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 Chapter 943: You're Too Pretty

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This Empty Ashes Secret Ground was a place that they had to cross three more worlds before arriving at. However, for Lin Fan, all of this was something that could be done through a single thought of his. It was just that, Lin Fan was pretty bothered with why Chicken Big had left the base of the Colossal Dragon race.

But, after he probed about it, he found out that it was because Chicken Big had decided to head out into the world to explore and search for more golden shining accessories.

Within the Colossal Dragon race, all of those Colossal Dragons took everything that was golden as a precious treasure. None of them would give up any of their gold at all!

How could Chicken Big endure something as such? Therefore, he just decided to strike it out on his own and explore the world for gold.

However, Lin Fan could tell that there were several hundred formations that were hidden in the body of Chicken Big. These formations would not activate unless it was an extremely critical moment. Seemed like that fella, the Dragon Ancestor, did indeed dote on his grandson a lot. This must have been done because he was afraid that Chicken Big might meet with dangers out in the world.

At this moment, Lin Fan cut the void with his bare hands and entered it after that. Several hours after Lin Fan was gone, the void trembled out as a figure appeared.

"Damn it! Where in the world has that Motherf*cking Human King run off to?!"

Lin Fan already had his track being sniffed up by an utmost powerful being. But at this moment, he himself was still in the dark about it.



The moment Lin Fan came out, a thunderbolt flashed out inches away from his face and scared him so badly that he stumbled out a few steps back.

When he took a look at the world around him, his face froze up slightly. All he saw was that the void was lined with grey ashes; it looked like a scene of Doomsday. Within those grey ashes, a series of thunderbolts that possessed a devastating aura crossed one another. The power of these thunderbolts varied from one another. For the beings of the Thunder race, these thunderbolts might not do any damage to them, but for beings of any other race, they would be extremely scary.

"To think that this would be a barren world that was filled with an endless amount of dangers."

A barren world as such was one that was the most dangerous. However, there would be many miraculous encounters within it as well. Therefore, they were still places that many powerful beings would be willing to head to.

If Lin Fan wanted to cultivate a barren world as such with his current strength, that was something absolutely impossible.

However, if the barren world were to show no resistance, he would definitely have a huge confidence in being able to cultivate it. But eventually, these were all just Lin Fan's one-sided thoughts. If he wanted a barren world to not resist at all, that would be something harder than even ascending the Heavens.

Comparing the Bat World that he had cultivated and this barren world, they belonged to completely different levels.

Right now, it was inconvenient for Lin Fan to appear with his true face. After all, if he were remembered by people who harbored intentions towards him, that would be one load of a trouble for him.

With that, Lin Fan changed his appearance.

"You guys be careful now. Don't get separated from me." Initially, Lin Fan had wanted to toss Chicky and the others in his Paradise. But, they just wouldn't agree to it with even if it would cost their lives.

They felt that there was no way they could grow if they didn't go through some trials and tribulations.

The words of Chicky and the others were something Lin Fan naturally took with a pinch of salt. All Chicken Big wanted was golden shining accessories; Tai Ritian wanted to F*ck the Heavens and the Earth; as for Chicky, he naturally just wanted to breathe in the outside air.

Given Lin Fan's current strength, if he wanted to protect them, that naturally wouldn't be much of an issue. As long as there were no utmost powerful beings, anyone else wouldn't pose trouble.

But, when Lin Fan arrived at the Empty Ashes Secret Ground, he found a lot of people gathered around.

The arrival of Lin Fan and the others drew a lot of attention from everyone else. For all of these living beings, it was truly the first time they had seen a combination as such.

But, in the eyes of Lin Fan, this Empty Ashes Secret Ground didn't seem TOO secret after all! To think that there would be so many people here!

Also, when Lin Fan caught sight of the map in the hands of the masses, he was completely dumbfounded. Why the hell did the map in their hands look exactly the same as the one that Chicken Big and Tai Ritian had discovered?

This didn't make sense at all! Was there some b*stard behind all of this?

Furthermore, this bloody plot seemed suspiciously familiar!

"Fellow Brother, how about joining our party?" At this moment, a man came forth and asked with a smiling face.

This man had caught sight of how Lin Fan had so many pets with him. And not only that, all of these pets had a pretty decent aura! By the looks of it, he should be some powerful being. As such, he wanted to form an alliance and explore this secret ground together with him.

"Big Brother there, how about joining the party of this Little Sister here?" A bunch of flirtatious skanks came over and flirted with Lin Fan seductively. It was as though as long as Lin Fan joined their party, he could do anything he wanted with them.

Lin Fan wasn't interested in stuff like that. But, when Tai Ritian took a look at these girls, he stuck out his tongue and started breathing extremely heavily.

When those flirtatious girls looked at Tai Ritian, their brows furrowed as they stepped back. They could feel that something horrifying was about to happen if they were to get any closer.

"I've already got a party with me." Lin Fan said while pointing out to Chicky and the others.

The man then looked at Lin Fan once before walking away. As for those flirtatious girls, they did not say anything more and changed a target straightaway.

At this moment, one of those flirtatious girls came over to a man and pretended as though she had dropped something on the ground. She then said in a gentle voice, "Big Brother there, do you want to join the party of this Little Sister here? Ooopsie! Seems like I've dropped something!"

The flirtatious girl bent over and revealed her entire cleavage.

A trap like this was something Lin Fan naturally did not put it to heart at all. But all of a sudden, a white flash of light bolted forth like a shooting star that streaked by Lin Fan's eye.

"Holy f*ck...!" All of a sudden, Lin Fan recalled a habit of the Teddy King. As long as someone were to bend over or lie down, the Teddy King would immediately rush over to 'F*ck the Heavens, F*ck the Earth, and F*ck the Air' by habit!

The flirtatious girl had wanted to seduce the man before her. But, little did she expect that a white figure would appear behind her and sprawl over her entire back before humping out like crazy!


The flirtatious girl screamed out in shock as she flung Tai Ritian away. In the blink of an eye, Tai Ritian appeared beneath Lin Fan's feet.

"Woof, woof...!"

The flirtatious girl scolded out angrily, "What's wrong with you? Your pet...! He...he...!"

"You're too pretty, so he couldn't help it. He didn't mean it." Lin Fan replied.

"You...!" The face of the flirtatious girl changed. Yet, she did not know what she could reply with. Eventually, she just huffed out angrily before staying far away from Lin Fan.

Lin Fan looked at Tai Ritian and sighed out. This was truly an outrageous existence.


All of a sudden, a thunderbolt split the ashes apart and created a rift between the void. This was the entrance to the secret ground, which belonged to a world in a pocket dimension of its own.

"The Empty Ashes Secret Ground has opened up!"

All the living beings around who had been waiting for a long time now cheered out. They had been waiting for this moment for a long time now.

Initially, these living beings were all just like Chicken Big. They had thought that there weren't many people who know about this secret ground. But, it was only after they had arrived here that they realized it was all wishful thinking on their part.

They were not the only ones who were in possession of the map; there were many others like them.

If one wanted to enter the secret ground, they would first have to go through the berserk void current typhoon on the outside. Those with a weaker cultivation state would very well find themselves being shredded into pieces.

Lin Fan brought Chicky and the others with him and took a step forward, crossing through into the secret grounds.

All of the living beings outside had deployed all sorts of secret skills to deal with this typhoon. But, when they caught sight of how Lin Fan crossed through everything with such ease, all of them were dumbfounded.