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 Chapter 988: Not A Single Believer

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The trip to the Earth Abyssal Demon Cave did not cause much of a huge stir. Within the sect, Lin Fan did not face any acts of vengeance from Ling Wuzun either.

However, the changes to the True Immortal Substitute Roll did rouse some attention of the masses.

Somehow, Xue Tianzi had vanished from the roll entirely.

For such a thing to happen, there could only be two possible explanations. The first was that Xue Tianzi had turned into a True Immortal, and the second was that he had fallen.

But naturally, there was no chance for the first situation to happen.

Therefore, he could have only fallen. Otherwise, there was truly no other way to go about this.

Initially, Ling Wuzun had wanted to cause trouble for Lin Fan. But after he returned and thought about it carefully, he started realizing just how horrifying everything had been.

For him to be defeated in the hands of this disciple naturally mean that his strength was not enough to compete with the other party. If he were to truly insist on dueling it out with the other party, his outcome might not be any good.

Even though he was a Remnant, there were still internal strife and politics amongst the various Remnants. Furthermore, with his strength, he was the weakest out of all the Remnants.

However, there was a disciple who had turned into a Remnant recently. This allowed him to be second from the last, which had him heave out a sigh of relief.

Only, this was a vengeance that he would definitely seek out one day. He was just waiting for the opportune time.


Lin Fan walked around the sect observing everything that was happening, trying to find a path to success.

Within the sect, there was also a place that was similar to a marketplace. There were many disciples that were conducting business here.

"Calamity Breaking Pill! There's only a single one here and it costs just 10,000 Contribution Points! Be it walking by or passing by, you must not miss this!"

"Old Ancient God Guard Shard! Costs only 100,000 Contribution Points!"

Lin Fan's face might have been expressionless, but a thought was forming in his mind.

'Yours Truly was proficient in cultivating pills and crafting weapons. If he were to revert to his old trade, he would definitely have a bright future in it. Those Contribution Points obtained might be able to get him some decent exchanges back in the sect.

Furthermore, there were some extremely powerful mystic skills of the martial arts that required Contribution Points to be exchanged for.

That Five Elements Sword Will from earlier on had already given Lin Fan a taste of its wondrous effects, raising his personal Sword Will's cultivation.

Su Hongchen had sent over 3,000 Contribution Points for Lin Fan. Those were exchanged for with the cores of the Earth Demons that were killed in the Earth Abyssal Demon Cave.

Initially, Lin Fan had not wanted to take them. But eventually, he could only accept them.

"Take a look and slowly shop! Homegrown herbs here that could be used to cultivate all sorts of high grade pills!" There was a myriad of herbs that were displayed before a disciple.

These herbs were no high-end stuff. But, they could cultivate out pills that were sought after by many disciples.

"How much are you selling these herbs for?" After observing for quite some time, Lin Fan headed forth and asked.

"Senior brother there, which type do you require?" Even after hawking here for a long time, no disciples were coming forth to purchase them from this disciple. Therefore, he was naturally getting flustered.

His cultivation state wasn't high, and with that, he did not dare to head out to dangerous secret grounds. He could only grow some herbs for himself from time to time and accumulate some Contribution Points with them in order to exchange for pills and martial arts mystic skills.


When he heard Lin Fan's words, his eyes shone with a glimmer. He was going to be rich now!

"Senior brother there! You only need 5,000 Contribution Points to take all of them home!" The disciple chuckled out.

Lin Fan took a quick glance. Bloody hell! He didn't have enough Contribution Points!

"3,000 or no deal." Lin Fan replied.

"Ah! Senior brother! How can you do that! Even if you're trying to slash the price, isn't that a little too much?"

"If it doesn't work, then forget it. I'll just look around more." Lin Fan had no time to waste with nonsense right now! 3,000 Contribution Points was his entire life savings! Furthermore, he would never try to slash the price.

Noticing that Lin Fan was about to leave, the disciple got nervous. He then let out a pained expression, "Senior brother! Please hold your steps! 3,000, so be it!"

From his token, Lin Fan transferred all the 3,000 Contribution Points and kept the bunch of herbs.

After Lin Fan's departure, the disciple broke out into a grin.

"Oh! I've done it now! I've earned big! Who knew that selling herbs would be this profitable!"

He had spent 100 Contribution Points purchasing the seeds and cultivating them patiently for a short period of time. Even though time had been wasted, the returns were just exhilarating!

At a place where no one else was present...

Lin Fan took out the herbs; there were a total of twenty herbs.

'Ding...Discovered Mysterious Light Grass.'

'Ding...Discovered Spirit Hell Grass.'


At this moment, Lin Fan spread out his fingers and wrung his wrist slightly. A ball of flames burst forth as he tossed all the herbs within it.

No other Pill Cultivation Master could cultivate pills like this. But for Lin Fan, his mastery of cultivating pills had already been perfected. As such, cultivating these pills was something that could be done by him with extreme ease.

Pills Through Thought...

The medicinal powers of the herbs gathered within the flames as the impurities were all purged out, leaving only the essences.

Being able to cultivate out pills with a flip of his hands, furthermore at a success rate of hundred percent... If this were known by anyone else, it would be too horrifying for them.

'Ding...Congratulations on cultivating Mixed Yuan Powers Pill.'

'Mixed Yuan Powers Pill: Able to recover powers within a single breath.'

'Ding...Congratulations on cultivating Damage Leaving Pill.'

'Damage Leaving Pill: No matter how severe the injuries, one will be able to recover from it.'

Cultivating pills of this sort was something that Lin Fan had expected long ago.

These herbs were not of particularly excellent quality. For them to be able to create pills of this level was something that could only be described as heaven revolting.

If it were anyone else, they might only be able to cultivate out some simpler pills.

At the ends of the marketplace...

Lin Fan brought over a random table and placed his pills on it before shouting out and advertising.

"Be it walking by or passing by, you must not miss this! Selling pills that can safeguard your life! Once you have these pills with you, even your Mommy doesn't have to worry about you roaming out in the world!"

Lin Fan yelled at the top of his voice.

Amongst the different pills, those that could occasionally raise one's strength were the most popular. However, those that could recover up powers or injuries were unusually welcome as well.

This single shout of Lin Fan attracted quite a lot of attention from the masses.

"What are those pills? The medicinal powers seem to be extremely thick!" Some of the disciples started gathering over.

However, they had never seen these pills before in their lives. Therefore, they were naturally curious towards it.

Lin Fan took the Mixed Yuan Powers Pill in his hands and started bragging about it, "This is a pill that can help you recover your powers within a single breath! Think about it! If you guys were out there meeting with some enemies that were on equal grounds with you, and the victory could not be decided in a single instant, who do you guys think will stand victorious at the end of it all?"

The surrounding disciples replied without even having to think about it, "Of course the side with a deeper depth of powers!"

"That's right! This fellow brother here has got it right! As long as you have this pill, you will definitely be able to recover your powers in a single breath!" Lin Fan waved the pill in his hands.

"What about that pill over there?" The disciples asked.

"Oho! That is one hell of an incredible pill! It's called the Damage Leaving Pill! No matter how severe your injuries are, as long as you have a single breath left, you will be able to recover from it! Don't you guys think that this pill is extremely sick?" Lin Fan praised his own pill without holding back at all.

However, everything that Lin Fan had just said did not seem too believable to the disciples who were present.

"How could such pills exist? Well, I do know of Mixed Yuan Powers Pills, but Damage Leaving Pills? That sounds way too terrifying! If it were truly as you have said, it could even be considered as an Immortal Pill!"

"That's right! Only Immortal Pills could provide effects as such! However, there are no Laws of the Immortal Dao within these pills of yours!"

At this moment, the surrounding disciples started discussing amongst themselves.

None of them would believe a word that Lin Fan said.

Right now, Lin Fan was flustered. Bloody hell! Was he truly not going to be able to sell everything out?