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 Chapter 936: Blood Sea Formation

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However, when Lin Fan looked up at the few figures in the void, he heaved out a sigh of relief as well.

"Seems like I've just been overthinking things. Like I said, Yours Truly has kept himself hidden so secretively! How could those retarded utmost powerful beings possibly find me out?"

However, these guys seemed a little stupid now. This was the territory that was guarded by the Demonic God Pangu. For them to dare to head here and act so audaciously... Weren't they afraid of death?

"Master, they seem to be of the Bat race. But, what in the world are they doing here?" Yang Wantian reared his head up into the void and asked curiously.

"That's none of my business. Someone else will come and settle it." Lin Fan replied calmly. Hearing that, Yang Wantian nodded his head and got back to being busy once more.

At this moment, the residents of the Solitary Heavens City looked up at the void in fright. They did not know what was going on right now. The entire city was enveloped by this light screen that shone with a blood red gleam.

The sinister laughter ringing out was especially chilling for these residents. It was as though there were an infinite number of devils and evil creatures swarming and dancing around their ears.

At this moment, four beings of the Bat race looked down at the panicked residents of the Solitary Heavens City, and could not help but roar out in laughter.

"Their bloodlines are ours for sure! In order to break through this defensive formation of the Solitary Heavens City, we've remained hidden and waited for a long time now!" A living being of the Bat race with bloodshot eyes chuckled out while saying.

"The Blood Sea Formation that the Old Master gave us is truly extremely strong! As long as we refine all the living beings within the Solitary Heavens City, we will be able to cultivate out the Saint Graded God Blood! With that, our strength will definitely turn even stronger!"

The Blood Sea Formation was a skill used to refine living beings and extract the bloodline within their bodies. This was the cultivation method of the Bat race: To steal away the fruits of success from other people.

Initially, the Solitary Heavens City had a defensive formation that was laid down by an utmost powerful being. But, with the Blood Sea Formation that was granted to these beings of the Bat race by their Old Master, they were able to demolish the defensive formation of the Solitary Heavens City.

Right now, the living beings within the Solitary Heavens City were like fishes in a net that could be taken away to be used as refining material at any moment.

When the countless of cultivators saw the situation turning as such, they naturally would not surrender without a fight. But, when they witnessed the might that was plummeting down from the void with such a berserk form, the aura filled with a bloody stench was embedded deep in their hearts.

Within the Imperial City...


A few figures bolted up into the sky.

The mercenaries of the Imperial City bore grim looks on their faces, "Bat race, our Solitary Heavens City has always steered clear of your way and neither side has offended the other. What is the meaning of this?!"

All of these mercenaries were initially natives of the Solitary Heavens City that went out for training on their own. After their cultivation states were raised, they then returned to where they came from and bowed down to serve the Imperial City. With that, they were under no one else but the Royal Family, and protected the entire place.

Even though they did not know what was up with the current situation, they knew that this could definitely be nothing good.

In the past, the Solitary Heavens City had also faced some external invasions. But, all of that was dozens of years ago. It had been extremely peaceful afterward. However, the situation that was unfolding right now left them feeling really uneasy.

They did not know which utmost powerful being had laid down the defensive formation for the Solitary Heavens City. However, it was extremely miraculous, and could defend against everything.

But right now, they discovered that the defensive formation had been broken through by these guys, and could no longer function anymore!

"Father, to think that these damned beings of the Bat race would dare to come act brazenly in our Solitary Heavens City! Let me, as your son, go deal with them!" The Crown Prince declared in an enraged tone.

"Come back and stay one side."

The face of the Emperor was solemn right now. This current situation was far from ordinary.

"Cheche! A race that has no protection of an utmost powerful being? You guys have nothing awaiting you but death. Your Granddaddy of the Bat race here is in the midst of cultivating a peerless mystic skill and requires your bloodlines! This can be considered as your honor as well!" A being of the Bat race shrieked out in an extremely high pitched and shrill voice.

"Reversal Formation!"


Four of the beings of the Bat race roared out as a mysterious power seeped into the formation. All of a sudden, the gigantic blood red light screen that was enveloping the entire Solitary Heavens City seemed as though it was like a water current that started flowing down.

Those mysterious runic symbols that were filled with a nefarious aura glimmered even more sinisterly.

A vile and horrifying aura burst forth from it, just like a gigantic mountain crashing down on the bodies of the residents of the Solitary Heavens City.


The mercenaries could no longer bear with it as they struck out immediately. They could already sense the powers emanating out of that gigantic formation. Within it was a Power of Refinement.

It tried to communicate with their bloodlines as though it wanted to rip them out of their bodies entirely.

But, the moment these mercenaries struck out, a few streaks of blood red light beams bolted out from within the city.

"Cheche! Any form of resistance is futile!"

The color drained from the faces of the mercenaries. To think that there were beings of the Bat race hidden within the city itself!


"These so-called powerful beings of the Imperial City don't seem as though they're able to hold out." Lin Fan was watching the situation up in the void as though it was a movie along with Yang Wantian and his son. He could not help but blurt out.

"Master, it's evident that these beings from the Bat race were prepared before coming over. Even though the strength of these mercenaries may be strong, they seem to be restrained under the power of that blood colored formation." Yang Wantian remarked.

"Yes. The formation can cause an immense amount of repression onto one and lock down the power of your bloodline directly. To think that the Bat race would be in possession of such a mystic skill." Lin Fan replied.

However, there was something that bewildered Lin Fan. Why didn't the Demonic God Pangu appear yet? Wasn't he here to help look after the race of his Sworn Brother?

However, on second thought, the world was so huge and there were so many cities. How could he possibly be able to watch over all of them?

"All of you ants don't have to struggle anymore. Just stay there obediently and let us snatch away your bloodlines! Perhaps that might even help you to keep your life!" The beings of the Bat race burst out laughing wildly.

To them, the Solitary Heavens City was already a done deal in their eyes.

"Father, are you alright?!" The Crown Prince shielded his father behind him immediately. He hadn't expected for the countless of mercenaries of the Imperial City to not be a match for these beings of the Bat race. This was something that he could not have imagined at all.

Cough, cough!

The Emperor coughed out a mouthful of blood as his face turned pale. He evidently hadn't expected that these beings of the Bat race would be this strong.

Under the might of this formation, he could not even unleash half of his actual strength.


At that moment, the formation started moving.

All the normal residents of the Solitary Heavens City started screaming out tragically. They could feel as though something was about to burst forth from their bodies.

"That's right! I'll go look for that fella! He will definitely be able to help us!" At this moment, a thought struck the mind of the Crown Prince. He then sprinted off into the distance with all his speed.

"Son, where are you going?"

"Father, I'm going to seek help from that man!" The Crown Prince said.

"Come back! This is the Bat race we're talking about! If he was willing to help us, he would have struck out long ago..." The Emperor knew that if the other party had wanted to do anything about this, he would have done it long ago. But, there had been no sign of anything up until now. Perhaps he was wary of the utmost powerful being of the Bat race as well.

However, the Crown Prince had long vanished from the spot by now.

"Master, are you really going to make a move?" Yang Wantian asked.

Right now, even if Lin Fan did not want to help out, he couldn't avoid it at all. Initially, he had thought that the mercenaries of the Imperial City would be able to solve these issues. But to think that they would be so weak that they couldn't even fight back in the slightest bit.

No matter what, the Demonic God Pangu had given him a little something. If he did not make his move, at this rate, the Solitary Heavens City might just be annihilated entirely.

And just as Lin Fan was prepared to move out, a figure burst over from the distance in a state of hysteria.

From another direction, another figure hurried over as well.

When Lin Fan took a closer look, he was elated.

It was the Crown Prince and Shang Qingcheng...

Seemed like those two fellas were not so stupid after all to know to seek him for help. But, since that was the case, he might as well let them exhibit some of their sincerity.

However, Lin Fan knew that if he were to strike out, it would also mean that that would be the time for him to leave this place. After all, the Old Master of the Bat race had a nose that was even more sensitive than that of a dog.