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 Chapter 948: Take This Move Of Mine!

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"Motherf*cking Human King, you've truly got some capabilities... I'll give you that. As long as you hand over half of those Legendary Items, from this day forth, I, the Old Master Thunder, will never cause you any trouble anymore."

This Motherf*cking Human King was simply way too crafty to be able to escape from the grasp of their masses for so many times.

Even now that he had come here personally, the Old Master Thunder did not have much confidence in being able to retain this Motherf*cking Human King.

However, there was something that the Old Master Thunder could not understand. He could not get why the Motherf*cking Human King would possess such capabilities? It was evident that his cultivation state was nowhere near theirs. Yet, he was able to escape from them time and again. This was something that was way too bewildering.

"Old Master Thunder, I'm afraid your thinking is going to net you no rewards. All of those Legendary Items have already been refined away by me and are fused into my Paradise." Lin Fan replied.

"Impossible! Even if it's us, we will not be able to refine that many Legendary Items in such a short period of time!" The Old Master Thunder exclaimed.

"Whether you believe it or not is up to you. In any case, that's the truth." Lin Fan said.

The Old Master Thunder could not hold back the anger in his heart. This Motherf*cking Human King was just being absolutely uncooperative!

"Alright then! Hand over half of your Paradise to me." The Old Master Thunder requested.

The moment Lin Fan heard these words, he blew up. Did this guy have a mental issue or something? To think that he would even dare to spout out such words!

"Did you forget to take your medicine or what? Did you even think before saying what you just did?" Lin Fan was defeated; he truly was. These were the words that only a brain-dead retard would ever say.

"Motherf*cking Human King, you mean to say that you're not willing to give it to me then?" The face of the Old Master Thunder changed as his robes started flitting through the breeze and letting out crackling sounds as though he was ready to strike out at any moment.

Lin Fan raised his head and looked up into the void, "Old Master Thunder, don't come and put on an act now. From the moment you've arrived, you've been setting up your absolute formation intending to seal me within here. Now that you've got so much crap to spout to me, I suppose that you must be done with your formation, right?"

As the Old Master Thunder was wasting time talking nonsense with Lin Fan, Lin Fan had already felt the entire void being surrounded by a Power of Thunder. This Power of Thunder sealed out in all directions and cut off all time and space.

How could the Old Master Thunder possibly be discussing such things with Lin Fan? Naturally, given his methods, his intentions were to pocket everything for himself.

"To think that you would have realized it." The Old Master Thunder laughed out twice coldly, "But, since you had found out about it, why didn't you try to run?"

Evidently, the Old Master Thunder hadn't expected for the Motherf*cking Human King to realize that he was setting up a formation. This was something he hadn't counted on happening.

"There's no need for that." Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders, "In the past, I'd give it to you that you were pretty strong, and I couldn't match up to you. But times have changed... I'm no longer the same me you thought you knew."

"You're alone today, aren't you?" Lin Fan then asked.

"Why now? Do you think that Your Ancestor here alone will not be able to take you down?" The Old Master Thunder laughed out icily. Had this Motherf*cking Human King gone crazy?

Lin Fan smiled out. Indeed, back in the past when his strength hadn't reached this point where he was now, if he had met the Old Master Thunder, the only thing he could do was run. But right now, everything had changed.

If it were a solo fight, Lin Fan had a hundred and one methods to f*ck this guy to death.


All of a sudden, Lin Fan appeared before the face of the Old Master Thunder, "That's needless to say. If you think that you're able to take down Yours Truly alone, you've got to be dreaming."

"Courting death!" The Old Master Thunder roared and pushed out both his palms. The Power of Thunder coiled out like a series of gigantic dragons that slammed out at Lin Fan.

"Huehue." Lin Fan laughed out frostily as he punched out with his fist. As for the attacks of the Old Master Thunder, he did not put it to heart at all.



All of a sudden, a tragic wail rang out.

The only thing that could be seen was the bloodied face of the Old Master Thunder which had blood exploding out. The look of it was absolutely wretched.

"How could this be?"

The Old Master Thunder screamed out, unable to believe everything before his eyes. That move of his had clearly landed on the body of the Motherf*cking Human King! Yet, it dealt him no damage at all!

But, on the other hand, that single fist of the Motherf*cking Human King had caused the powers within the body of the Old Master Thunder to rumble out intensely, and blood to spurt from his face!

"Did that feel good?" That single punch had Lin Fan feeling extremely good. This was especially the case after he witnessed how miserable the Old Master Thunder looked.

"You...!" The Old Master Thunder was in disbelief right now. To think that the power level of this Motherf*cking Human King would have risen this quickly! It was absolutely out of his calculations!

"Old Master Thunder, Yours Truly is no longer the man I used to be. Since you want to fight it out with me today, I'll accept it graciously!" Lin Fan hollered out as countless banners seeped into the Heaven and Earth.

"Today, the only one who will leave will be the one who is alive at the end of the day!" Lin Fan had sealed the Heaven and Earth, cutting off any possible escape path.

Given the current situation, there was only two possible outcomes: It was either Lin Fan who would die or the Old Master Thunder.

Other than these two outcomes, there wasn't any other choice left.

"Damn it!"

At this moment, the Old Master Thunder was enraged, "Motherf*cking Human King... You're just asking to die right now!"

"Origin of Thunder!"


All of a sudden, the void trembled out furiously as the Old Master Thunder bellowed out. An aura that represented the state where thunder ruled over everything, even before the entire world had been created, was released. Within the void, thunderbolts lined the entire place. These thunderbolts were extraordinary, and were where the Source of the Old Master Thunder lied.

"Immemorial Ancient God Thunder with the Power of Nature!"

All of a sudden, the Old Master Thunder spread out his fingers. As he gripped the air with a claw like stance, a horrifying power was brewing between those fingers of his. It then turned into a gigantic Thunder Dragon.

This gigantic Thunder Dragon had a seemingly endless body as it swiveled up and coiled above. As it opened that thunderous mouth of it, it burst forth with a relentless power.

"Good one!"

But, Lin Fan showed no signs of fear at all. Right now, his cultivation state was already at the Immemorial Ancient state middle level. Furthermore, he had comprehended the mystic skills of the Great Sage and the Demonic God Pangu as well.

As he gripped his fist tightly, his aura was composed as though everything was extremely calm around him. But, that single punch alone possessed a destructive aura within it.


Lin Fan stepped out as his body flashed when he deployed So Near, Yet So Far immediately, "Old Master Thunder, since you have come here to look for Yours Truly today, you shall stay here and die then!"

"Hmph! Insolent!" The Old Master Thunder had not expected the strength of the Motherf*cking Human King to have been raised to such an extent. He made sure not to be careless as he spat out a mouthful of Essence Blood, with which, that berserk gigantic Thunder Dragon went even wilder.


The two colossal powers collided with one another. But at this moment, Lin Fan gripped the gigantic Thunder Dragon, and following a single stamp on the ground with his feet, he punched out with a tremendous amount of force with the other arm.

The Old Master Thunder was stunned as his body flashed out. With that, a Legendary Item bolted out furiously and struck down at Lin Fan to try and suppress him.

"Damn it! Just what sort of miraculous encounters has that fella encountered? To think that the power emanating forth from him would actually be at the level of Immemorial Ancient full cultivation state! This is just inconceivable!"


With a single punch, Lin Fan clashed with the Legendary Item of the Old Master Thunder, creating a massive vortex because of it.

"To think that you would still have a Legendary Item as such, Old Master Thunder! Seems like your resources are pretty deep reaching, eh?"

Lin Fan could feel the power that he sent forth being reflected back slightly somehow! His face changed as he took out the Eternal Axe.

"Old Master Thunder, take this move of mine!"