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 Chapter 966: This Seems Like A Decent Idea!

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The cries were endless, and so was the cursing.

This time around, there were countless of casualties amongst the utmost powerful beings and the Demonic Gods.

Lin Fan's heart was feeling an unusual amount of pain as well. All of those were precious experience points! And yet, they were gone just like that! What sort of a tragedy was that? Oh, how his nuts hurt!

After a long time, everyone gradually regained their composure as they all looked up into the empty void, seeming to have totally lost all hope towards the future.

"Huehue... Hahaha...!" At this moment, an Old Master suddenly roared out into laughter while gazing at the sky.

"Transcend? THIS is transcending! HAHAHA! After fighting for so many eras, what have we gained at the end of the day?"

All the utmost powerful beings fell silent at this moment. They had been fighting one another from the very beginning before eventually sleeping and awakening to this so-called transcending.

But, what about now?

There were countless of casualties; numerous utmost powerful beings had died within this secret ground this time.

"What have all of this been for?" A helpless howl burst forth into the void, "All we wanted to do was to transcend! We just want to live! And yet, there's no hope at all!"

When Lin Fan heard those voices, he could not help but sigh out in exasperation as well.

The imposingness of the Demonic God Pangu was no longer present while the Great Sage had taken off his battle armor and cast it aside by now.

"Actually, there's still a chance." Lin Fan spoke up.


Everyone's gaze was cast onto Lin Fan. They truly hated the Motherf*cking Human King. But now, they could not bring forth their hatred any longer.

No matter how many Legendary Items he had, it was all useless. There was still no way to transcend.

"Motherf*cking Human King, what chance do you speak of? If you had any chance, would you still even be here right now?"

One of the Old Masters laughed out coldly before standing up and readying himself for the oncoming destruction. The Demonic God Pangu and the others looked over at Lin Fan as well. They did not know what this chance he was speaking of was.

When Lin Fan caught sight of the expressions of all these utmost powerful beings, he did not beat around the bush, "I've suppressed one of those mysterious fellas. Perhaps, we might be able to get some knowledge through him and figure out just what is going on through all of this."


The moment Lin Fan said out with these words, everyone was completely startled.

At the very beginning, none of them had even thought of wanting to capture those mysterious fellas. But, when they met the stronger existences later on, it was already too late for them even if they had wanted to capture anyone.

"All of you, watch properly now! Everything that we want to know about, he will be able to tell us."

Lin Fan did not waste time on any crap and released Young Mister Xiao Yao from his Paradise right away.


The moment Young Mister Xiao Yao was out, he was seen clutching at his groin and howling out furiously. Those eyes of his were filled with wrath and rage. But, when he caught sight of the dense cluster of living beings that were gathered about him, his eyes were replaced with a look of horror.

Lin Fan took out his brick and sent the Young Mister Xiao Yao fainting over once more.

"Technique of the Source! Long river of Fate!"

Lin Fan pointed out with his finger as a mysterious aura was emitted out from him, wrapping up Young Mister Xiao Yao. Instantly, a series of images appeared before the eyes of the masses.

In that boundless world, there were countless of living beings and countless of sects. Now that he was looking through everything this guy had experienced, Lin Fan was starting to know about powerful beings that they had never known before.

There were even many more who were way stronger than that last fella they had faced before escaping.

And finally, the scene that attracted everyone's attention arrived.

A place that seemed like a secret ground was breached by countless of these mysterious living beings. And thereafter, these living beings met with Lin Fan and the others.

"Rumours had it that this was where the Heavenly Lord Xin Feng had fallen, and this secret ground was then created from his body. The living beings from within are all born from the Source of the Heavenly Lord Xin Feng..."

When Lin Fan read these text characters, his entire face changed. The other utmost powerful beings were equally stunned as though they were struck with disbelief.

"All of us are just manifestations from the Source of some powerful being?" When one of the Old Masters spoke of these words, everyone was just rooted blankly.

Lin Fan was equally dumbfounded at the moment.

After rummaging through his entire life, it was only now that he bloody found out that he was just living in the body of a dead man the entire time!


This news came as too big of a shock, such that even Lin Fan felt that he could barely handle it.

The thousands of races, the Infinite Worlds, the countless of Worlds out there... Earth...! All of these were just created by the Source of a powerful being?

Who was this Heavenly Lord Xin Feng? How could he be so bloody overpowered?

And also, who in the bloody world was Your Father then?

What was up with this System and whatnot then?

At this moment, Lin Fan was truly about to lose it. But, he was still able to maintain his cool.

To be able to cultivate to such a state, all the mental states of everyone present were extremely tough and firm as a rock. Even if they were to lose their minds for a short while, they would be able to regain their composure almost immediately.

"Now, everything finally makes sense." The Demonic God Pangu spoke up.

"Pangu, how are we supposed to transcend then? We are only living beings that were born from a powerful being! How are we supposed to get out of here?"

"The reason why we're able to sense the destruction of the era is probably that we're formed from the Heavenly Lord. That must be the reason why we're able to sense life and death."

"If we've lived for countless of eras now, it must mean that this Heavenly Lord must have already been dead for countless of eras as well. I'm afraid this is about the end right now. The Source that he had remaining must have reached a point where it's unable to sustain the existence of the secret grounds anymore. And, if we're unable to transcend, we'll all definitely die here."

The many utmost powerful beings started discussing.

"Perhaps there's still a chance at life left." The Fire Water Empress spoke up.

"What do you mean by that, Fire Water Empress?" Many of the utmost powerful beings asked curiously.

"Did the Reincarnation Demonic God die?" The Fire Water Empress asked.

"I'm over here..." The Reincarnation Demonic God was a short and stumpy Ancient race being. Amongst the other Demonic Gods of the Ancient race, it was hard to notice his existence.

"Right now, there is only a single way out. We have to send someone out there and wait for him to come save us." The Fire Water Empress said.

"I'll do it...!" When the many utmost powerful beings heard it, they started volunteering themselves. Whoever got out meant that he be would able to transcend!

"None of you are worthy of it. The only one worthy is the Motherf*cking Human King." The Fire Water Empress declared.

"Fire Water Empress, what do you mean by that? Everyone here knows that the Motherf*cking Human King is your man! You're just trying to get him out of this place, aren't you?" The many utmost powerful beings were all done by now.

"Hmph! And yet, you dare to proclaim yourselves as utmost powerful beings? Don't tell me that you guys have truly failed to notice what's going on right now?"

"The aura of the Motherf*cking Human King is the only one which is closest to the aura of those mysterious living beings. If it were any of you, the moment you guys are sent out, you will probably be killed by the powerful beings of that world before you can even get the chance to reincarnate!" The Fire Water Empress retorted.

Lin Fan was stunned. What in the world did this have to do with him yet again? But on second thoughts, this didn't seem like a bad idea either.

If he were to stay here, the only way out was death. But, if he were to get out, there might be a chance at life.

The utmost powerful beings took a close look at that mysterious living being that had been suppressed, then at the Motherf*cking Human King. Indeed, it was only that Human who had an aura closest to this guy's.

"What if this fella decides not to save us after he's out?" The utmost powerful beings asked.

"That wouldn't happen. I, Lin Fan, am a man who keeps my word. As long as I get out, I will definitely think up of a way to save you guys." Lin Fan said.

"Not believing." The utmost powerful beings shook their heads while saying.

"This is the final option left. Whether you believe it or not, you have to. Otherwise, everyone can just simply wait here for death." The Fire Water Empress said coldly.

For a moment or so, the utmost powerful beings kept to themselves while contemplating about it. Finally, they came to an agreement.

"Alright, I'll believe you."

"Motherf*cking Human King, I hope that you do not let us down." The utmost powerful beings said while looking at Lin Fan.

"Don't worry, don't worry! I'll definitely not let you guys down!" Lin Fan was overwhelmed with joy right now.

The Fire Water Empress looked at Lin Fan. This time around, it was a plunge of a gamble here to entrust all of their hopes onto this Motherf*cking Human King.

"Alright! Everyone come over and start discussing together about how we should prepare and move things on after the Motherf*cking Human King gets out. This is a matter that concerns everyone's life and death. I hope all of you will take this seriously."

"However, before that, I think that we should purge away the hidden threats that remain around us." The Fire Water Empress said.

"What do you mean?" The utmost powerful beings were taken aback, not understanding the meaning behind her words.

"Hmph! How long more do you intend to hide for?" The brows of the Fire Water Empress furrowed as her boundless voice caused the void to explode apart. At that moment, the Seven Saint Old Dog, who had been hiding in the void the entire time, exploded as well...

'How in the bloody world did she manage to find out about Your Father here?'