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 Chapter 198: Brothers

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Did Wang Ben really hate Wang Tong that much?

How full of hate was he that he would want to put his life at stake?

Wang Ben said nothing as he took a deep breath. Judging from the flow of his Soul Energy and GN Force, he was definitely getting ready for another attack! More importantly, Wang Ben's Soul Energy had exceeded two hundred and thirty sols even though he was staggering due to Wang Tong's attacks. His persistence was scary indeed!

Wang Tong became solemn all of a sudden as he noticed Wang Ben's tiger-ish aura getting clearer. Instead of becoming weaker, Wang Ben's energy would become stronger when he was injured, and it would be more terrifying than his normal state. Wang Tong was clear that he had to proceed with caution.

Wang Tong began to channel his GN Force as well. Even though he was still unable to advance as a Level Five Fighter after removing those magnetic cuffs, Wang Tong was blessed with significant improvements in terms of speed and strength, and it seemed like Massa's theory was right after all. GN Force wasn't completely based on one's Soul Energy. In fact, Tactics of the Blade was the earliest proof of this theory.

Wang Tong's fists began to glow as his GN Force accumulated. The faint sound of thunder was immediately followed by surges of faint blue sparks.

No one had ever seen such a punching technique before!

Wang Tong decided not to hold back anymore, he would put an end to Wang Ben's persistence!

As soon as they accumulated enough strength, both fighters charged towards each other in a burst of speed; it was the final showdown between Dash of the Tiger and Squib Dash!



Flight of the Tiger!

Thunderbeast Strike!


Waves of energy dispersed across the arena. Wang Tong's Thunderbeast Strike had successfully penetrated Wang Ben's GN Force. In fact, his Thunder Punch was based on the theory of GN Force dispersal. Even Fist of the Racing Tiger was no match for it. Since Wang Ben's attack was nullified, he was forced to take the recoil damages!

Both fighters remained still as the energy wave diminished.

Wang Tong's fist was one centimeter away from Wang Ben's chest. If that hit, Wang Ben would definitely be severely injured. However, Wang Tong took the risk of injuring himself instead and held back the immense force from his fist. His face turned pale because of that.

"Why, why did you stop?!" Wang Tong asked angrily. He hated himself for betraying a friend and hated his previous identity as a spy. Yet, it couldn't be helped. He was acting persistent in this match because he was hoping to be killed. At least that would lessen the suffering and regret in his heart.

"My brother." Wang Tong grabbed hold of Wang Ben, who was on the edge of fainting.

It couldn't be seen or explained, but that was the real trust between brothers!

Paramedics came in and carried Wang Ben away. Although he wasn't hit by Wang Tong's immense force, he would still have a hard time to deal with the recoil damages from Fist of the Racing Tiger. As he was carried away, Wang Ben was seen clenching his teeth as he covered his eyes with his palms, and tears streamed down his face...

Wang Tong adjusted his breathing. His face was still quite pale. However, nothing would be able to stop him now. He looked across and yelled, "Who's next?!"

Apparently, Wang Tong was the only challenger in the recent decade that had the guts to be so arrogant!

His yell echoed across the arena, and he was standing tall in the middle of the ring, waiting for the next opponent!

Carl and the rest of the team were very impatient, demanding Capth to send out their next candidate as soon as possible.

In the end, Terrance got up as he noticed that he was the last available candidate in his team. Obviously, there was no escape to fight. However, he noticed that Wang Tong had suffered a great deal of recoil damage after withdrawing his last punch.

To be honest, he really didn't want to take the advantage when his opponent was injured, but it couldn't be helped because he came in as a representative of Capth and not himself.

Instead of switching back to TPA, this match would be another real brawl as well!

Terrance took off his uniform and made his way to the middle of the ring. There was no time to stop!

Meanwhile, Li Ruo-Er and Ma Xiaoru had returned from their absence, and it seemed like their "match" had ended as well. None of the girls were injured, and they looked normal. As usual, those who practiced Tactics of the Enchantress were skilled in controlling their facial expression, which was why no one could tell who had won in their own battle.

Originally, Li Ruo-Er wasn't intimidated by Wang Tong at all. But somehow, she began to feel the pressure after witnessing his previous performance. Obviously, Wang Tong was no match for her older brother, but as she noticed his manliness and unruliness, Li Ruo-Er began to understand why Ma Xiaoru was attracted to him. And to be honest, the boy was fairly attractive indeed!

Even though she couldn't hear the conversation between Wang Ben and Wang Tong, she could tell what were they talking because she was also a lip reader. Li Ruo-Er's expression turned solemn as she noticed how focused Ma Xiaoru was.

The current standing between Capth and the Alliance was 3:2. Moments later, one of the staff members was seen whispering something to Halmond, and the standings was immediately changed to 3:3. In other words, Ma Xiaoru was the winner in her previous fight with Li Ruo-Er!

The crowd was startled as they turned towards the ladies, yet Li Ruo-Er and Ma Xiaoru remained calm and unaffected by their uproars. Nevertheless, no one asked why they didn't fight in this arena due to the unique statuses of both the ladies; even Flark chose not to interfere as long as they didn't break any rules. Anyhow, this was only a small matter. People couldn't do anything about it except blaming themselves for missing the chance to see their fight.

Ma Xiaoru looked towards Li Ruo-Er in surprise. She didn't know why Li Ruo-Er would do that, because there was apparently no winner in their fight a moment ago. Even though Wang Tong managed to help Ma Xiaoru push her Tactics of the Enchantress to the next level, she was still unable to defeat her and only managed to end their fight with a draw. Ma Xiaoru had fulfilled her objective of diminishing Wang Tong's burden, but she didn't expect that Li Ruo-Er would give her team such a huge "present", which was awesome because she could tell that Wang Tong's body would only be able to last another match. Anyhow, Ma Xiaoru looked towards Li Ruo-Er with a thankful expression, and Li Ruo-Er returned her gratitude with a warm smile, completely different from her previous attitude.

After checking how his body was holding up, Wang Tong knew that he would have to end this as soon as possible. Forcing himself to withdraw the punch had caused him to suffer a great deal of recoil damage even though he had enough protection with his cinnabar field. Now that Terrance had become Capth's No.1 amongst second graders, he was not someone to be underestimated. Hence, Wang Tong would have to act with extreme caution.

Terrance picked sword as his weapon. Obviously, he wasn't going to hold back.

As a matter of fact, having a weapon or not didn't make a big difference for most elite fighters, all that mattered was one's capabilities. Nevertheless, not only having the right weapon could enhance a fighter's battle performance, but it would also give the fighter a handful of advantages. Terrance had no time to consider what people might think about him. He had to win this match in order to secure Capth's final victory.

Judging from Wang Tong's facial expression, Terrance could tell that Wang Tong had suffered plenty of recoil damage. But despite Wang Tong's internal injury, Terrance was still cautious against his speed and that mysterious punching technique. Honestly, the best way to win was to drag the match as long as possible. But as Capth's No.1 amongst second graders, Terrance would never conduct such dishonorable actions.

Being the strongest fighter of his grade, he had to have the self-confidence in order to carry on improving.

Terrance gathered himself and began to focus, telling himself that this was just a friendly tournament for self-improvement!

Wang Tong remembered Hu Yangxuan tell him before that most of the Templar's followers preferred to use swords and sabers. He was also aware that Terrance was sort of like Hu Yangxuan's senior, and this guy was fairly well-trained under the guidance of Capth. Hence, Wang Tong would have to act fast, as remaining entangled for too long would only worsen the condition of his injuries.

Fortunately, Terrance would be the last fighter for today, or else, Wang Tong would have no choice but to unleash his two hundred and fifty-six nodes Tactics of the Blade in order to carry on. After all, he was only an ordinary boy, and his body was not made of steel.

Terrance would be his final opponent for this afternoon!

Wang Tong and Samantha's eyes met as he gazed across the arena. For the first time, Wang Tong was able to feel the care and passion of a lady for a guy, and all of a sudden, he felt that a tide of energy was rushing through his body.

Old Fart was right after all, women were really the stimulants of men.

The final match, Wang Tong versus Terrance.

Terrance's Soul Energy had exceeded one hundred and ninety sols in a flash. However, it was still far from becoming a Level Five Fighter, not to mention it would be absolutely insane if an academy were able to obtain three Level Five Fighters in a row. On normal occasions, Capth would already be celebrating the outstanding achievements of both Cisco and Wang Ben already. Yet, no one was feeling the joy after witnessing the asses of those two powerful fighters get kicked by some dude who came out of nowhere. Honestly, people of Capth were extremely depressed today, like they were from an A-Ranked academy and their opponents were from an S-Ranked academy instead.

The match had begun, and although he was the No.1 fighter in Capth, Terrance proceeded with caution as he was facing against the one who had already knocked out two Level Five Fighters. He chose sword as his weapon in order to avoid direct contact with Wang Tong's Thunder Punch. It seemed like Terrance was well aware that Wang Tong's punching techniques were extremely deadly.

Wang Tong wasted no time and charged towards Terrance as soon as the match began. He wanted to end this as quickly as possible because his condition was getting worse. He could feel the surges of pain radiating from within his body as the thunderous sound from his fists rumbled across the arena.

Nevertheless, Terrance was also well aware of Wang Tong's physical condition. He chose to remain as still as possible; he was quick, but he had no intention of competing against Wang Tong in terms of speed.

Somehow, Terrance had focused all of his strength into dodging Wang Tong's Thunder Punches, and managed to parry one of Wang Tong's punch from the side. The impact from Wang Tong's punch knocked Terrance away for seven to eight meters, yet it was still a perfect defense.

Terrance's GN Force was slightly weaker than Wang Ben's. However, he was more detailed, cautious and experienced than Wang Ben. Although Wang Tong had the upper hand in terms of speed, Terrance was still able to react to most of his actions, and the key was to remain as calm as possible!