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 Chapter 981: The Silently Supporting Old Man

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"Elder, this...!" Li Qing was stunned at this moment. He hadn't expected that Elder Qing Yangzi would actually take out his own Contribution Points just for Lin Fan!

Qing Yangzi did not reply. Instead, he separated out two-thirds of his Contribution Points on a token.

"Exchange for the 'Third Metal Void Sword Will', 'Green Wood True Energy Sword Will', 'Upper Compassionate Water Sword Will', 'Nine Heavens Mysterious Fire Sword Will', 'Heavenly Unknown Desolate Sword Will'... and a 'Breaking Immortal Elixir'."

"Qing Yangzi, what are you trying to do by exchanging for the Sword Wills of the five Elements? Are you trying to groom someone or something?" The elderly man who was in charge of exchanging Contribution points twitched his eyelids. Using his sleeves, he took over the Contribution Points before dropping the scrolls of the five Element Sword Wills into the palms of Qing Yangzi.

There was also a Pill Bottle amidst the bunch of items.

"This old man intends to learn for himself." Qing Yangzi replied before turning around to leave.

The Contribution Points that he had spent this time around had Qing Yangzi feeling a little pained over it. If it were a Remnant, they could cultivate these five Element Sword Wills for free. But, if it were any normal disciple, the cost of it was extremely high.

The five Element Sword Will was a combination set of Sword Will techniques that was ranked number twenty amongst the entire Heaven and Earth Sect's Sword Daos.

As for this 'Breaking Immortal Elixir', it could increase the chances of someone breaking through to True Immortal state by seventy percent

"Elder, have you gone insane?" Li Qing had` followed around Elder Qing Yangzi for quite some time now. But, looking at how the latter was spending all his Contribution Points in exchange for these items right now had him taken aback completely for a moment.

"This old man is not going insane. What this old man is doing is wagering my pride!" Qing Yangzi replied.

"But, even then, there's no need for you to go to this extent! If you were to spend all your Contribution Points right now, how are you going to tide through the Immortal Calamity when it arrives? You'll need these Contribution Points to exchange for treasures in order to tide through it!" Li Qing remarked.

"That's still quite some time away. This lad is someone that this old man has personally brought back. I'm sure he's way more powerful than all of those Remnants. And yet, he's now an Inner Sect disciple and at a disadvantage when starting off compared to others. That bloody Fire mixbred! I don't even know where he found this bloody Fire Spirit of the Heaven and Earth that overtook the Seat of a Remnant. This old man is indignant about that."

"Since the sect refuses to mete equal treatment, this old man shall groom him personally. Once he becomes a supreme powerful being that can overthrow all of those Remnants, they will finally know that the lad that this old man brought back was the true paragon. He's not something that those wannabes can hope to compare against!" Qing Yangzi replied.

"Go, send all of these over to that lad! Just tell him that it's a privilege of the sect!" Qing Yangzi ordered.

"Elder, will that do? If I say that these were given by you, when Senior Brother Lin truly rises, he will definitely be grateful towards you!" Li Qing asked.

"Bullsh*t! I can tell that that lad has an ego greater than anyone else's. If he were to know that Inner Sect disciples are nothing much, wouldn't he just leave the place entirely? Furthermore, what's the difference? This old man is someone of the sect as well. If I groom a disciple, it's equivalent to the sect grooming the disciple. There's no difference. Cut the crap and hurry up." Qing Yangzi replied.

Li Qing sighed out somewhat in exasperation. It was truly rare to find someone such as Elder Qing Yangzi in this day and age. Or perhaps, it would be more accurate to say that there was no person like him.

At this moment, Li Qing could finally understand as well why Elder Qing Yangzi had been living such a frugal life for the past few hundreds of years.

Given a temperament as such, how could he get the better of the other elders?

Li Qing did not hesitate as he flew towards the broken peak.

Qing Yangzi swept his robes and placed his hands behind his back. He then raised his chin and beard, "Hmph! How dare they not place any emphasis on the lad that I brought back? This old man shall prove with my very hands that someone I take an eye on will definitely turn into a peerless genius!"

With that, Qing Yangzi walked away in a furious huff.


At the Saint Devil Peak, Lin Fan pointed out with his finger, filling the entire peak with a ball of lifeforce. At the same time, each time he took in a breath, he sucked in Spirit Qi that was way thicker than back in the Ancient Saint World.

'Ding... Cultivated Spirit Qi. Experience Points + 100.'

With just that slight bit of effort, he was able to turn the Spirit Qi into experience points. Even though it was not much, it was still pretty decent.

Back in the Ancient Saint World, after his powers had risen, the Spirit Qi that he breathed in could no longer give him any more experience points.


At that moment, a figure bolted over from the void.

"Senior Brother Lin, how is everything here?" Li Qing's face was normal as he did not reveal anything off from his expressions.

"Not bad!" Lin Fan nodded his head. Having a private place of his own, it would save him the hassle of being bothered by other people.

"This is Eld... the sect's benefits given to Inner Sect disciples, a set of the Five Elements Sword Will. There's also a 'Breaking Immortal Elixir'. Here's a token as well. From now on, you are officially a disciple of the Heaven and Earth Sect." Li Qing nearly let the truth slip out. He then flicked out a single finger and had everything that was entrusted to him by Elder Qing Yangzi placed into Lin Fan's hands.

'Ding... Discovered a set of Five Elements Sword Will. Learn?'

'Ding... Discovered one 'Breaking Immortal Elixir'.'

'Breaking Immortal Elixir: After consumption, it can increase the chances of one entering the True Immortal state by seventy percent. Can be converted into 10,000,000 Experience Points.'

Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy. Not too bad! This stuff were truly way more high-end than back in the Xuanhuang or Ancient Saint World!

"Many thanks, junior brother." Lin Fan cupped his hands together.

"Have an early rest then, senior brother. Your junior brother will take his leave first. If there's anything you aren't familiar with, you can use your powers to activate the token. There are some basic guides to introduce you towards the sect within." Li Qing explained.

"Alright." Lin Fan nodded his head.

Not too bad. This was quite the friendly sect, isn't it?

After Li Qing left the place, Lin Fan returned to his house. He then popped the Breaking Immortal Elixir into his mouth and converted it into 10,000,000 experience points immediately.

Lin Fan was someone who possessed the System. As long as there were enough experience points, there was no barrier towards raising his cultivation state.


This set of Five Elements Sword Will would do just nice to complement his own Sword Will.

The Five Elements revolved as they let out an endless aura.


At this moment, Lin Fan sat up cross-legged while a series of Sword Wills that were filled with five different colors rotated around him.

These torrential Sword Wills surged up into the sky. Just as they were about to penetrate through the barriers of the Saint Devil Peak, they converged into a singular Sword Will that dissipated out with a slight thud before returning back into Lin Fan's body.

"This Fusion function is truly extremely tyrannical! To be able to fuse all of the Five Element Sword Wills... This is almost hundred years of hard work if it were anyone else who was trying to do this!" Lin Fan sighed out in his heart.

To be able to fuse the Five Element Sword Wills into a single Sword Will was a gift of the Sword. This was something that could only be achieved by someone who was born with an unparalleled innate gift for the Sword.

And even then, there was no guarantee that they would succeed this easily.

But, in the hands of Lin Fan, a single Fusion function could turn every impossibility into a possibility.

Lin Fan raised his finger as an Emptiness Sword Will appeared, instantly slicing the void apart.

Within the void...

When Qing Yangzi caught sight of the Five Elements Sword Will that burst forth from the Saint Devil Peak, his face revealed a look of astonishment. But then, it was replaced by a wild laughter.

"HAHA! This old man has truly made the right judgment! This lad is an unparalleled supreme paragon of the world! What Remnants? What geniuses? None of them can compare to him at all! This old man must definitely work hard to have that lad's available resources catch up with the others!"

At this moment, Qing Yangzi was determined on something he had never ever once thought of, and that was to work tirelessly to earn Contribution Points and cultivate out Pure Yang Immortal Qi so that he could exchange sufficient resources for Lin Fan.

As a True Immortal state powerful being, Qing Yangzi could communicate with the Heaven and Earth to gather Pure Yang Immortal Qi. Those could be used to exchange for Contribution Points, which could then be used to exchange for items.

As for Lin Fan, what he did not know was that there was an old man who was silently supporting him tirelessly from the backstage in order to prove that his judgment was right.