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 Chapter 274: The Pirate King

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Lie Xuan and the other martian fighters looked at Lie Wushuang's blank expression with confusion. Even Lie Wushuang himself had no idea how he was defeated.

Lie Jian gestured everyone to be silent as he mulled over Patroclus's challenge. Lie Jian knew that while facing an opponent such as Patroclus, he needed to control his urge to act on a whim.

After a while, Lie Jian suddenly spoke to screen, "You have also taken an interest in Einherjar Wannabe. Einherjar Wannabe... Interesting."

It occurred to Lie Jian that he would have to re-evaluate his opponent. He had thought that Einherjar Wannabe was just a freak; he might be powerful, but his power would not last long. However, Patroclus's involvement was a sign that Lie Jian's initial estimation of Einherjar Wannabe was incorrect. He knew that Patroclus would never interfere with Lie Wushuang's rampage since he wouldn't care to fight with such weak opponents.

When the earthling and the Martians were still filled with admiration and disbelief, most Ivantians were calm. They knew that their prince would be able to teach the Martians a lesson, since he was the paragon of perfection. Not a single Ivantian would doubt the heir of the Dower, especially Patroclus Dower.

The Ivantians considered Parooclus the closest to his ancestor Rilangalos in terms of looks, power, as well as personality.

When the Ivantians talked about power, they didn't mean the strength of the GN power or soul energy; they also referred to the overall control of the battlefield. Back in the days of Rilangalos, he had destroyed eighty percent of the Earth Fleet by waiting over ten years for the perfect moment to strike. It had proven that in addition to strength, he also possessed wisdom, and that was what set him apart from other Einherjars.

Patroclus had inherited the talent and the tradition of working hard. However, it was yet to see if he would be able to unleash his power to its full potential. He needed a strong opponent, since without one, his power and strength would all be useless.

Although Patroclus considered a few of the young fighters his worthy opponent, the Ivantian public was convinced that neither Li Shiming or Lie Jian would stand a chance against their perfect prince.

The match came to a jarring halt as the four Martians retreated. Their original intention was to force Einherjar Wannabe to fight with them, but it seemed that the joke was on them as they had become the laughing stock.

The audiences boiled over on internet forums about the recent fight.

The match was replayed over and over again, and through every replay, everyone marveled at the power of Patroclus to defeat such a strong opponent without even moving a finger.

The reality was cruel to Lie Wushuang, since he didn't even know how he was defeated and had become a ladder for his opponent to reach a new height in his popularity.

The popularity of Patroclus had soared, and in a few days, he replaced Einherjar Wannabe as the second most popular public face, closely following the number one on that list: the masked dancer. Although Einherjar Wannabe had shown an incredible power, Patroclus's display of strength was even more impressive. He had proven that the legend surrounding him was correct. His perfectionism might be the only quality that could out-rival Einherjar Wannabe's mysteriousness in winning public's attention.

He was the pride of the Ivantians. It was the power of House of Dower and Patroclus that had given them the sense of nonchalance and indifference regardless of what Li Shiming or Lie Jian accomplished.

Wang Tong finally realized that Patroclus was the opponent he really needed.

Wang Tong had also realized the gap between him and top fighters from the Great Houses. People like Patroclus not only cultivated the deadliest tactics of the world, but also had instructors that used to be Einherjar. These teachers would not only teach Patroclus about the secrets of the tactics, but also strategies that did not involve fighting.

The thought of the gap between Wang Tong and his opponent made him sleepless as he rolled back and forth on his bed.

Wang Tong was caught off guard by the power of Patroclus. He registered that Patroclus's power did not only came for his soul energy, but also his confidence and a good understanding of his opponent.

Due to the lack of a challenge, Wang Tong had started to overestimate his strength. He paid the price for his conceit on Norton, so he reckoned that maybe he should reconsider his match with Lie Jian. He conceded that a battle was only meaningful when the power of the two fighters was close. If it were otherwise, like the one-second fight between Patroclus and Lie Wushuang, Wang Tong reasoned he would not be able to learn anything from it.

Wang Tong genuinely felt that he needed much improvement in many areas.

Although Wang Tong had experienced the moment of life and death on the battlefield, he conceded that it was different than the life-threatening moment during a duel.

In fact, there was one teacher right beside him, the real Einherjar Wannabe. However, his teaching skills were limited, to say the least. So, Wang Tong reasoned that the best way to learn from Einherjar Wannabe would be to fight him. Wang Tong only needed to figure out how to get his teacher out of his prison.

As Wang Tong pondered on the possible method of helping Mr. Wannabe jailbreaking out of the crystal, his soul energy slowly seeped into the crystal, but he found nothing out of the ordinary. He figured that if this crystal indeed belonged to the Blade Warrior, Li Feng must have gained advanced alien technology when he was alive. The thought of Mr. Wannabe saving his life on Norton made Wang Tong feel a sense of guilt. So far, Wang Tong had not attempted to fulfill his promise to Mr. Wannabe of taking him to the Hall of Valhalla. With the guilt in mind, he remembered that the reward for the top ten students of the pan-solar system tournament was a ticket to the Templar's boot camp. Since the Templar were the guardians of the Hall of Valhalla, Wang Tong reasoned that if he could make it to the Templar's court, he might have a chance delivering Mr. Wannabe to his destination. A sliver hope rose inside of Wang Tong.

Suddenly, Wang Tong's world went dark. He felt that he had traveled into another space and time. He tensed up his body and drew out his soul energy, and in a blink of eyes, he was back on his bed again.

Wang Tong was very confident that he was not hallucinating, so he wondered if he was able to enter the crystal, as Mr. Wannabe did.

As he mulled over the question, his soul energy seemed to have found a gate in the crystal space, so he entered.

As soon as he entered the crystal space, he saw Einherjar Wannabe's solemn face.

Wang Tong looked around and found that they were standing on a barren ground like an ancient battlefield that sprawled endlessly to the horizon.

Einherjar Wannabe stood up slowly and said, "Kiddo, you are finally here." His eyes burned with an eerier luster.

"Is this where you stay? Amazing!" Curiosity was written all over Wang Tong's face.

Mr. Wannabe's lips curled into a smile as the world around them started to take shapes.

"Do you have any idea how boring it is down here? But its OK now, I finally got a ticket out of here!"

Mr. Wannabe's words alerted Wang Tong. He realized that the gate behind him was closed and he had no way out of here.

"Save your energy. Since you are here, might as well have some fun." The smile on Mr. Wannabe's face became even more twisted. "We are friends, so I will give you another chance. If you can survive for ten days, then I will let you leave. If not, I will have your body."

An other-worldliness flashed in Mr. Wannabe's eyes.

Wang Tong's heart sank. He had noticed that something was off about Mr. Wannabe the moment he had met him. However, ever since Wang Ton befriended Mr. Wannabe, he seemed to have gotten used to the old ghost's strangeness.

Mr. Wannabe looked at Wang Tong as if he had seen through Wang Tong's thoughts. "I saved you not because I cared about you, it was because I don't have the patience to wait for the next idiot to pick the crystal up. And curse this damn seal, I can't even lure you in here. But I strike lucky after all. Haha... Well I know we have been through a lot together, so I give you two options. The first option, you will stay here and let me go out with your body. But don't worry, I will find another scapegoat for you soon. Second. We will fight for ten days. If you are still alive after ten days, I will let you return unharmed. "

Seeing Wang Tong was unruffled by his dire situation, Mr. Wannabe nodded approvingly and said, "Do you have any other questions? I will give you one day to prepare, and within that one day, you can do whatever you want. Lad, don't blame me for this, it was all because of that jerk Li Feng. I will take revenge for both of us when I get out, don't you worry about that!"

Wang Tong was shocked by the insult Mr. Wannabe threw at Li Feng. Watching Mr. Wannabe's conceited expression, recognition finally downed on Wang Tong's face, "You have recovered your memory?"

Mr. Wannabe let out a wicked laugh and then said, "You bet. I am the Pirate King Zachery"