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 Chapter 164: I'm Not Sleeping in the Streets Tonight

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After the defeat of Cisco, Jiang Long, the No.1 among Lustre Academy's third graders, the successor of the Firmament Palm Strike, and also the boy wonder who was promoted as a Rank 5 fighter at nineteen years old, was defeated as well.

His defeat was more devastating than Cisco's; however, it was also more convincing than Ulysses' defeat. Everyone started to believe in the possibility that Einherjar Wannabe might be the next living legend.

Uproars emerged in the official forum and also in tons of other forums. As soon as Einherjar Wannabe became a hit, the number of threads kept increasing day by day. Apparently, people were not only excited about Einherjar Wannabe, but also his ability to draw the attention of those hidden elites and aces.

Was he truly invincible?

He was challenging everyone across the world, waiting for the next contender!

The legend was born! Who would be his next target?

A demonic palm strike that was able to terrorize the Firmament Palm Strike!

Who was he?

Was he really the reincarnation of an Einherjar himself?

A sixteen-year-old super genius, ready to challenge the almighty Five Great Houses!

The real mightiest palm strike of all!

Giving his opponents a taste of their own sauce - uncovering the secrets behind Einherjar Wannabe's mysterious tactics!

Even the people on the Moon and Mars were startled by this uproar. Only a handful of people had actually heard of the name Einherjar Wannabe; however, Jiang Long was definitely a famous celebrity on the Moon, and not a single person was able to believe that a strong fighter like him would be defeated by someone who was three years younger than him.

How was he able to defeat someone stronger than him? What sort of tactics and techniques was he using? What sort of powerful palm strike was able to outshine the Thunderbolt Strike?

No one had ever seen anything like this before. Obviously, the Firmament Palm Strike was not an invincible tactic, but nobody had ever heard of any other tactic that was able to subdue the Firmament Palm Strike with less amount of GN Force. Not only Einherjar Wannabe had defeated the Firmament Palm Strike, but he had also demonstrated an obvious yet ferocious power.

It was indeed a huge gap in terms of strength!

Another crazy night for everyone even though it wasn't during the weekend...

Luv Ma looked nervous as Zhang Jin answered his call, and surprisingly, Zhang Jin agreed to meet the two of them. Luv Ma was overjoyed, while Miao Xiu tried his best to hold onto his laughter.

Both of them had never been to Zhang Jin's place, she welcomed the two of them with a dazzling smile: "Please, come in gentlemen, make yourselves comfortable."

"Wow, what a beautiful place! Thanks for having us." Miao Xiu pushed Luv Ma aside and went in first, somehow he was born to be impolite.

"You're welcome, Miao Xiu. C'mon in Luv Ma, don't be shy. I was just thinking about asking you a few questions," Zhang Jin gave a warm welcome.

Miao Xiu didn't expect that Zhang Jin would be able to recognize him, no wonder the House of Zhang was also known as "the House of Intelligence"... and judging by the fact that she was able to mention his name, perhaps she was also well aware of his personal data.

What a terrifying woman, perhaps she would be even spying on her own boyfriend when he was taking a leak?

Luv Ma relaxed as Zhang Jin gave him a warm welcome, "Actually, both of us were watching the match between Einherjar Wannabe and Jiang Long a while ago, and we'd like to ask you if you have any idea what was that final palm strike used by Einherjar Wannabe."

"I see, but before we get to there, can I get you guys anything?"

"Water will be fine." Luv Ma seemed shy.

"I'd like a cup of Blue Mountain... make that two instead, c'mon bro, don't be shy!" Miao Xiu was really treating himself at home, and since they were invited to her place, of course, he would ask for something expensive.

Zhang Jin smiled and served them what they asked for.

"Luv Ma, I know you and Miao Xiu have been keeping an eye on this Einherjar Wannabe fella, you've been doing a lot of video analysis after all... so since you guys had been following all of his matches, who do you think he is?" Zhang Jin sat across them and asked.

Usually, people would speak their thoughts immediately when Zhang Jin asked a question like this; however, Luv Ma remained calm. He thought for a while as he knew that Zhang Jin wasn't looking for the conventional answers; she was asking for a real thought.

Miao Xiu noticed his good friend needed time to think, so he decided to buy him a little time: "That kid is very picky, I've been trying a few times to challenge him again, but unfortunately, I'm not lucky enough to be chosen."

"So you are saying that you've lost once?" Zhang Jin smiled gently.

"Ahem, you don't have to be so direct, that was only an accident... not to mention that I didn't give my best effort at that time!" Miao Xiu didn't like to be looked down by girls.

Zhang Jin nodded and turned toward Luv Ma who seemed to be hesitating as he said, "It might sound weird, but whenever I see him, he would remind me about the Blade Warrior."

Zhang Jin smiled as she understood what Luv Ma was trying to say: Einherjar Wannabe was a strange existence. Although it was technically possible for any of the Five Great Houses to bring up a strong fighter like him, but if he had really been trained by one of the Houses, there would have been some sort of traces in his tactics! However, what other tactics would pack such an incredible power aside from the Five Greatest Tactics?

Unfortunately, Zhang Jin was not able to find the answer.

"Zhang Jin, do you have any idea where did that last strike come from? According to what I know, there's no such attack in any tactics in the Court of the Templar."

Zhang Jin tried to recall her memories.

"I've been doing my research regarding all sorts of palm strike tactics, but nothing as terrifying as this was ever recorded in history, perhaps my database is incomplete?" Luv Ma said.

"I do have some classified information about a similar palm strike tactic that existed a few hundred years ago, but please keep this to yourselves."

The word "classified" immediately got Luv Man and Miao Xiu's attention.

"Around three hundred years ago, during the early years of the great war between mankind and the Zergs, there was an extremely powerful METAL fighter whose origins were unknown; however, he was able to terrorize the legion of Zergs with his dominating strength. According to the existing data, everything he touched would explode within a split second, and after analyzing the data, I'd say it is some kind of inner force tactics," Zhang Jin explained carefully.

The mysterious warrior shared the same era as the Blade Warrior, but he appeared slightly later than him. No one knew where he came from or how he possessed the strength of an Einherjar; however, they knew that he was seen slaying and charging toward the enemies during critical moments, slaughtering mountains and mountains of Zergs; he was practically invincible.

However, as soon as the epic war ended, the mysterious warrior was nowhere to be found.

However, Zhang Jin was not able to confirm if Einherjar Wannabe was using the same technique as the mysterious warrior since the data was from tens of decades ago, but judging from the overall appearance, it really looked like the technique of the mysterious warrior.

"For some reason, his existence was not made public, and some even said that the mysterious warrior was actually the Blade Warrior himself."

"Shut the front door, are you saying this kid is really the reincarnation of an Einherjar himself? By the way, what's the name of that palm strike?" Miao Xiu was extremely curious.

"Haha, I'll need to dig deeper for that. The palm strike used by Einherjar Wannabe might not be the same as our mysterious warrior's since there have been some cases of similarities between tactics, which were only coincidences. Furthermore, there are also differences in terms of GN Force, so there's no point of being suspicious. After watching that match, I believe that he is just an ordinary person who came across some extraordinary tactics by chance, then he decided to use the PA as a platform to improve his skills and increase his battle experiences."

"...Still, what on earth is that powerful tactics?" Luv Ma seemed puzzled; however, he was happy that Zhang Jin had solved a part of the puzzle. Anyhow, mysteries were born from mankind's imagination, for instance: men created their belief in God.

"It could be the Tactics of the Blade." Zhang Jin giggled.

Both of the boys laughed when they heard her joke; nevertheless, both of them knew that they would be able to solve the mystery someday... as long as Einherjar Wannabe stayed active in PA.

More and more people began to pay attention to the existence of Einherjar Wannabe, especially people like Zhang Jin.

Jiang Long's defeat marked the beginning of tougher challenges awaiting for Einherjar Wannabe...

"It's all your fault!"

"Don't blame your mistakes on me, punk-*ss kid!"

"So you're blaming me? You're the one who insisted on taking a look at the sea, old jerk! What the hell's wrong with you, acting sentimental all of a sudden?"

"Shut up punk! I'm still in the prime of my life, what's wrong with taking a look at the sea? Geez, why do I always feel like I'm about to remember something... Dammit!"

"Let it go, you don't have to force yourself to remember."

Wang Tong was standing in front of Bernabeu's front gate talking to himself while thinking of a way to sneak back in since it was already way past his curfew.

"Well, climb over, you idiot!"

"I'll get busted by the surveillance cameras, you fool! Not to mention that there might be high-voltage fences as well, I don't wanna die this young!"

"Well, I've given you my ideas, the rest is up to you. I'm sure you'll be able to take care of yourself, I'll head back to bed first then, adios!" Einherjar Wannabe went back into the Space Crystal as he said that.

"Curse you, filthy jackal!" Wang Tong was pissed off. He shouldn't have mentioned the sea after his match against Jiang Long because Einherjar Wannabe insisted on taking a look since it was just nearby. He even managed to persuade Wang Tong by "threatening" him. One of these threats was that if Wang Tong insisted on not going, Einherjar Wannabe would definitely nag him throughout the night.

In the end, Einherjar Wannabe had spent the whole night yelling at the sea like a madman, and Wang Tong's ears almost went deaf because of him. As Einherjar Wannabe finished his sentimental wailing, Wang Tong realized that they were already late.

God dammit!

It was way past his bedtime, and he was sleepy as hell, he needed to think of a way fast, or else he would have to wait until the morning for the gate to open.

Finally, Wang Tong decided to try out Einherjar Wannabe's idea, he found a safer spot and prepared to climb over.

"Wang Tong... what are you doing out there?"

Wang Tong was scared by the sudden voice and squatted down immediately; however, the voice sounded quite familiar.

It was Zhou Sisi.

"Oh, erm... nothing, I was just trying to get in..." Wang Tong replied nervously.

Zhou Sisi giggled, "Yea, I guess you're having too much fun."

"Haha, well, yea... what brings you here this late?"

Zhou Sisi blushed and replied, "I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I went to the nearby drugstore to buy some medicines."

"Oh, really? Are you feeling better?" Wang Tong seemed worried. Normally, everyone's health condition was good and wouldn't get sick easily because the practice and training of their GN Force were able to improve their immune system.

Zhou Sisi's face turned redder. "Well, it's not what you think... enough bullsh*t, you idiot! Look at the time, get in!"

Wang Tong scratched his head. He didn't even say anything! Girls sure had strange tempers...

"How do I get in? Don't tell me you're going to wake everyone up."

"Use your card!" Zhou Sisi said as she swiped her key-card at the door and got in.

Then, only at that moment did Wang Tong remember the key-card that Martyrus had given to the nine of them. It would grant them access to various facilities in Bernabeu, one of its function included opening doors...

Wang Tong glanced at the wall as he swiped his card and went in, blaming Einherjar Wannabe for causing him such troubles...