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 Chapter 443: A New Round Of Competition

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Wang Tong studied Tee's earnest expression and mumbled, "Ok, sister Tee."

"Ha, excellent, Tong Tong. Now, I am going to show you our designated working area. We repair any damaged structures within this area." Tee was genuinely satisfied by Wang Tong's attitude.

"The exterior structure? I thought we are in charge of the machines?"

"You wish! Only the technologist and engineers are allowed to touch those. Stay away from them though; those nerds can make you fall asleep in seconds."

"We are in charge of district E. Hey, do you want to see space suits?" Tee said as she pulled a lever on the wall, causing a giant gate to crack open slowly, revealing an enormous storage area that was filled to the brim with METAL suits. These METAL were equipped with gravity modules, so the wearer could walk freely in space.

Over the last three hundred years, not only had the ground forces been getting increasingly reliant on METAL suits and soul energy, but also the space fighters. Although their METAL was much weaker than Einherjar's, it could ward off the harmful elements in the deadly space.

Every space METAL's boots were equipped with a gravity unit, which also served as a propelling unit powered by the wearer's GN force. Needless to say, such METAL suit was costly, and as a result, only level five or above fighters would be allowed to use them. Luckily, the nature of the fleet battle required only a handful of space fighters, since the Zergs were still struggling to overcome the defense of a battleship.

Each battleship was equipped with numerous artillery towers. Although these cannons were capable of auto-aiming, the fleet preferred some degree of manual control, since Zergs easily hacked auto-aiming. This was where Karl and Flash would shine, as they both had top notch micro control abilities.

Tee was busy with her own work after showing Wang Tong around. She left him with a pile of documents for him to research.

It was true that time could change anything, particularly people's heart. Just a few years ago, the Blade Warrior was still revered as the savior of the world. But now, everyone's attention was on Einherjar Wannabe.

After being cast aside by the public, the heir of the Blade Warrior ended up working as a handyman. However, he obeyed his order like a good soldier. Soon, Wang Tong was absorbed in the manuals that Tee had left for him, and before he knew it, he had finished his first shift.

Wang Tong turned off the data screen and went to the cafeteria.

By the time Wang Tong arrived at the cafeteria, it was already simmering with chattering. After their first day of work on the Ark, everyone was eager to share their experiences.

Wang Tong ordered a meal and sat down by an empty table. The table didn't remain empty for long, as his friends entered the dining room one after another. He quickly learned that Zhou Sisi was assigned to the commander's office. How exciting would that be? In addition to Zhou Sisi, Ma Xiaoru was also appointed to the top floor.

"Wang Tong, how's your work?"

"I did nothing. They gave me a bunch of manuals to read over. I think I should be a garage mechanic after I'm done here." Wang Tong pitied himself. The other's shiny new jobs didn't help lighten up his mood.

Everyone offered they consolation and tried to convince him that Samantha would not let him stay down there for too long.

Inside the cafeteria, students naturally formed four groups, each surrounding four young leaders: Wang Tong, Patroclus, Li Shiming, and Lie Jian, and kept their distances from each other.

Competition between the four groups was a real thing. So far, team Wang Tong had lost round one, since Wang Tong had been assigned to the least important post.

Wang Tong's situation didn't improve in the days that followed. He had been staring at the same manuals for five days, and didn't receive a single instruction. However, Wang Tong started to get used to the laidback lifestyle. He found plenty of time to focus on his cultivation and learn about ship designs.

During the night, Wang Tong would plunge into the space crystal and train with even greater efficiency. Although he was still far from making a breakthrough, it had improved his soul energy nonetheless.

Wang Tong quickly learned that the so-called happiness was a relative term. If he could feel content with whatever situation he was in, he would always be happy. Just like that old saying went, 'If God gave you a lemon, don't fancy the orange juice.'

Meanwhile, on earth, Old Fart was sipping on his orange juice while basking under the afternoon sun. "Haha! That little sh*t must be bored to death by now! It always puts a smile on my face."

"I have heard he is doing well. Aren't you afraid that he will lose steam?"

"Haha, whatever! He has grown up, and we can't control him anymore. I am only interested in when I can have a grandson in my arms."

"He will be in my arms first."

"No way! You can have Wang Tong, but I want my grandson! Remember, he is the heir of the Templar's court!"

"Yea, yea, who cares about tampon-lars. He will inherit half of House Ma's assets as well."

"Haha, you old prick! Well, sounds like he will need to have more than one child."

"My poor daughter... But, it sounds like a plan!"


A few more days passed by, and Wang Tong had already adapted to the new lifestyle, while everyone else was still obsessed with climbing the ranks.

Soon, Wang Tong realized a surprising benefit of reading manuals. Since he started reading, he found that he was no longer obsessed with fighting. As a result, it had become much easier for him to concentrate on his cultivation.

Wang Tong didn't disturb Mr. Wannabe either. He knew that the old ghost would come out to have some fresh air if he could. His silence meant his recovery was slow, so Wang Tong thought it was better to leave him alone.

On the weekend, Wang Tong wanted to spend some quality time with Ma Xiaoru, but the third wheel Li Ruoer made it impossible.

While Wang Tong was in the washroom, Ma Xiaoru sneaked in and explained the situation. It turned out that Li Ruoer was bombarded by Lie Jian and Porten's onslaught of unwanted attention, and sought refuge in her room.

Wang Tong groped Ma Xiaoru and pressed a dozen kisses on her body.

"Well. What about us? We can't let her stay here forever!"

"Pervert! Let me think about it. She had helped me a lot, so I can't just leave her alone."

"Why don't you tell her to choose one of them. She will have to get married one day anyway."