


The next day morning, Wang Tong returned to his job and found out that Tee was already there.

"Come help me. I have already separated them into piles based on the severity of damage." Tee said.

"Be right there." Wang Tong replied, eager to learn new skills.

Tee cracked a smile and said, "Well, I think you should open a mechanic shop instead of joining the army."

"That's not a bad idea." Wang Tong smiled and then started the inspection. Once he detected the damaged nodes in the internal wiring of the suits using his "X-Ray" vision, his next task was to re-connect the damaged nodes.

Tee watched Wang Tong's work in awe. Soul Scoping, a.k.a. "X-Ray vision", was not only a skill of the highest level engineers, but also required a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge of the wiring diagram by rot. How did Wang Tong do that?

Unknown to Tee, Wang Tong's ability didn't rely on memorization or experience. Instead, it relied on his acute sense of soul energy. He could simply trace along the soul energy's imprint on the METAL to find out the damaged nodes