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 Chapter 985: Cheap Excuses To Steal

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"Who are you?" Xue Tianzi was alarmed as his face changed. To think that this unknown person would be able to break his saber gleam!

He knew of everyone on the True Immortal Substitute Roll. But, this person before his eyes? He truly had no idea who this was.

"If you're able to get out of my hands alive, you will be worthy of getting an answer to that question then." Lin Fan laughed out coldly.

Immemorial Ancient full cultivation state... This was a pretty decent cultivation state. After killing this guy, Lin Fan would be able to obtain a decent amount of experience points.

This was the type of world he truly wanted!

When Xue Tianzi heard those words, his heart was filled with rage instantly. A torrential Blood Qi rumbled out, within which, vengeful spirits howled and cried out. Even if one were to be tainted with a single drop of that blood, their skin would definitely rot. Even if it were an Immemorial Ancient full cultivation state being, they might not be able to defend against this easily.

"Do you really think that you're able to slay Your Tianzi just after breaking through a single saber gleam of mine? That has got to be the biggest dream you'll ever have!" Xue Tianzi bellowed out as a blood gleam appeared once more. A saber that was even more berserk than before slashed over.

Xue Tianzi was a genius of the Blood Demon Sect. All this while, he had been roaming outside and killing countless of living beings so as to steal away their Essence Blood and feed his Scarlet Blood Demon Saber.

This Demon Saber was a weapon that the Blood Demon Sect had crafted for Xue Tianzi. This was something that was created through the accumulation of countless of Legendary Items. At the moment of its formation, even a calamity had descended from the Heavens.

Therefore, it was an Utmost Treasure at birth, one that was stronger than most other Utmost Treasures out there.

After many years of hard work, Xue Tianzi was finally on the cusp of raising this to a Supreme Grade Utmost Treasure.

A single saber gleam from it could shine down on the entire world. That rumbling Blood Qi was something that would have the hearts of any opponent palpitating, making them unable to resist it at all.

But, in the eyes of Lin Fan, this Xue Tianzi was nothing more than a weak chicken.

Lin Fan stepped forth and raised a single palm.


With that, the blood red saber gleam dissipated.

"You...!" Xue Tianzi was taken aback as his body shuddered. He churned his demonic powers as a torrential Demonic Qi burst forth from him.

Lin Fan took another step forth, and yet another palm was raised to suppress it.

Lin Fan placed his palm onto Xue Tianzi's forehead directly. Under the frightful expression of Xue Tianzi, he used some strength.


'Ding...Congratulations on killing Xue Tianzi.'

'Ding...Experience Points +30,000,000.'

Lin Fan grabbed the Scarlet Blood Demon Saber in his hands. The Weapon Spirit within was struggling and fighting back furiously as a stream of Blood Qi penetrated his body.

"To think that even a measly Weapon Spirit would dare to resist. Courting death!" Lin Fan moved slightly and took down the Weapon Spirit of the Scarlet Blood Demon Saber immediately.


"Holy f*ck...!" Hu Qing and the others were just watching everything with their jaws wide open right now.

To think that the rank sixty seven of the True Immortal Substitute Roll, Xue Tianzi, would be defeated in just two moves! That was way too unreal wasn't it?

"Junior Brother Lin! This strength of yours... How could this be possible? But, you're not even known at all on the True Immortal Substitute Roll!" Su Hongchen gasped out.

"I've repressed my entire body's aura. Therefore, the True Immortal Substitute Roll would naturally not be able to detect me." Lin Fan replied.

With the cover of his System, it was only natural that Lin Fan's name would not appear on the True Immortal Substitute Roll.

As for Su Hongchen and the others, they were just completely horrified by this strength that Junior Brother Lin possessed. Heck, even those Remnants of the sect might not be able to be his match!

Only, the thing that bothered them was...why was Junior Brother Lin just an Inner Sect disciple?

Even though they were bothered by the thought, they did not dare to raise the question.

"Junior Brother Lin, that Scarlet Blood Demon Saber... Could I have a look at it?" Bing Linxing asked.

"Sure." Lin Fan nodded his head.

"Junior Brother Bing, you're really in luck and can be considered as having met with a lucky star! Junior Brother Bing makes use of weapons as his core. Now that he's able to make contact with a weapon that's poised to be a Supreme Grade Utmost Treasure, he will be able to comprehend the Laws within it. With that, his own cultivation state would be able to grow once more." Hu Qing explained.

Bing Linxing felt the Scarlet Blood Demon Saber and caressed the patterns on its surface carefully. These saber patterns possessed the utmost wisdom of the Heaven and Earth.

And just at this moment, a bright beam of light penetrated through this blood red light screen shrouding them. It descended from the sky as an extraordinary aura wrapped the group within it.

Under this brilliant beam of light, several figures appeared in the void.

When Lin Fan raised his head over, he realized that these few figures were truly exceptional. This was especially the case for one of the men standing up ahead. His aura was even more extraordinary.

"Who are they?" Lin Fan asked.

"That is a Remnant, Senior Brother Ling Wuzun. Beside him is Jian Fengchen." Su Hongchen explained a little nervously.

"Senior Brother Ling Wuzun, the demonic nature of that saber is extremely strong." Jian Fengchen glared straight at the Scarlet Blood Demon Saber in Bing Linxing's hands as his eyes shone with a look of greed.

That was a Quasi-Supreme Grade Utmost Treasure. It was a true piece of treasure!

If there were a little more effort put in that Quasi-Supreme Grade Utmost Treasure, it could definitely break through to become an Immortal Weapon!

By that time, it would have wondrous effects and possess an unrivaled might. Even now, it was something that was extremely eye-catching.

"Greetings, Senior Brother Ling Wuzun." Hu Qing looked at the people up in the void and bowed down.

As for Lin Fan, his heart was skipping with joy when he looked at Ling Wuzun. The strength of this man was pretty strong! He was quite ahead of Xue Tianzi!

Checking the True Immortal Substitute Roll, this man was ranked at number forty eight!

"How did you guys get your hands on that Scarlet Blood Demon Saber?" Ling Wuzun asked.

Hu Qing and the others exchanged glances with one another, "Reporting to senior brother, this is something that was obtained after Junior Brother Lin killed Xue Tianzi."

The moment Hu Qing and the others were finished with their words, Jian Fengchen's voice traveled over.

"Brazen! How dare you guys spout such lies in front of senior brother? That Xue Tianzi is ranked number sixty seven on the True Immortal Substitute Roll! He is not someone that you Inner Sect disciples are able to kill!" Jian Fengchen barked out.

The expression of Ling Wuzun changed slightly, evidently displeased as well. It was as though he was offended by the fact that these Inner Sect disciples would dare to lie to him.

At this moment, Lin Fan stood forth and took the Scarlet Blood Demon Saber in his hands from Bing Linxing.

"What do you guys want? Even if this demon saber was obtained by me, what has it got to do with you guys?" Lin Fan hated people who dared to act tough and cocky in front of his face.

What the f*ck was a Remnant? If he dared to utter any more crap, Lin Fan would beat him into a cripple!

"INSOLENT...!" Jian Fengchen was enraged right now. But, just as he was about to strike down, he was held back by Ling Wuzun, who then pointed at Lin Fan and asked with a frosty look on his face, "And who might you be?"

"Lin Fan." Lin Fan smiled out before glaring straight at the void and replying.

"Fine. That Scarlet Blood Demon Saber is a treasure of Xue Tianzi. The fact that you guys are able to obtain that Scarlet Blood Demon Saber is evident that this must be a trap laid down by Xue Tianzi. For the sake of the sect's safety, you guys have to hand it over. For the credit of handing it over to your seniors, you guys shall receive 100,000 Contribution Points." Ling Wuzun declared.

"Laid a trap? That Xue Tianzi was slain by me. What trap could he have laid?" Lin Fan said before turning around immediately. He did not want to waste time arguing with this Remnant or whatnot, "Come, let us continue exploring deeper in."


Ling Wuzun's face turned cold as he pointed out with his finger, bent on taking down Lin Fin instantly.

"Offending your seniors and absolutely unrepentant... There is an absolute need to be punished."

"Junior Brother Lin, watch out!" Su Hongchen's face was alarmed. She hadn't expected that Ling Wuzun would actually strike out!

She knew that this Scarlet Blood Demon Saber was a Quasi-Supreme Grade Utmost Treasure. Even if it were a Remnant, they might not be able to resist its allure.

And right now, it was evident that Ling Wuzun was just making use of cheap excuses to get at it.

"Courting death!"

Lin Fan's brows furrowed as his heart tightened up. Seemed like if he did not show some strength, these guys would really think that he was a pushover!