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 Chapter 196: Surpass

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Einherjar Wannabe's palm strike technique might be useful during real battles. However, it wasn't suitable to be used during tournaments. Furthermore, Wang Tong still wasn't confident in dealing with its recoil damages. Although Einherjar Wannabe didn't teach him anything else since then, Wang Tong had not been wasting any time at all. In the end, he successfully deciphered the usage of strength in the technique and redeveloped it into a punching technique. Even though the punching technique was less powerful, Wang Tong would be able to use it continuously since he had significantly reduced the recoil damage.

Moreover, it was enough to cause Wang Ben a lot of trouble.


Wang Ben had thrown out more than ten forceful punches in a flash. Wang Ben's performance felt murderous, causing some of the spectators to wonder if both Wang Ben and Wang Tong were sworn enemies in the beginning.

On the other hand, Wang Tong was seen defending steadily. So far, he was able to demonstrate his flawless defense against all of Wang Ben's punches. In the eyes of Wang Tong's opponent, his previous performances in Battlecraft Combat would be described as disgusting!

So disgusting that it had given Flash goosebumps!

Yet, he had once again shocked everyone with his active performances in METAL Combat.

Wang Tong successfully parried Wang Ben's punches, and quickly knocked him off with a somersault and a double-kick. Wang Ben was finally wounded by Wang Tong's ferocious attacks; he was seen bleeding on the corner of his mouth.

It was an unbelievable fight indeed. People had always doubted Wang Ben's capability before this, yet, now all of them were amazed by his outstanding performance and extremely powerful Soul Energy.

Wang Tong took a deep breath and stabilized the circulation of his Tactics of the Blade. Undeniably, Wang Ben's mightiness made him a ferocious fighter in the battlefield. Sooner or later, he would be able to dominate the entire universe with his Fist of the Racing Tiger. After all, he was the "Golden Boy" of Earth Confederation. In fact, he could've dominated already if it weren't because of Wang Tong's insane performance.

Wang Ben got up and wiped off the blood from his mouth, then looked towards Wang Tong with a tenacious expression, knowing that he had no reasons to hold back anymore.

As a fighter who was skilled in punching techniques, Wang Ben didn't continue his attacks since he could tell that obviously there were something strange about Wang Tong's punches. Not only he was unable to break through with his Fist of the Racing Tiger, but the impact dispersed from Wang Tong's punch had also inflicted quite an amount of damage to his body, and even inhibited the performance of Fist of the Racing Tiger.

However, Wang Ben wasn't surprised at all. Instead, it was rather expected from Wang Tong's mysterious attainments in martial arts. Nevertheless, Wang Ben had always been admiring Wang Tong's strength! He would have to bring his A-game if he wanted to win.


Wang Ben was flinging his fists with all his might and his Soul Energy was increasing rapidly. Instead of wasting time like Cisco, Wang Ben mustered all of his strength and charged his GN Force count to two hundred instantly. Everyone was able to tell that the nature of Wang Ben's GN Force had changed completely, and Wally's face was even paler when he saw that.

The reason of him being ignored by Wang Ben was simple, Wally was definitely no match for him.

Wang Ben had been demonstrating his standard power as the successor of Fist of the Racing TIger since the beginning, and right now, his performance had escalated from standard to extreme!

He wasn't an ordinary student in the first place. He was the son of General Hu Ben, and he possessed a greater political influence and had a brighter future compared to most of the ordinary people. His standard represented the standard of Earth Confederation's younger elites.

Months ago, Wang Ben had fallen into a great despair due to the failure in his first attempt of Mind Opening Operation. Yet, he was able to bounce back within a short period of time and advanced as a Level Five Fighter. Since then, the whole world was left speechless by his amazing breakthrough.

Nevertheless, Wang Ben had no intention of stopping at two hundred. As the son of a military officer who had been through hell, Wang Ben feared nothing, not even death. However, his life was filled with dilemmas, one of them being Wang Tong, whom Wang Ben had been seeing as a brother after he took a hit for him during the incident on Paradise Island. Also, Wang Tong had saved them from various situations as well.

After all, they had gone through thick and thin together, just like real brothers! However, Wang Ben was unable to go against his father, which triggered Wang Ben to transmit all of his anger and dilemma into strength, or else he would definitely go crazy!


Wang Ben's Soul Energy had reached two hundred and thirty sols! How did he do that?

Back then, everyone was so jealous and envious when Jiang Long, the nineteen-year-old successor of Firmament Palm Strike, became a Level Five Fighter. Yet, a moment ago, the fifteen-year-old Wang Ben, who had also recently become a Level Five Fighter, startled everyone with his astonishing two hundred and thirty sols Soul Energy!

Everyone stood up from their seat, knowing that they had just witnessed the birth of another miracle! Wang Ben's splendid performance had made him a proud successor of General Hu Ben's glorious career in the military! Not to mention a successor with a promising future would have what it took to make changes in the current political and military forces, especially the middle forces.

If this weren't a match, Wang Ben would've been surrounded by people immediately. Yet, there was only one thing in Wang Ben's mind for now, which was to defeat Wang Tong!

Wally was absolutely stunned. Originally, he had been eagerly wanting to challenge Wang Ben because he was extremely confident with his rapier. After all, there was no way he could simply surrender his title as the No.1 amongst first graders. However, he would have no choice but to surrender the title now, regardless if he were willing or not.

Besides him, even the second graders were intimidated by Wang Ben's strength. Clearly, everyone in Capth had remembered Wang Ben's name even though he only enrolled recently. He had become the latest celebrity amongst the aces in this magnificent academy.

No one would ever doubt Wang Ben. The reason he remained silent was not because he was weak and timid, but he was just trying to keep a low profile.

Samantha knew that Wag Ben was really strong, but she didn't expect that he would have such improvement after his enrollment in Capth. She had no idea if she should be happy or sad about that.

The team members of the alliance kept quiet too. They were upset by the fact that Wang Ben was not one of them anymore.

It seemed like the cool Apache was the only one who could understand how Wang Ben felt. After all, troubles and dilemmas were the best stimulations for one to make a breakthrough in his or her training of Soul Energy.

Without a doubt, Wang Ben had made it.

It was hard for people to change their personality in a short period of time, especially folks like Wang Ben.

Wang Ben was way different from Cisco, even though both of them were Level Five Fighters. Not only was Wang Ben more persistent, but his GN Force too had also reached the highest level, making him impossible to be ambushed.

Wang Ben was still the first one who struck back, as more and more people began to wonder if Wang Ben really hated Wang Tong that much. Nevertheless, both of them were only students, so what sort of hatred could it be?

This time, Wang Tong dashed towards Wang Ben instead of staying put. Clearly, he sensed that it would be bad if Wang Ben managed to fully charge his energy force.


Wang Tong was the one who got knocked back this time.

The stronger the GN Force, the denser the Fist of the Racing Tiger would become. In fact, most of the techniques and also the inner force within Fist of the Racing Tiger required GN Force, and the stronger, the better. Since Wang Ben had successfully become a Level Five Fighter, of course there would be improvements.

Wang Ben didn't pursue his opponent. Instead, he yelled out loud as he was all fired-up, "Wang Tong, defeat me if you want to win!"

Wang Tong got up while shaking his head with a fake smile. Of course he would like to win, but not like this. However, since this was what Wang Ben asked for, he would give him the fight he had been longing for.

Wang Tong charged his Soul Energy until one hundred and ninety sols, which made some of Wang Ben's supporters giggle. They thought he was going to advance to Level Five as well. However, they were relieved they saw it didn't happen. After all, not everyone was capable of becoming a Level Five Fighter.

Wang Tong grabbed his fists and channeled his GN Force towards them, emitting the sound of thunder. On the other side, Wang Ben was observing cautiously.

"Here I come!"

Squib Dash - Thunder Punch!

Wang Ben didn't back down. Instead, he chose to counter with his two hundred and thirty sols Soul Energy, unleashing his "Descent of the Tiger!"



Both fighters were hit back by the recoil; their attacks were equally strong!

Everyone was amazed by what they were witnessing. How on earth was a Level Four Fighter able to stand against the Level Five Fist of the Racing Tiger?

Wang Ben held his fists together and began to infuse his body with GN Force, then roared and dashed across the ring, leaving mirage images of his movements as he did that. His energy was rising, and his Soul Energy was clearly on the upper hand in this situation. As the roar echoed, Wang Ben's Soul Energy even took the form of a tiger as he dashed.

Bam... Bam...

Both fighters clashed against each other again. None of them chose to defend this time because it was technically impossible. The roar of a tiger and the sound of thunder were still echoing around the arena as they exchanged punches with each other.

Wang Ben slightly had the upper hand. Furthermore, his Fist of the Racing Tiger was technically more than enough to subdue Wang Tong. But even though Wang Tong was placed in a disadvantageous situation, his attacks were still effective and that strange looking Thunder Punch of his was still able to withstand Fist of the Racing Tiger's ferocious impacts.

After parrying four of Wang Ben's heavy punches, Wang Tong saw an opening and immediately threw a punch towards Wang Ben's chest. But it was somehow ineffective, and the impact was absorbed by Wang Ben's body in the end. Later on, Wang Ben countered by throwing another powerful punch towards Wang Tong.


Both fighters were separated by the impact from the punch. Not only forceful attacks like these were fairly exhausting, fighters could also be seriously injured. Unlike a stage performance, their fight had become a bloody and brutal brawl.

Wang Ben was not interested in giving u. He understood clearly that he would never be able to defeat Wang Tong with only the normal Fist of the Racing Tiger. He would have to unleash his killing move if he wanted to win. Then, Wang Ben lowered his body and overlaid his palms onto each other, mimicking the movement of a tiger!