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 Chapter 994: Climbing The Skies!

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As the Grand Competition approached, the Saint Devil Peak was getting livelier as well.

Su Hongchen, Hu Qing, and the others had arrived at the peak.

Lin Fan understood what their intents for coming over were. All of them wanted to stand on his side and follow this ship of his.

"Aren't you guys going to take part in the Grand Competition?" Lin Fan asked.

Su Hongchen chuckled out, "For the Sect's Grand Competition, we would naturally take part in it. However, we're only going to join the Grand Competition for the Inner Sect disciples, and hope to be able to get a good placing so that we can win some valuable rewards."

"Given Junior Brother Lin's strength, you can definitely challenge the Remnants! That Ling Wuzun's strength is nowhere near yours, Junior Brother Lin. If you take him down, you will become a Remnant, Junior Brother Lin!" Hu Qing said.

Su Hongchen and the others knew of their own strength's limits. It was decent enough for them to stay within the Inner Sect disciples, and there was a chance for them to get a good placing here.

But, if they wanted to challenge the Remnants, they wouldn't be qualified for that.

Just that Ling Wuzun alone could already suppress them so badly with just his aura alone that they could not speak out at all, let along even get on the arena to fight.

Lin Fan chuckled out. Towards this Grand Competition, he did not have much of an interest. But, when he saw how the masses were encouraging him to challenge the Remnants repeatedly, that built up a little interest in him.

When it came to it, perhaps he could really give it a look.

"Who is the number one among all the Remnants?" Lin Fan asked.

"Dao Wentian." When Su Hongchen spoke of this person, her face turned grim.

"This Dao Wentian is the number one Remnant of the entire Heaven and Earth Sect, and ranked number 4 on the True Immortal Substitute Roll. His strength is extremely formidable, and not to be underestimated." Hu Qing said.

"Ranked number four on the True Immortal Substitute Roll? That means that he does not have the strength of a True Immortal then?" In the eyes of Lin Fan, anyone below a True Immortal was just trash.

"That's right! However, rumors had it that Dao Wentian had once challenged an elder of True Immortal state within the sect. Not only that, he had managed to take down the elder within ten moves. Even though his strength isn't that of a True Immortal, he is a terrifying existence that can take down a True Immortal." Su Hongchen said.

"So, if you wish to challenge the Remnants, Junior Brother Lin, you must never, ever challenge Dao Wentian, because that guy is simply way too terrifying. He is known as the strongest in the entire sect among anyone below a True Immortal state."

Lin Fan nodded his head. However, the news did not faze him at all.

"I'll make some considerations for the Sect's Grand Competition this time around." Lin Fan said.

Su Hongchen and the others nodded their heads before leaving the Saint Devil Peak. They hoped that Junior Brother Lin would be able to become a Remnant. Because in their eyes, he definitely had the strength to do so.

One week later...

Lin Fan had been in seclusion in the Saint Devil Peak the entire time, and was working hard at fusing all of his mystic skills of the martial arts.

The results were still pretty decent, and there was some improvement there indeed.


Suddenly, the sound of a bell rang out through the entire world. This bell sound possessed a strain of the sect's might that floated out within the entire world, solid enough to even suppress demons.

Lin Fan stood up and headed over to the area of the Sect's Grand Competition.

When he arrived at the scene and saw that it was almost quite literally a sea of disciples, he was slightly taken aback as well.

Indeed, things were the liveliest within a sect.

"Senior Brother Lin!" At this moment, Junior Brother Li Qing waved out at Lin Fan from not too far away.

Lin Fan headed over and greeted him.

Qing Yangzi, who was standing at the side, checked out Lin Fan from up to down, slightly troubled. Why did the aura of this lad seem the exact same as before? It was just plain and normal!

"Elder, what are you looking at?" Lin Fan chuckled out while asking.

"Nothing. Well, have you been slacking off?" Qing Yangzi asked.

"What's with that?" Lin Fan asked in bewilderment. How had he been slacking off?

"This aura of yours doesn't seem as though there's been much improvement." Qing Yangzi commented curiously.

Lin Fan chuckled out again, "Elder, if you were to judge someone based on this judgment of yours, you will definitely lose out."

Qing Yangzi was stunned for a moment before it struck him. He then laughed out, "I understand now! Right! So, are you going to take part in the Sect's Grand Competition this time around? If you challenge the Remnants, you can become a Remnant yourself."

"I'll take a look and see first. There's no hurry." Lin Fan waved his hand dismissively. Towards this matter, he was totally unbothered.

According to his plan in his mind, he wanted to head out into the world to check it out after this Grand Competition.

The world outside was so huge. That would also mean that there would be more opportunities for him to raise his strength.

After he raised his strength, he could then enter the secret ground and bring everyone out.

That was Lin Fan's plan.

Qing Yangzi was slightly disappointed, "It would be a real pity if you do not take part in this Grand Competition. You are someone that I had brought back. If you can take down a Remnant, that would bring some glory to this old face of mine."

"Hahaha!" Lin Fan burst out laughing. He truly had not thought that Qing Yangzi would have thoughts as such. But in his opinion, this Qing Yangzi was honestly quite decent. He could be considered as a good man.

But, it was a pity that the good would always die young.



At this moment, a figure appeared on an elevated platform as a mighty voice boomed throughout the entire sect.

"Seems like that mixed breed is the organizer this time around." When Qing Yangzi caught sight of who it was, he was caught in a huff.

Clearly, it was that Elder Huo who was born from the Fire of the Heaven and Earth standing on that elevated platform.

"You have a grudge against him?" Lin Fan grinned while asking.

"Yes. An extremely great grudge." Qing Yangzi nodded his head.


"The Heaven and Earth Sect has flourished for hundreds of thousands of years now, and there are countless of astounding genius disciples that we have produced. The Grand Competition this time around is a proof of strength. It is divided into the Outer Sect Grand Competition and the Inner Sect Grand Competition."

"For the Outer Sect duels, the first place can obtain a Middle Grade Dao Weapon, the Demon Suppressing Berserk Saber..."

The top ten rewards for the Outer Sect disciples were extremely attractive. If they could get into top ten, they could be said to be soaring straight into the Heavens. They might even become Inner Sect disciples.

The top ten rewards for the Inner Sect Grand Competition was announced next.

The reward for the first place was a Middle Grade Utmost Treasure along with countless of pills. The rewards for the next few in line were extremely plentiful and extraordinary as well.

Seemed like the Inner Sect disciples were extremely covetous of it as well.

But in the eyes of Lin Fan, all of these treasures were just banal, nothing much really.

Lin Fan's sights were fixated on somebody who was on that elevated platform.

The Grandmaster of the Heaven and Earth Sect...

His aura was extraordinary, with a profound strength to him. This was definitely not someone he could go up against.

However, Lin Fan did not think that the other party was too high for him to reach. As long as he was given a bit of time, surpassing the other party even would be something extremely simple as well.

Lin Fan then cast his sight in another direction.

There were ten people seated somewhere. And since Ling Wuzun was seated amongst them, those ten must be the Remnants then.

Lin Fan only took a quick casual glance, and did not put it to heart at all.

There were people who were assigned to take charge of the Outer Sect and Inner Sect disciples. But, the Grandmaster and the many elders, who were here to watch the Grand Competition, were not here to observe those.

"Right now is when the Grand Competition gets exciting." Qing Yangzi said.

Within the sect, challenging the Remnants wasn't something that was included in the Grand Competition. However, during the Grand Competition, any disciple had the chance to challenge any Remnants.

In the Heaven and Earth Sect, the one thing that overrode everything was the fact that strength reigned supreme.

"Reporting to the Grandmaster, I would like to challenge Remnant Ling Wuzun!" At this moment, a disciple yelled out loud as he stood up bravely.

When this voice rang out, all the surrounding disciples started getting wilder.

It had finally begun.

When Ling Wuzun, who was seated on the Seat of the Remnants, heard these words, he let out a smirk of contempt. To think that there would truly be someone who would dare challenge him.

But, when Lin Fan caught sight of who it was, he froze up slightly.

Wasn't that fella the bloody big tycoon, Ma Tengyun?

Lin Fan chuckled out. This was interesting now!

With countless of his healing pills, this guy really wanted to climb the sky now!