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 Chapter 960: Living In The Secret Ground All This Time

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Against all these utmost powerful beings, Lin Fan was still very much looking at them in contempt. The moment Demonic God Pangu arrived, all of them cowered like dogs. If they were to at least stand up and fight back, Lin Fan could at least regard them as people with a backbone. But now? All he could do was scoff at them with a 'Huehuehue'.

"Brother Pangu, just what are these two stone gates?" Since the Fire Water Empress refused to say anything, Lin Fan could only ask the Demonic God Pangu then.

After all, it wasn't as though the knowledge of the Demonic God Pangu would be inferior to that of the Fire Water Empress.

"These two stone gates have existed for an extremely long time now. Even if it's us, we haven't been living longer than these two stone gates. Back in the past, we already knew of the existence of these two stone gates. However, we never ever managed to discover what was behind them."

"Back when we first awakened in this era, a message appeared in the minds of all the utmost powerful beings. If we wanted to transcend, we would have to go through these stone gates. These stone gates that had never ever opened before shall open up at this moment. As for what's behind them, none of us know any better." The Demonic God Pangu replied.

When Lin Fan heard everything that the Demonic God Pangu said, his curiosity was piqued.

Was there truly some God or something behind it?

Perhaps, they would only discover what lied within after entering these stone gates.


At this moment, a loud sound boomed out. The thick God Chains that were wrapped around the stone gates started sliding. Each time they slid, it was as though the entire world was toppling over.


Lin Fan swallowed his saliva as he was slightly nervous right now. Towards this unknown existence, he had to maintain a wary heart.

"Watch out now! The stone gates are about to open up." The Demonic God Pangu yelled out. Be it utmost powerful beings or the Demonic Gods, all of them had their eyes fixated on those stone gates cautiously.

The God Chains started moving and gradually disappeared from the stone gates. The moment they disappeared, there was a gigantic shockwave that was emitted from those sealed stone gates.

This tremendous shockwave surged right into the sky, rattling the utmost powerful beings so badly that they stumbled back.

"Such a formidable power!" Lin Fan's heart sank a little. To think that even a mere pair of gates could wield such power. This was something absolutely inconceivable!


Those initially unyielding doors suddenly started quivering. It seemed that there was an endless amount of dust that had accumulated on top of them, such that a single tremor of this level seemed to have the entire world falling over.

With just a single crack that was opened up, one could already sense the aura that was seeping out from behind those stone gates.

Corrosive, ancient, and deep...

Creak! Creak!

In just that short period of time, the stone gates had opened up widely. The unknowns that were facing them were pitch black like a galactic river at times and a light screen at others.

"It has opened up! Enter!"

The many utmost powerful beings did not wait any longer as they turned into streaks of light and dove right into the endless void. Penetrating beyond those stone gates, they entered this scene of unchartered grounds.

"Let us head forth as well." The Demonic God Pangu said.

"Take care of yourself inside." The Fire Water Empress looked over at Lin Fan while saying.

"Yes, you too." Lin Fan replied.


At that moment, thousands of streaks of light bolted towards those stone gates. Instantly, there was only silence outside the stone gates, an incomparable silence. No one knew what lied beyond these stone gates here.

The moment they entered those stone gates, Lin Fan opened his eyes wide.

His surroundings were as wide as a passageway. He tried looking for any traces of Pangu, the Fire Water Empress, and the Great Sage, but he could not find any of them.

'Just what in the world is this place?' Lin Fan was bewildered. After a long time, he finally caught sight of a sliver of light.

"That's the exit." Without hesitating, Lin Fan increased his speed as he moved towards that sliver of light. By the time he next opened his eyes, the sight around him had him totally stumped.

"Just where is this?"

There were valleys and mountains around him. However, there were lava volcanos just like those in Hell, and snowy plains like those of the arctic regions. Not only that, there was even a deep and never-ending abysmal ground.

A single glance over and there were four different environments visible.

At the same time, there was no one around him. Even when Lin Fan sent out his consciousness, he was met with some sort of a resistance as his consciousness could not extend any further.

Just what in the world was up with this?

Lin Fan was extremely curious beyond anything else in his heart. He then wandered everywhere aimlessly to try searching.

Where were the treasures? Legendary Items? Anything that was concerning the issue of transcending?

None of that existed.

Lin Fan felt as though he had been deceived by others right now. After a long time, he did not even know where he had wandered off to.

But all of a sudden, a ferocious beast howled out from beneath the ground. This was a beast that Lin Fan had never ever seen before. There were three heads, each of which seemed to be burning with raging flames that was redder than anything else could be. Those three pairs of purple eyes it possessed let out an extremely ferocious expression.

Divine celestial level 8 state.

"Holy f*ck! To think that some random creature would even possess such strength!" Lin Fan was startled feeling that everything was way too incredulous.

Rumble, rumble, rumble!

Just as Lin Fan was still lost in his thoughts, the entire ground started quaking as even more beasts started crawling out from beneath the ground.

Dense and clustered, vast and boundless... There were too many of them to be counted.

"F*ck my life! This is just a bloody secret ground, isn't it? Is there a need to make it this sick?"

Lin Fan suddenly realized that amongst these beasts, many were at the Divine celestial level 10 state!

How could this be? How could ordinary beasts be this strong?

And just as Lin Fan was about to strike out and suppress these beasts, he saw the mightiest beast out of all of them lowering that grand head of its and prostrating before Lin Fan.

"What is the meaning of this? You're letting me stand on top of you?" Lin Fan was confused. Was this what the beast was trying to imply?

And to Lin Fan's astonishment, the beast nodded his head!

At this moment, Lin Fan was overwhelmed with joy. To think that these beasts would actually understand his language and would allow him to stand on their heads!

That was weird!

With a single leap, Lin Fan landed on the head of the beast.

"Not too bad!" He said while patting the head of the beast.


The beast roared out furiously, indicating his loyalty.

Boom! Boom!

The grand beast army marched forward, causing the entire ground to tremble from their might. Lin Fan did not know where these beasts were taking him to.

However, his heart was still filled with joy nevertheless.

Could it be that these beasts had realized that he was way too handsome, and thus had decided to take him to go search for treasures?

Other than this explanation, Lin Fan truly could not think of anything else.

A long time later...

Lin Fan was almost falling asleep by now when all of a sudden, the entire area quaked out as though there was some battle happening nearby. He jerked his eyes wide open and looked up into the distance, wondering what was going on ahead.


There was a group of men and women who were elegantly dressed and floating up in the void silently.

One of the men wielded a longsword in his hands and burst forth with a torrential Sword Will, killing all the beasts before his eyes. He then grabbed out with outstretched fingers, and one by one, crystal shards flew out of the bodies of these beasts into his hands.

"The Power of Fire Spirits that's obtained from these Earth Abyssal Flame Beasts is indeed useful! As long as we can kill 10,000 of them, we can cultivate out a Fire Spirit Pill." The man was handsome and had an extraordinary disposition.

"Congratulations, senior brother! This secret ground has existed for a long time now. Within it are countless precious treasures and items left behind. This time around, the reason why we were able to enter this secret ground is all thanks to senior brother!" One of the girls praised him respectfully.

"Don't worry about it. This secret ground has long been swept clean by the almighty beings countless of times and over. Right now, the things left are all normal items. But, even if they're normal items, they're definitely more than enough for us to make use of." The man replied.

"Senior brother, rumors have it that this place was created by the body of the Heavenly Lord Xin Feng after he had fallen. I wonder which almighty being is the one who managed to obtain the Heart of the Heavenly Lord."

"All of these are but baseless rumors. The Heavenly Lord is like a traceless being that even our sect has no records of. If this were a secret ground that was truly created with the body of the Heavenly Lord after his fall, do you think that there would even be a chance for people like us to enter and get anything out of it? The almighty beings of those times would have long taken everything for themselves. Let us just focus on killing these Earth Abyssal Flame Beasts. There are too many sects that have made their way here this time around. If we were to waste any time, we might not be able to get anything at all!" The man continued.

"Eh? There seem to be more Earth Abyssal Flame Beasts coming at us from up in the distance. Indeed, the world truly does give us anything we're lacking!"