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 Chapter 242: The Authentic Blazing Palm Strike

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Those who practiced Tactics of the Blaze were definitely not afraid of high temperature, which was incredibly handy because people would always have to deal with extreme temperatures while spending time in the outer space.

Both fighters were allowed to make one request for this battle, and it seemed like Wang Tong was quite happy about Lie Wushuang's idea. Perhaps the higher environmental temperature would be able to strengthen the sheer cold power that he had recently unlocked.

Meanwhile, the students of every military academy seemed to have gathered at their own auditoriums, and were patiently waiting for the live stream to begin. In the beginning, the teachers were not that interested. But ever since Einherjar Wannabe and his unrivaled capabilities gradually rose to fame, they immediately became interested and even noticed that they were able to enhance the observation skills of fellow students through watching Einherjar Wannabe's battle.

All eyes seemed to be focused on Lie Wushuang. After all, he was the top-notch fourth grader of an S-Ranked academy.

The fact that he was older than Einherjar Wannabe also meant that he had attended more training in terms of Soul Energy, which was the key factor in one's performance during battles. Instead of a Level Five newbie, Lie Wushuang obviously looked more like a Level Five veteran fighter who was experienced in manipulating his Soul Energy. Generally speaking, he was completely different from Hwo Quan.

People began to wonder if Einherjar Wannabe would be able to create another miracle this time, as he would be facing a stronger version of Tactics of the Blaze.

However, some were more eager to know if Einherjar Wannabe would be able to mimic Tactics of the Blaze!

Everyone was waiting patiently.

Both fighters were seen doing their final checks.

Just like how Martians normally looked like, Lie Wushuang was pretty tall and well-built. But unlike Hwo Quan's impatient personality, Lie Wushuang looked steadier, like an experienced fighter. In fact, it was Wang Tong's first impression on Apache. However, it seemed like Lie Wushuang was even steadier than him.

Despite his appearance of a student, Lie Wushuang's hidden killing aura could not be underestimated.

Meanwhile, Lie Wushuang was also checking Einherjar Wannabe out, and immediately learned that he wasn't using his real appearance as the avatar, because it looked too plain and dull. Actually, Lie Wushuang was never interested in fighting such an opponent, but he had no choice because he was ordered to do so. Still, he never took it lightly, because Martians treated the opportunity of participating in battles as a sublime privilege.

Both fighters' stamina was put to the test under the elevated temperature, as their energy consumption would increase in this situation, not to mention the level of pain had also been adjusted to one hundred and twenty percent.

Lie Wushuang raised his arms and ignited his GN Force, demonstrating what Tactics of the Blaze really looked like as his scorching hot aura spread across the arena. People immediately realized that Hwo Quan was nothing but a goliath-looking rookie. After all, being one of the Five Great Tactics, Tactics of the Blaze was not as easy to be mastered as it seemed. In fact, not even the Einherjar would confidently say that he had completely mastered a Xinfa, because it contained a great amount of technical stuff. After all, different people would achieve different masteries even though they were all learning the same set of tactics.

Lie Wushuang immediately obtained the upper hand. Not only was he not affected by the heat, he seemed to be enjoying it while his opponent was troubled by it.

Basically, Hwo Quan's attacking methods were quite boring, aside from the fact that he could demonstrate Tactics of the Blaze. However, Lie Wushuang was totally different, as he was armed with the Authentic Blazing Palm Strike. This set of attacks was created by the descendants of House of Lie, and basically, it was a series of palm strikes infused with Tactics of the Blaze. Since Lie Wushuang was Lie Kent's right-hand man, of course he was given the opportunity to master this ultimate heritage of House of Lie.

Lie Wushuang unleashed his forceful Blazing Palm Strike that was packed with a bundle of pressure. The attack was pretty intense, and even Wang Tong's GN Force was unable to defend against the scorching pressure.

However, Wang Tong didn't back down. Instead, he decided to try out his defending methods because that was one of the main reasons he accepted this challenge.

Lie Wushuang was surprised when he discovered that Einherjar Wannabe was trying to take on his palm strike with another palm strike. He began to wonder if Wang Tong was trying to make fun of him.


Wang Tong was shot backward due to the recoil from the impact, yet Lie Wushuang remained still. The difference in terms of strength was very clear. Even Wang Tong was a bit startled as he stared at his reddish palms. Obviously, without equipping METAL Suits, there was no way that a person could defend against the Blazing Palm Strike simply by generating defense with GN Force. That was one of the reasons why Tactics of the Blaze was known as one of the Five Great Tactics.

While engaging in battles, the attacker using Blazing Palm Strike would generate a scorching hot pressure. It would be like fighting against a human torch, and the sensation was not pleasant at all.

The match immediately reached its climax as soon as it began. Unlike the other fighters, Lie Wushuang had no intention to mingle with Einherjar Wannabe at all. His GN Force kept increasing while rapidly unleashing his Blazing Palm Strike. People who were watching on Mars cheered aloud when they witnessed Lie Wushuang's performance. To them, Earthling's gimmicky fighting styles and Ivantian's step-by-step methods were nothing compared to Martian's engaging methods. After all, battles were all about dominating the opponent with full-strength!

Five minutes later, Lie Wushuang's GN Force had reached Level Five, and his Soul Energy remained at two hundred and forty nodes. It seemed like he had dominated the whole fight with his Blazing Palm Strike, turning Einherjar Wannabe into a weak little clown.

The development of this match seemed pretty obvious. Lie Wushuang's Level Five Soul Energy had overpowered Einherjar Wannabe's Level Four Soul Energy. With Tactics of the Blaze being one for the greatest tactics of mankind, Lie Wushuang's Blazing Palm Strike was boosted to the maximum by the forty degree celsius heat and the realism level of one hundred and twenty percent. It seemed like Einherjar Wannabe had dug his own grave this time!

Somehow, he asked for it.

Einherjar Wannabe could only dodge by moving as swiftly as possible. Apparently, none of his techniques were effective against Lie Wushuang's Blazing Palm Strike. But most importantly, he barely had the chance to deal any counter damage. As for Lie Wushuang, it seemed like he wasn't even afraid of Einherjar Wannabe at all. The more Einherjar Wannabe struggled, the more he would suffer.

Meanwhile, Lie Kent was watching the match happily, while a brunette hottie was sitting on his lap. To him, life was all about enjoyments, one of them being watching an interesting fight while having a sexy lady in his arms.

It seemed like Einherjar Wannabe had made a huge mistake by expecting Lie Wushuang to be similar to Hwo Quan. Hwo Quan's amateur Tactics of the Blaze was absolutely nothing compared to Lie Wushuang's version. In fact, Einherjar Wannabe might have stood a chance if he was also able to neutralize the poison from Lie Wushuang's flame. Yet for some reason, things were not looking good...

"Master, that punk is totally no match against your mightiness!" The sexy lady said in a flirty manner as she kissed Lie Kent's chest.

Lie Kent signaled the lady to switch her position in order not to block his view. Apparently, Lie Kent was almost certain that the climax of the fight was coming soon. After all, Lie Wushuang was one of Lie Kent's best guys. With his Soul Energy of about two hundred and fifty sols, Einherjar Wannabe would never stand a chance even though he was hopping here and there like a bunny.

The pressure from Lie Wushuang's attack was getting more and more intense, and the heatwave from his movements was getting bigger and bigger. Meanwhile, Einherjar Wannabe's movements were gradually getting slower. In the end, he had no choice but to play defensive. Without a doubt, the poison from Lie Wushuang's flame was beginning to kick in. For the first time, Einherjar Wannabe was pushed into a passive situation, and he wasn't able to do anything at all. If this continued, this match would end up with Lie Wushuang's unrivaled dominance in less than a minute.

Wang Tong was extremely frustrated with his current situation. Originally, he expected that the high-temperature environment and his opponent's blazing flame would be able to stimulate and enhance his sheer cold power. But it didn't happen as planned. Not even a breeze of cold air was unleashed from Wang Tong's GN Force as he initialized Tactics of the Blade.

Wang Tong was a little panicked. He had no idea why this happened, and even began to wonder if this sheer cold force was only able to be used in the South Pole and other environments of cooler temperature.

Instead of fighting, Wang Tong seemed to be focusing on the problem he was facing. While he was busy thinking, he was hit by one of Lie Wushuang's palm strikes all of a sudden!


Meanwhile, Lie Kent was standing in the middle of his spacious living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, where his well-built naked body was completely surrounded by the magnificent view of Mars, as he had the sexy lady in submission and he made love to her.


Wang Tong was hit hard, and the poison immediately began to penetrate his body.

Without a doubt, the high temperature and the one hundred and twenty percent realism had become the perfect combination for Blazing Palm Strike. Einherjar Wannabe was doomed for sure.

Einherjar Wannabe's bad performance had caused the crowd to go silent...

Although Lie Wushuang was a tough opponent, they still couldn't believe that Einherjar Wannabe would be completely overpowered like this.

The students of every military academy on Earth were stunned. Obviously they were supporting Einherjar Wannabe since he was from Earth, while Lie Wushuang was a Martian. Somehow, Earthlings were always born with a hint of racism in their blood.

Lie Wushuang seemed to be very confident in his attack!

While the sexy lady was busy providing her "service" to Lie Kent, the impulsive Martian suddenly pushed the lady aside.

Instead of being attracted to the woman, Lie Kent was more interested in this match!

Back at the arena, Wang Tong got back on his feet as he finally figured out what was going on. Lie Wushuang's attack almost knocked him out, but because of that, his problem was solved at last!

It was dead simple!

Wang Tong found himself pretty amusing. All this time, he had been understanding the simple theory in a complicated way, which was why the mastery was not as good as he expected.

Still, Wang Tong would like to conduct the "experiment" one more time. And of course, the "lab rat" of his experiment would be Lie Wushuang.

The audiences were all relieved when they saw Einherjar Wannabe get up, they felt he might still have a chance!

Meanwhile, at DREAM Heaven, the crowd had also begun to cheer aloud. After all, they were just a bunch ordinary people who truly believed in miracles!

Einherjar Wannabe grinned and dashed towards Lie Wushuang with a palm strike.


No one was able to believe their eyes!

Einherjar Wannabe had unleashed the Blazing Palm Strike!

Was he really the reincarnation of God?

Unlike the previous version he used against Hwo Quan, this time it was absolutely the real deal!


Lie Wushuang was startled as well. Based on the fiery yet familiar sensation from the hit, without a doubt Einherjar Wannabe had unleashed the genuine Blazing Palm Strike!

However, this set of techniques had to be guided by a mentor. Not only was it impossible to be learned by oneself, the learning process was also quite dangerous, as those who practiced were fairly prone to the risk of going berserk. Without the monitoring and guidance from the seniors from House of Lie, the practice of Blazing Palm Strike would become a chronic suicidal activity.

Wham... Wham... Bang...

What happened a while ago had completely blown Lie Wushuang's mind!