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 Chapter 243: Ice and Fire Combo

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All five Great Tactics had a decent number of successors, yet they were difficult to be spread to the public because the learning processes required mentors. Furthermore, the disciples had to be protected while learning, because the process was somewhat dangerous. In order to thoroughly master everything, the training would have to be guided by seniors or mentors. This was why the Five Great Houses weren't worried about their tactics being stolen, not to mention no one dared to mess with them uptill now.

Einherjar Wannabe had successfully demonstrated the genuine Blazing Palm Strike, and even used it against Lie Wushuang himself. Yet, being Academy of the Deity's elite fighter amongst fourth graders, Lie Wushuang managed to keep his cool.

Instead of being surprised, Lie Wushuang decided to treat Einherjar Wannabe as another fighter who knew Tactics of the Blaze. After all, Einherjar Wannabe's Level Four Soul Energy was no match for him at all!

However, he seemed to have forgotten that if Einherjar Wannabe was just an ordinary Level Four Fighter, he would've been knocked out by the previous attack already.

On the other hand, Wang Tong was extremely excited!

Hell yes!

Finally, he had figured it out!

All this time, he had been focusing on channeling the sheer cold GN Force from the specific genome sources, yet it wasn't that complicated at all. During that time when he was kidnapped by Li Ruo-Er, all Wang Tong did to channel the force was just telling himself that he needed the sheer cold genome force!

It was just that simple!

In other words, Soul Energy served as the guide of the elemental GN Force instead of the genome sources!


Wang Tong took a step back due to the recoil, yet the impact was strong enough to push Lie Wushuang back for three steps. This time, Lie Wushuang was startled. He had no idea that he would be knocked back by a lower level fighter, not to mention he was attacked by his own Blazing Palm Strike!

The students of every academy on Earth were mesmerized by the unexpected happening, while the students on Moon seemed to be discussing this discretely. Yet on Mars, every Martian who was watching seemed to be shocked by that moment. What happened a while ago was absolutely unbelievable!

Lie Wushuang took a deep breath as he began to feel the pressure. Einherjar Wannabe seemed to possess an extraordinary amount of GN Force, or else his Soul Energy level would never be able to achieve so.

Soul Energy might be able to lift one's fighting spirit, yet it was unable to enhance one's ability to fight!

Lie Wushuang then maximized his Soul Energy and decided to charge towards his opponent with all his might. After all, he was still having the upper hand in terms of Soul Energy level!

Lie Wushuang's Soul Energy skyrocketed to two hundred and seventy sols!

Yet, Einherjar Wannabe's Soul Energy was only one hundred and eighty sols!

Based on the current difference, somehow, this match looked sort of unfair.

However, Lie Wushuang remained solemn and calm, even though he had the advantage.

On the other hand, Wang Tong seemed to have discovered another conclusion. Apparently, aside from Soul Energy, the channeling of elemental forces also required the circulation of one's Cinnabar Field. Both Soul Energy and Cinnabar Field had to work with each other in order to achieve so.

Suddenly, Wang Tong began to doubt Mr. Wannabe's theory about elements. As Old Fart would always say, what looked real might be false, and what looked unreal might be the truth.

Most people believed that the body was fixed with only one element, yet Wang Tong had his doubts regarding this statement.

Meanwhile, Lie Wushuang's aura had turned into an intimidating, fiery goliath, as he unleashed his tactics of the Blaze. The pressure was extremely intense, and it seemed like Lie Wushuang had made up his mind to fully utilize his advantage in terms of Soul Energy.

Whoosh... Howl of the Blazing Daemon!

Lie Wushuang yelled as he charged towards Einherjar Wannabe with his enlarged blazing palms, like he was trying to perish with Einherjar Wannabe together!

Apparently, Martians were born with an impulsive personality, and they would strike at all cost whenever they felt that their lives were threatened!

Wang Tong grinned when he noticed that the proud fighter had finally lost his patience... Payback time had arrived!

As soon as Einherjar Wannabe unleashed his attack, the whole arena was stunned once again... All of a sudden, the whole atmosphere was completely frozen still...

Palm strikes were strong against punches, punches were stronger than finger strikes, yet finger strikes were good against palm strikes. Apparently, Einherjar Wannabe countered by using his finger!

People wondered if Lie Wushuang had forgotten that Einherjar Wannabe was also very skillful with his fingers aside from palm strikes. Perhaps, Lie Wushuang had never watched any of his previous matches.

Furthermore, that was not some ordinary finger strike!

It was the Fingers of Frost!

Lie Wushuang yelled in pain as the force from Einherjar Wannabe's finger penetrated his body. Although Lie Wushuang was a veteran fighter, no one would be able to bear the pain that was sent directly by an opposite element, not to mention the level of realism was already preset to one hundred and twenty percent.

The bone-drilling pain was extremely intense. Lie Wushuang immediately felt like a scorching furnace that was thrown into the Arctic Ocean. Within seconds, he was completely knocked out by the pain.

Originally, Wang Tong was planning to finish him off by adding a palm strike in order to complete his experiment on elements. Yet, Wang Tong abandoned the idea the moment he saw Lie Wushuang's condition. Wang Tong was actually trying to stimulate his own senses by increasing the level of pain, but he didn't expect that this would happen.

Everyone in the arena was horrified by the unexpected happening. Meanwhile, Lie Wushuang's avatar was nowhere to be seen. Apparently, he was forced to retire due to safety issues.

Back at Academy of the Deity, Lie Wushuang collapsed onto the ground right after he was removed from PA. His face was pale as a ghost and was trembling badly while lying on the ground. As a matter of fact, this had never happened before in the history of PA. Apparently, Einherjar Wannabe's elemental force was too strong.

Instead of being sent to the hospital, Lie Wushuang was immediately handed over to the people of House of Lie.

Meanwhile, Lie Kent immediately rushed to see Lie Wushuang. He suspected that the sheer cold aura had penetrated deep into Lie Wushuang's body and had to be neutralized by a stronger fiery force. But, it turned out that Lie Wushuang had suffered some sort of mental damage from Einherjar Wannabe's elemental force and needed some time to recover.

Lie Kent was absolutely amazed by Einherjar Wannabe's surprising performance. In fact, Soul Energy had been utilized by people across the universe for many years, yet this was the first time someone demonstrated the sheer cold element GN Force. It was mind-blowing indeed!

Meanwhile, Wang Tong was standing in the middle of the arena in silence. He had discovered that both scorching and sheer cold forces were just different forms of Soul Energy, or at least that was how he tried to make sense of it.

After three minutes of thinking, Wang Tong gave up and logged out.

No one said a word as they stared at Einherjar Wannabe during those three minutes.

As for the staff members of PA, all of them were seen gathered in front of the monitor. They had been witnessing the performances of a great deal of strong fighters and the birth of a few miracles for years, yet they were still surprised by what Einherjar Wannabe had achieved.


One elemental force was already enough to shock the whole Confederation, yet this man had demonstrated two different elemental forces!

Cameron's mind was completely blown away. This victory was beyond his expectation!

Einherjar Wannabe had done it again!

Students from different academies regained their senses, yet no one cheered and applauded. Instead, they were all wondering what had happened a while ago. How on earth was an Earthling able to do that?

The demonstration of dual elemental had completely subverted their general understandings about Soul Energy!

Was EInherjar Wannabe really the reincarnation of God?

Immediately, Einherjar Wannabe was being crowned as the new God of the post Blade-Edge Era!


For the first time in this era, people were addressing a second person with the title of "God".

Somehow, he was similar to Blade Warrior, creating new theories in the utilization of Soul Energy and elements. People were all the more eager to find out who was hiding behind the mask of this Einherjar Wannabe character.

Einherjar Wannabe had become an existence of whole another level. In the eyes of most people, he was invincible!

Not only was he undefeatable even if one possessed greater level of Soul Energy, his scorching and sheer cold elemental forces were out of this world. People had no idea what sort of tactics would be able to support these contrasting elements. Normally, doing so would cause the fighter to go berserk. But, Einherjar Wannabe had successfully mastered it!

Nevertheless, people like Cisco and Jiang Long were finally relieved. All these months, they had been feeling bad for their defeats. But now, they had realized that they lost simply because Einherjar Wannabe was an existence of another dimension.

Instead, they should be proud of being able to fight with him!

Zhang Jin, who was attending a conference on Earth, was completely amazed by Einherjar Wannabe's performance. In the beginning, she suspected that Einherjar Wannabe was the descendant of Blade Warrior himself due to the similarity in their palm strikes. Yet surprisingly, Einherjar Wannabe was beyond what she had imagined. But still, Zhang Jin believed that the two of them were somehow related. After all, only Blade Warrior himself was strong enough to create something this powerful.

Even if Einherjar Wannabe was not related to Blade Warrior, both of them most probably came from the same place. Could it be the Divine World?

Wang Tong packed his stuff and left DREAM Heaven after logging out. Somehow, the shop had turned into a pub, and Wang Tong just couldn't stand the crowd's crazy screams and shouts. Still, he had no issues with the shopkeeper's decision to sell booze. After all, he was just trying to profit from his business while giving the customers what they wanted.

Charcoal had finally shown himself around Mr. Wannabe after being ordered by Wang Tong to do so. To Charcoal, Wang Tong was the only person that mattered, and he would only take orders from Wang Tong himself.

Wang Tong was amazed and pleased by the supreme loyalty of this man-made "android". Honestly, Wang Tong couldn't tell if Charcoal belonged to the "family" of robots. In fact, there were still a lot of questions regarding Charcoal that he was not able to answer.

"Yo kiddo! How did you do that?" Mr. Wannabe asked excitedly. He too couldn't believe that Wang Tong was able to possess two different types of elemental forces!

Wang Tong grinned, "Oh, finally there's one thing that you don't know... Wonderful!"

"Hmph, don't get too cocky kid. I might not have heard of dual elements, but that doesn't mean that it's impossible for the others to achieve. You're just lucky for being born as a genius!" Mr. Wannabe scolded back.