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 Chapter 992: Raise

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Pills Peak...

There were relentless cries of exclamations rising right now.

"Look at that! The injuries of that guy have suddenly recovered all of a sudden for absolutely no reason at all!"

"Motherf*cking hell! That's way too unreal, isn't it? That was a godly weapon that was on the brink of breaking through to become a Lower Grade Utmost Treasure! To think that he could actually recover from it after stabbing himself to that extent!"

"What's the name of that pill again?"

"Damage Leaving Pill...!"

"That's impossible! That pill doesn't have any Laws of the Immortal Dao at all! It can't be an Immortal Pill! But, if it isn't an Immortal Pill, how does it actually possess such healing powers?"

"I recall that even the godly Endless Shennong Pill of the sect isn't as sick as this, is it?"




When the surrounding disciples first heard that it was an Immortal Pill, they were extremely curious in their hearts. But, when they saw that the pill did not have any Laws of the Immortal Dao, they did not bother much with it any longer.

When Nan Gongming took out that long saber, they just took it as though they were watching a show, and were trying to see what this guy was prepared to do.

And as Nan Gongming stabbed himself with the long saber, they were totally dumbfounded.

That was just self-mutilation!

But, when they saw his injuries recovering after consuming that pill, they were even more astounded.

"Everyone, you've seen it, right? This is the magical Damage Leaving Pill. No matter how severe your injuries are, you will be able to recover from it!" Nan Gongming opened up his upper shirt and revealed a body without even a single scratch on it. This was totally sick to the extremes.

Everyone's heard turned around in unison.

Their gazes were all focused on those pills right now.

This Damage Leaving Pill was even sicker than the Endless Shennong Pill of the sect!

The Endless Shennong Pill required a joss stick's time to recover from injuries. But, this pill was even better! All it took was the blink of an eye!

If they were to clash against someone else in the future, this was definitely a pill that could help them turn the tables around!

Lin Fan realized that the expression on the faces of these people were getting off right now. Each of them emitted a gaze that was extremely thirsty and chilling to look at.

"I'll take ALL of those pills! How many Contribution Points do you want for them? Name your price!" A second generation disciple clamored out.

He was extremely rich; furthermore, his father was an elder. As the son of an elder, he was what people would call a second generation of the sect.

Contribution Points and whatnot, he had no lack of them. He had a truckload of money anyway.

"F*ck! Just someone like you and you think that you can snatch this away from me? Just because your father is an elder? My Contribution Points are no way less than yours!"

"Everyone, let's not get agitated right now! There are quite a number of pills here! Let us be fair now and purchase it one by one! Let's not disrupt the harmony here!"

"Get lost, f*ckface! These pills are as good as a second life! The number of pills you have would equal to the number of lives you have! What is harmony in the face of this?"

"That's right! The sect's Grand Competition is coming up soon! Your Father here is someone who intends to go up against the Remnants! As long as I can f*ck those Remnants over, I can turn into a Remnant myself!"

"Remnants? Those are nothing! As long as I can get my hands on these pills, I can even challenge those powerful beings on the True Immortal Substitute Roll!"


At this moment, the entire place was in a state of chaos. For these pills, everyone was almost on the brink of breaking out into fights.

Somewhere not too far away...

Ling Wuzun caught sight of the commotion up ahead and furrowed his brows, "What's up with that place?"

"Senior brother, let me go check it out." A disciple beside him rushed up ahead immediately to scout for information. As long as he could pander up to this senior brother here, his future ahead would be extremely bright for sure.

It didn't take long before the disciple scurried back.

"Senior brother, someone is selling pills over there. The pill that he's selling is called the Damage Leaving Pill. No matter how severe your injuries are, you will be able to recover from them. Those disciples who are looking to purchase it are even saying that they would make use of this to challenge the Remnants!" The disciple reported.

"Hmph! Pointless struggles! Inner Sect disciples are Inner Sect disciples indeed. All they can do is daydream." Ling Wuzun remarked in disdain.

To think that even some ordinary Inner Sect disciples would dare to daydream of depending on some pills to win against the Remnants. This was just dreaming in broad daylight!

"Senior brother, you're right! All of these disciples are never thinking about improving themselves, and dream of depending on external help every day! Honestly, they're just dreaming!" The disciple buttered up Ling Wuzun.

"Let's go..."

Ling Wuzun wasn't bothered about this stuff as he turned around and proceeded to leave.


The situation that Lin Fan was faced with right now was extremely serious. These disciples seemed as though they were about to devour him right now.

It seemed that they would tear at his life unless he sold the pills to them.

But, there was only a limited quantity of pills available! For a moment or so, things were really pretty awkward right now.

Lin Fan focused his mind and shouted out.

"Nineteen pills here! The highest bidder wins!"

At this moment, the entire scene broke out into chaos once more as the tycoons started yelling out their offers at the top of their lungs.

Some of those who only had a bit of money could only be filled with a face of regret. How were they to compete against something like this? They just couldn't!

In just a few calls, the price skyrocketed to 2,000,000. And by the looks of the situation, this wasn't even the limit just yet.

There was still a lot of room for the price to continue growing!

Eventually, the pills were sold to a huge tycoon; the price had eventually been raised to 3,010,000.

3,010,000 Contribution Points... This was an astronomical figure!

Most ordinary disciples could never ever earn this amount of Contribution Points!

The disciple who had obtained the pills looked down at the rest of them like a king right now.

"Anything that I, Ma Tengyun, want to get my hands on, no one else can get it away from me!" Ma Tengyun was filled with pride right now. With the flip of his hands, 3,010,000 Contribution Points were spent. But even then, he did not feel a pinch.


Seeing a tycoon as such, Lin Fan was extremely impressed. However, compared to Nan Gongming, this was truly child's play still.

The truly awesome one was still Nan Gongming.

That performance! That skill! If it was any ordinary person, they would not have had the guts to do it!

The reason why these pills could fetch such a high price was one that could not be separated from Nan Gongming's name. If not for that live demonstration, the atmosphere of the scene would definitely not have been this hyped up.

Lin Fan left the place with Nan Gongming.

"Brother, that was incredible." Lin Fan patted Nan Gongming's shoulder saying.

Nan Gongming chuckled out, "My 5,000 Contribution Points!"

Lin Fan swiped out instantly, "Make that 10,000."

Nan Gongming waved his hand, "If I said 5,000, it is 5,000. I, Nan Gongming, am a man of my words. But, since you insist on it this badly, 10,000 it is then!"




Lin Fan had initially thought that this Nan Gongming truly had character. But, who would have thought that this fella was this shameless!

With 3,000,000 Contribution Points in his hands, Lin Fan could go exchange for some good items right now.

Some of the mystic skills of the martial arts within the sect were pretty decent indeed. They had amassed the wisdom of their predecessors.

Combined with the Contribution Points from before, Lin Fan's total life savings were close to 4,000,000 Contribution Points right now.

With them, Lin Fan exchanged three martial arts mystic skills.

Movement Mystic Skill: Reaching Heaven in a Single Bound.

Even though the name of this movement skill was domineering, it didn't mean that one could truly reach the heavens with a single step. Although, this was admittedly quite a bit stronger than his So Near, Yet So Far.

Within the entire sect, this movement mystic skill was ranked number four amongst all movement skills.

As for the other three movement skills, it was claimed that one could reach the ends of the world at least using them, even if they couldn't reach the stars.

Fist Mystic Skill: Fist of Origin.

This was a pretty decent fist skill. However, one could only cultivate it if they were a True Immortal. But, for someone like Lin Fan, none of that mattered. With the System, there was no restriction on any skills for him.

When he deployed it, it possessed both the Laws of the Immortal Dao as well as the might of the Heavens.

Compared to the Fist of True Immortal that was displayed by Qing Yangzi back then, this was even stronger.

As for the third martial arts mystic skill, it wasn't one that belonged to the Heaven and Earth Sect. It was a mystic skill of the Buddha race, something that could complement the Great Buddha's Light of Purification.

The remaining Contribution Points were used by Lin Fan entirely to purchase some high quality herbs.

He wanted to cultivate pills for himself and pop them down furiously so that he could bring his own strength to the full cultivation state.