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 Chapter 997: Don't Beep Beep! Just Come!

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At that moment, everyone from the Heaven and Earth Sect was utterly dumbfounded.

This crazy overpowered person's suppression of Dao Wentian had already rattled everyone from the sect. But, to think that he would ask the Remnants outright whether they were convinced of his strength!

Since when had the world ever caught sight of such tyrannical behavior?

Even if it was Dao Wentian in the past, he had not been so tyrannical back then!

When the nine Remnants who were standing there heard these words, their faces changed and surged with a look of cold fury.

However, facing Lin Fan who had the overwhelming advantage in might, none of them dared to speak up at all!

"ARE YOU CONVINCED OR NOT! Don't tell me that these so-called Remnants of the Heaven and Earth Sect do not even have the courage to speak up right now!" Lin Fan repeated his question fiercely.

Ling Wuzun wanted to cuss out and scold; however, he just continued to bear it. It wasn't that he didn't want to; it was that he didn't dare to.

As for the remaining Remnants, their hearts were burning with rage as well. No matter what they wanted to say, it all seemed as though there was something stuck in their throats, rendering them unable to speak up at all!

When Elder Huo caught sight of this scene, his heart blazed with a raging flame. This was absolutely intolerable!

This was especially the case for Dao Wentian! To think that he would have been defeated and fainted over into just lying there like a dead dog right now!

Some of the surrounding disciples wanted to head up. However, they did not dare to.

As for the elders who were seated beside the Grandmaster, their faces were filled with alarm as well.

"This is going to be crazy! To think that the Heaven and Earth Sect would have a disciple of this caliber!" One of the elders gasped out.

"Should we head in to stop this matter? If this were to carry on, something big might end up coming out of it!" Another elder was worried.

"Why should we stop it? Is it an offense now if one wanted to create trouble based on their own capabilities? Even though we were not so arrogant back in the past, I don't think we were that far off either!" A hot-tempered elder remarked.

"The Grandmaster is probably going to regret not being here immensely this time around! Indeed, the Heaven and Earth Sect is just blessed by the Heavens for it to be able to produce a disciple of this caliber. By the time he grows up, he is definitely going to be a huge supporting pillar for our sect for sure!"

"That God Essence Sect has once produced a Qin Shengjun that stood above our sect in strength. But now that our sect has produced a disciple as such, there's no worry that we wouldn't be able to come back from that!"

"Just wait and watch the situation play out. Anything is acceptable as long as it doesn't get lethal. Right now, all of those Remnants are extremely filled with confidence. None of them think that there could be someone stronger than them and a world greater than theirs outside. Just let this lad create a good ruckus then!"


"Enough is enough! You're honestly way too insolent, disciple there! This is the Sect's Grand Competition, not a place where you can behave so wantonly with such unbridled atrocities!" Elder Huo barked out.

The fact that this fella had helped Qing Yangzi clear his name had already gotten Elder Huo in a fit of rage. And now, he still had the guts to challenge the other nine Remnants in that domineering manner?

Amongst them, there was even a Remnant who had an extremely important relationship with him. How could he allow this guy to be this brazen?

Now that Elder Huo had spoken up, some of the surrounding disciples thought that this would bring the matter to a close.

But, what they had not thought of was that this already tyrannical senior brother would actually bring his tyranny to a heavenly stage.

Lin Fan's face scrunched up as he glared right at Elder Huo, "Hmph! If you're unconvinced about anything, YOU can come on up!"


Elder Huo roared out. He had not expected that this disciple would dare to taunt him!

"Mere talk is unproductive. Don't just relish in that pleasure of lashing out. If you're unconvinced, come on up. Otherwise, you can just shut up." Lin Fan replied.

When Li Qing caught sight of everything before him, he could not help but gulp down his saliva.

"Elder Qing Yangzi, c-can we really allow this?" Li Qing was already completely flabbergasted right now. He had always thought that Senior Brother Lin was someone who was low profile and humble. But, looking at the situation right now, he was just completely tyrannical! If anyone was unconvinced of his strength, he would just f*ck them up! There was no one else like him!

Su Hongchen, Hu Qing, and Ru Wanshu were just exchanging glances with one another while their hearts were thumping furiously in fear. This was way too frightening!

This was not the Junior Brother Lin that they had known!

No, they should be calling him Senior Brother Lin right now!

The number one amongst all Remnants.

Qing Yangzi was unusually exhilarated initially. But, even he was shocked silly right now.

He knew that Lin Fan was strong. This was a disciple who possessed a lot of potential. But, he couldn't have imagined that he was strong to this extent! This could only be described as sick!

Elder Huo was thoroughly incensed right now. If even a mere disciple could dare to act so audaciously towards him, how else was he going to maintain his authority and command over the masses in the future?

With a single shift of his body, he appeared on the sparring arena amidst a flash of red light.

His head of red hair flared up with the winds as a berserk aura surged over. All the disciples watching knew that Elder Huo's blood was truly boiling right now.

Facing that vengeful expression of his, Lin Fan was extremely composed, "Why now? You wish to kill me?"

"Taunting an elder on the sparring arena is a serious offense. Even if Your Elder here crushes you into ashes today, no one is going to blame me." Elder Huo's killing intent towards Lin Fan has been triggered completely.

The strength of this lad had gone far beyond his expectations.

For him to be able to take down Dao Wentian, keeping him alive might prove to be a real danger in the future. If he could, he would really love to be able to kill this lad to death.

"HAHAHA! Taunting an elder? Then why was Dao Wentian allowed to taunt Qing Yangzi?" Lin Fan challenged in disdain.

"Dao Wentian is a Remnant whose strength goes beyond that of a True Immortal state being." Elder Huo barked out in response.

"Oh! So, now that Dao Wentian has fallen in my hands, that means that I am a Remnant of the sect now. With that, I'll challenge you and crush you on this sparring arena then!" Lin Fan said with an overbearing aura.

Elder Huo's strength was quite a bit stronger than that of Qing Yangzi. This was especially the case for that core body of his which was formed from the Fires of the Heaven and Earth. That gift of fire he had was extremely formidable, lauded as the eternally undying god flames.

Be it in terms of cultivating pills or crafting weapons, he was more proficient than most people, which was all thanks to that gifted god flames he had.

This duel between Elder Huo and Lin Fan right now had all the disciples awaiting with bated breaths. They felt that this duel was going to be a duel right at the pinnacle of all battles.

"Do you think that you can act all unlawfully just because you're able to defeat Dao Wentian? I'll have you know that between the Heaven and Earth Sect, there are many other existences you need to be wary of!"


A streak of red light bolted up into the sky.

Both of Elder Huo's hands shook suddenly as those initially old hands of his suddenly turned fiery red. That scorching temperature was so high that even the void was getting distorted due to the incinerating heat.

This was the method of Elder Huo.

"Burning Palm!"

Anyone who made contact with it would be burnt by these scalding flames. Even if they were to use their powers to shield their body, it would all be useless. That was because these flames would be able to burn even the powers into ashes.

True Immortal state middle level.

Immemorial Ancient state full cultivation state.

The difference between these two was huge... Immensely, tremendously huge.

Even if it were a supreme paragon, they would not dare to claim that they could take on an opponent a few cultivation states above them.


At this moment, Elder Huo roared out as a torrential fiery aura burst out of him and the Laws of True Immortals churned out. His powers were erupting forth endlessly.

"Since you used one move to suppress Dao Wentian, Your Elder here is going to let you understand how you are going to be taken down by Your Elder in a single move as well!" Elder Huo snarled out in a cold tone before moving his body.

Right now, he was like a human-sized Sun that shone brightly across the entire crowd, blinding everyone with its brilliance.

Lin Fan focused his attention right now and retaliated with a single palm strike. Even though the speed of that palm strike was fast, to Elder Huo, it wasn't really anything much.

Lin Fan's palm strike struck air and landed on nothing.

"Slow... Simply way too slow! Given your strength, you will not even get to touch the hems of Your Elder's sleeves!"

Elder Huo seemed as though he had disappeared. If not for the scorching heat of the surroundings, one would have thought that there was no one here at all.

"Is that so?" Lin Fan laughed out coldly. Standing there, he did not budge a single inch as though he was rooted by Elder Huo's might.

But just at this moment, his lips curled into a cold smirk.

"Found you."

In the blink of an eye, Lin Fan did not even have to check out where he was hitting out. All he did was slam out with a furious fist towards the void that trembled out in the face of it.