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 Chapter 447: X-Ray Vision

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"Miss Tee, we are sorry. Just take the cost out of our salaries." Tang Hu, culprit number one, spoke under his breath.

"Oh really? You already owe me two months of your salaries!"

"Oh... Are you sure?" The reality struck culprit number two, named Luo Sen.

After a while, Tee's ire finally subsided, but the damage to the suits was so severe that she might as well order new ones. The fighters were instructed to use training suits while practicing, but this rule was universally ignored, as the space fighters complained that the training suits could not compare with the real thing. Both fighters were fire team leaders, and they had failed to control their power due to a minor slip up.

"Zuoyan, get me a new kernel module. These two jerks...!" Tee complained. The kernel modules were the most expensive parts on the space suits.

As a logistics expert, she was aware of the importance of saving parts. However, she was also a fighter, so she forgave the fighters' mistakes.

It was better to have damaged equipment than damaged bodies.

"Wang Tong, look!" Zuoyan nudged him.

Wang Tong was amazed by Tee's repairing techniques. She wielded different tools at the same time using her soul energy. Not only was she deathly precise, but also made repairing a one-person job.

In a blink, the set of the space suit that had been damaged beyond repair had been given a new life. Every soldier was responsible for the maintenance of their space suits, and they would have to compensate for any unnecessary damages. Tang Hu and Luo Sen had broken their suits so many times that if they really had to pay up, they would become penniless.

Wang Tong watched Tee's every movement with great interest. Although he had remembered the repairing procedure by rot, he had never seen such a repair being implemented. Tee would never give him a shot at this. Without any practice, Wang Tong would only end up wasting expensive parts.

Engineers surrounded Tee and watched her work with envy, since neither of them had training in soul energy like her. In addition to her repairing skills, Wang Tong was also impressed by her web-like soul energy. Not only was it unique, but could also be deadly when used during a fight.

"Done!" Tee extended her hand. The two culprits picked up the cue and handed her a small towel to wipe off the sweat.

"Ah... Thank you! One more thing though...Our boss wanted us to ask you if you have time tonight for a movie?" Luo Sen said.

Tee wiped the sweat off and didn't spare him a glance, "Movie? I will pass. I have training this evening."

"Resting is half the training, isn't it? Come on, Tee." Tang Hu said in a servile voice.

"F*ck off! You two owe me so much money and still won't stop bothering me! If Hill wants me to watch a movie with him, why wouldn't he come to ask me himself?" Fire burst out of Tee's mouth. The two space fighter turned on their heels and ran for their lives while they still had the chance.

Tee turned around and startled her co-workers. She gave them a gleeful smile and said, "If these two ever come close to the storage room again, come report to me immediately please."

"Yes...Yes, ma'am."

"Thank you! Alright, let's examine the rest of the suits. Be careful and be thorough, please. The condition of these suits is a matter of life and death."

As a soldier, Tee knew the paramount need to have a functioning suit while risking her life out there in space. Whenever the fighters finished a mission, all suits had to undergo a thorough check.

Suddenly, the storage gate opened, and a large truck drove in. On it was a pile of broken suits that had seen much better days.

Tee's brow furrowed as soon as she saw the truckload of sorrow.

"Whose METAL are these? How many Zergs have they killed?"

"Unit three, eight, and nine."

Tee shook her head and said, "That's not our area. Send them back."

A plump middle age engineer stumbled out of the passenger seat and hurried to Tee. "My apologies, Tee. We are unable to fix any of these. We thought it would be waste, so we brought them here for you to rescue them."

"Ah, Lao Jiu, you again. Are your teams at each other again?"

"Tell me about it. Sigh... I have already handed in my relocation application. I can't do it anymore! Especially in unit three... They drained by operation budget almost overnight, and no one listens to me!"

"Didn't captain just approve a thirty percent budget increase for your unit?" As soon as Tee saw that it was Lao Jiu, she knew she had to help him. She had only two troublemakers, Tang Hu and Luo Sen, but Lao Jiu had an army of them to deal with.

"Thirty percent...sigh... Not even three hundred percent will be enough for those idiots. Can you take a look at these ones, please? I will really appreciate it." Lao Jiu's face crumbled as he begged Tee for help.

"I have just finished dealing with Tang Hu and Luo Sen. I can fix at most three more suits. You will have to wait for the rest."

"Thank you! Thank YOU! You are my savior!"

"Don't thank me yet. Do me a favor, and don't recommend me as your replacement if your application is approved."

Tee glanced over the bucket full of broken pieces and picked one up.

"This is done for. Bunch of idiots." Tee mumbled under her breath and threw the piece on the ground.

"Tee, can I try? "Wang Tong picked it up and asked.

"Help yourself." Tee waved an approval.

Such repair would be hugely taxing on soul energy. Tee's repair talent was largely thanks to her fine and strand-like soul energy.

Wang Tong at tugged Zuoyan and asked, "Can you help me? I don't think I can handle it myself."

Wang Tong let Zuoyan hold a broken armor piece in front of him while he started to channel out his soul energy. Slowly, the hidden patterns of wiring inside of the METAL suit started to surface.

During the past few days, Wang Tong had buried himself in the repair manuals, since he was bed bound and couldn't do anything else. It was difficult to understand the manual at first, but with Ma Xiaoru's patient help, he quickly got the gist of it. Ma Xiaoru was from the family that made these METALS, and therefore, her understanding of the METAL suit was unmatched by any technologist. Her help had proven to be very valuable.

As Wang Tong continue to focus on the METAL in front of him, his soul energy guided him through one technique of diagnosis after another.