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 Chapter 979: I Must Definitely Bring Him To Great Heights!

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Back in the Xuanhuang World, there was the existence of Battle Arks as well. However, the Battle Arks here were far different from those back in there.

This difference was in terms of their intrinsic natures, and wasn't something that could be compared.

Rivers and mountains flashed by in an instant. With each blink, they seemed to be passing by another world. Lin Fan stood there silently without speaking or moving. He was just experiencing the vastness of the world.

Given his strength, if this were the Xuanhuang World or the Ancient Saint World, he could cover the entire world with just a single thought.

But, this Endless Mainland was so indefinitely huge that he couldn't even reach the boundaries of it. The Laws of the world here were way more refined and complete than the worlds Lin Fan had ever been in.

For any powerful being, this was a place like Paradise.

At this moment, there were some changes happening in the scenery up ahead. A series of mountain peaks that were so tall they pierced the sky itself stood tall between the Heaven and Earth.

One after another, these mountain peaks that were like coiling dragons that extended right into the firmaments.

White clouds shrouded the peaks, creating a scenery that was extremely picturesque. There were cranes soaring all around the place, with countless disciples flying all around amidst streaks of light.

Even though they had yet to arrive at the sect, there was already a desolate aura that was enveloping Lin Fan within.

"We're already here. This is the Heaven and Earth Sect." Qing Yangzi stood beside Lin Fan and introduced.

Lin Fan nodded his head. The disposition of this Heaven and Earth Sect was truly extraordinary and far from normal. There was probably no single sect within the entire Xuanhuang World and the Ancient Saint World that could compare with this.

"The Heaven and Earth Sect has a history of hundreds of thousands of years. Using the Heaven and Earth as a basis, we have cultivated countless of skills. Every single disciple of the Heaven and Earth Sect must comprehend the True Essence of Heaven and Earth. That is the only way for them to attain a higher state of being." Qing Yangzi explained.

Lin Fan listened intently, not letting any bit of information slip by him.

The moment they entered the Heaven and Earth Sect, he could sense some reverberations through the void. Even though it was only a very faint feedback, it still could not escape Lin Fan's senses.

That must be from the barriers of the Heaven and Earth Sect.

The descent of the Battle Ark did not attract anyone's attention.

"You wait here for a little while. I'll enter the sect and inform the Grandmaster about this." Qing Yangzi said before letting his disciples accompany Lin Fan.

Lin Fan stood there and observed the sect's happenings. People passed by here and there; the cultivation states of these disciples were not weak.

"Senior Brother Li Qing, did you guys manage to find any good seeds in your trip to look for disciples this time around?" At this moment, a man in a green shirt passed by and chuckled while asking.

"Yes, this one over here." That square faced disciple, Li Qing, smiled and replied.

"Oh?" That disciple checked out Lin Fan up and down. He could not tell what was different about this guy.

"This over here is Junior Brother Lin Fan. He possesses an exceptional potential." Li Qing naturally knew of how amazing Lin Fan was. However, he knew that he could not tell others of the news of their elder's defeat.

After all, if word of that were to get out, it would definitely result in loss of face for Elder Qing Yangzi.

"Exceptional potential?" The disciple sized Lin Fan up and down once more. He truly could not tell just what was so different about this fella. He then chuckled out and disregarded the latter entirely.

At this moment in the Grandmaster's area...

Qing Yangzi reported it as it was, telling everything that he had seen and gone through in the Rising Dragon City. At the same time, his focus was on this new disciple, Lin Fan.

"Grandmaster, this disciple possesses an extraordinary strength. He is clearly not of True Immortal state, yet he is able to bring the Dao into his spirit. He is definitely a paragon amongst prodigies." Qing Yangzi said.

"Oh?" The moment the Grandmaster heard this, he expressed an astonished look. For someone to be able to bring the Dao into their spirit without even reaching a True Immortal state, that was truly a paragon!

However, Qing Yangzi still concealed some facts from the Grandmaster. After all, it'd be better to not spread the news of his defeat. If something like that were to spread out, it would be quite the embarrassment for this old face of his.

"Grandmaster, I feel that we can value and groom this disciple with importance." Qing Yangzi recommended.

In order to sustain the strength of the sect, they had to produce top class geniuses. At the same time, they could be considered as Remnants of the Grandmaster.

As for these Remnants, there were only ten of them. This was a predetermined number.

"To think that Qing Yangzi would have returned as well." At this moment, a trail of blaze streaked through the void and incinerated everything around into nothingness.

When Qing Yangzi caught sight of who it was, his face changed.

Elder Huo!

This Elder Huo was a Fire Spirit of the Heaven and Earth who was born from the Source of Fire itself. His strength was extraordinary, and his mastery of the fire element was second to none.

"Grandmaster, this time around, I've found a disciple who has an innate fire body. At the same time, he's able to bring the Dao into his spirit. Therefore, I brought him back to the sect. This must be the Heavens that are blessing our sect themselves!" Elder Huo declared excitedly.

He then spread out his fingers, and a tuft of flames burst out from it furiously.

This ball of flames seemed as though it had no temperature on the surface. However, the temperature within was extremely high in reality, as though it could burn anything in the world to ashes.


When the Grandmaster caught sight of the ball of flames, his face changed. Evidently, he had discovered the peculiarity of the flames.

"Grandmaster, these flames are manifested from the Fires of the Heaven and Earth. Even though he was born from the same origin as myself, his potential is even higher than mine." Elder Huo continued.

The Grandmaster swept with his robes as a vast power burst forth and contained the ball of flames within it.

Gradually, the ball of flames began to change and transform. Eventually, it manifested into a physical body that looked like he was twelve to thirteen years old.

The skin of this young boy was snow white all over. However, when he burst his eyes open, one could see two tufts of flames raging within them. Even his forehead had a fire imprint emblazoned on it.


When this young man opened his mouth, a ball of flames spurted out and gushed into the void. The moment it made contact with the void, it started melting and turning into ashes immediately.

The face of the Grandmaster was solemn right now. He spread his palm open and contained the flames.

"Indeed, he's extraordinary! To think that he would possess such strength even at birth." The Grandmaster was elated right now. It was as though he had just discovered an Utmost Treasure.

Elder Huo let out a smile, "Grandmaster, I think that this Fire Spirit has only barely begun to think. We can categorize him as one of the Remnants of the sect and groom him properly."

"Yes, that will do too. Right now, his mental state is like a white sheet of paper. If we were to indoctrinate him with the ideas of the sect, he would definitely work hard for the sect with all his heart." The Grandmaster said.

Qing Yangzi, who was standing at the sides, was stunned. He then hurriedly added on, "Grandmaster, what about my..."

The Grandmaster waved his hand dismissively, "We'll just let him be an Inner Sect disciple then."

"But Grandmaster, that disciple that I've uncovered..." Qing Yangzi tried his best to fight on. Even though it was pretty decent to be an Inner Sect disciple, it was still a world of a difference when compared to Remnants of the sect!

There was no way to compare between the two at all!

"Alright, that will do. There are only a limited number of openings." The Grandmaster replied.

Qing Yangzi was dumbfounded right now. This disciple that he had brought back was extremely incredible! As for this plaything that Elder Huo had brought back, how could it be considered at the same level as that disciple he brought back?

But, it seemed as though nothing he was going to say now would do.

The Grandmaster seemed to have already made up his mind. Was there truly no way about this at all?

After the Grandmaster took his leave, Elder Huo stood forth and came before Qing Yangzi's face, "Ah, Qing Yangzi, my apologies. Seems like this casual trip of mine has already brought back a paragon. Guess I took your limelight away, eh?"

"Hmph!" Qing Yangzi snorted coldly. For a moment, he was truly frustrated. How was he to tell that lad?

That was a supreme paragon that was discovered by him, Qing Yangzi! No matter what, he must definitely bring that lad to great heights!