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 Chapter 935: Could There Be Enemies Knocking?

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After an entire month of resting, the pain on the body of the Crown Prince and Shang Qingcheng had long dissipated entirely.

At this moment, the both of them were meeting up at a restaurant.

"That fella should have already been suppressed by my father." The events from a month ago were something the Crown Prince still remembered deep in his heart. If not for the fact that the pain was way too intense and he had no other choice but to rest it off, he might have already brought an army with him to go take down the other party.

Shang Qingcheng did not reply. However, her eyes still shone with an indignant rage. Even with the passage of time, the anger within her could not be washed off at all.

"How are you so certain that your father has already done something about it?" Shang Qingcheng asked.

In reality, Shang Qingcheng did not have much feeling towards the Crown Prince. However, right now, they could be considered to be sharing the same types of lives. Both of them had been trampled down by Lin Fan.

"Is there even a need to ask? The dignity of the Royal Family is not something that any common folk can trample on! No matter how strong he is, it's not as though he could be stronger than the entire might of our royalty, can he?" The Crown Prince said with confidence.

"That's true as well." Shang Qingcheng nodded her head, feeling that the words of the Crown Prince did make some sense.

"Eh? Why does it seem as though there are so many people from other races here recently?" When the Crown Prince looked out at those people on the streets, he realized that there were a lot of foreigners coming recently. All of these foreigners were draped in black robes and looked far from normal.

"Huehue. Is this what the Crown Prince like you should be worrying about? Perhaps, we should be going to check out whether that fella has been dealt with instead." Shang Qingcheng asked.

"That makes sense as well. Alright, we'll go take a look." Initially, the Crown Prince had wanted to check out what these foreigners were here to do. But the moment he thought about that damned Lin Fan, his heart was filled with a ball of burning rage.


At this moment, the Crown Prince and Shang Qingcheng were sneaking around furtively somewhere nearby while checking out the situation within the shop.

"Eh? That fella is gone!" Shang Qingcheng said.

"Hmph! That's for sure. With my father making a move personally, it's not as though that fella would dare to show his face still, would he?" The Crown Prince burst out in laughter.

"That fella there seems to be a shopkeeper. If your father had already dealt with that darned fella, how could this guy still possibly be around?" Shang Qingcheng asked.

"My father is a benevolent and merciful king. Therefore, he obviously would not implicate the innocents within their feud. This shopfront should be managed by this guy right now. Let's go over and check it out." After observing for a long time, the Crown Prince finally made the decision to head up and check out the situation personally.

Yang Wantian was just busy dealing with the affairs of the shop. With that miraculous encounter of his son, he was filled with an immense gratitude towards Lin Fan.

He had initially thought that this would be all he would amount to for the rest of his life, and he thought the same for his son as well. But, by the looks of things right now, this wasn't how the situation was turning out to be at all. This was something that had Yang Wantian immensely excited. Every single day of his life right now was filled with motivation.

As for the affairs of the Pugilistic World out there, he did not want to ask too much about it. All he wanted to do now was to repay Lin Fan properly.

"Cough, cough." The Crown Prince placed his hands behind his back and walked into the shop, "What's going on now? Are you the owner now?"

Yang Wantian had initially wondered what sort of a guest it was that had arrived. But when he saw who it was, his face was startled, "The Crown Prince, your highness!"

Yang Wantian was a native resident of the place. Therefore, he naturally knew who the Crown Prince was.

"Yes, you must remember. The great might of my father is boundless. For him to let you off, you should definitely show him your gratitude and be filled with thanks." The Crown Prince said.

Yang Wantian was stunned, not quite understanding what the Crown Prince meant by this.

When the Crown Prince looked at the surprised expression on the face of Yang Wantian, he was naturally extremely proud within his heart. It was evident that the darned fella had been suppressed down by his father.

"Oh? I see that a distinguished guest has arrived?"

Just at this moment, Lin Fan walked out from the backhouse with a bright smile on his face.

When the Crown Prince and Shang Qingcheng heard this voice, the both of them had a stark change on their face. It was as though they had just seen a ghost as they were filled with immense disbelief.


The both of them hadn't expected that this fella would still be doing all fine right now. It was as though nothing had happened to him at all! T-this...!

"What's wrong? Are there any problems?" Lin Fan smiled while asking.

"How could this be? How are you still here right now?!"

The Crown Prince exclaimed in shock. His father had promised him that he would deal with this fella here! But how could this fella still possibly be here?

Could there have been something else that had happened in between?

"Master, the broom!"

At this moment, Yang Batian scrambled over from the distance while holding onto the broom.

"Yes." Lin Fan nodded his head. This was a pretty decent kid to know what he was thinking about right now. Seems like Lin Fan's changing of Yang Batian's fate hadn't been wasted at all.

When the Crown Prince and Shang Qingcheng caught sight of this broom, their faces turned frightfully pale instantly. After all, the trauma brought to them by this broom was way too deep.

They were left lying on the bed for one entire month. This was a feeling that one would never be able to understand for their entire life unless they experienced it for themselves.

"You'd still dare to whack me? Aren't you afraid...?!" The Crown Prince howled out.

"Huehue. Since you're here, stay here then. What wouldn't I dare to?"



All of a sudden, a tragic wail rang forth. The Crown Prince was being whipped like a monkey right now as he hopped up and down.

"Stop that! Stop that now!" The Crown Prince howled out. This guy was just a beast! And furthermore, he did not even know how this guy could manage to do it!

While there wasn't much of an injury after he was whipped, the type of pain that lingered was something that persisted for an entire month.

"Don't you come over ...!" Shang Qingcheng looked over at Lin Fan. That supremely ravishing face of hers had turned pale as a sheet by now.

This guy was just a twisted pervert! Out of all the places he could whack, he targeted her bum, and only her bum alone! Because of that, she even had to sleep sprawled over without being able to flip her body around at all!

"Aiyoh! It's gotten quite a bit perkier, hasn't it?" Glaring at the bum of Shang Qingcheng, Lin Fan sniggered despicably.

"Don't you come over...!"

In the eyes of Shang Qingcheng right now, Lin Fan was just like the devil.



"Somebody save me...!"

A sorrowful shriek rattled the entire world, sending shivers down everyone's spines.

While Lin Fan was teaching these two fellas a lesson, there were two other figures that were standing in the void somewhere in the distance.

"Emperor Wu, that young man is truly a supremely powerful being." The Family Head of the Shang Family said.



One month later...

In order to let himself get bored, Lin Fan did not give the Crown Prince and Shang Qingcheng the same type of pain to endure as before. Because of that, they got more ferocious in their confrontations and ended up coming forth to look for him, only to end up being whipped daily.


Within his Paradise, the wounds of the Great Sage had gradually started recovering. As for the level of the Source of Power, it was at level 2 still. There was a little bit of distance from reaching the next level.

Lin Fan had given it a rough calculation. It wouldn't be long before he left the Solitary Heavens City now.

Once the Great Sage recovered from his wounds, that would be the time to go for war.

Given the character of the Great Sage, he would definitely head out to seek revenge for his fallen comrades.


All of a sudden, Lin Fan's brows furrowed. A ball of Blood Qi shrouded over the entire world and enveloped the Solitary Heavens City completely.

Raising his head over, Lin Fan could see a blood red light screen shining in the void that covered the entire Solitary Heavens City. On this blood red light screen were countless runes that flashed out as though this was a formation of sorts.

The blood seas ran through the entire sky as a bloody stench filled everyone's noses, making them feel extremely uncomfortable.

"Just what in the world is going on with this situation? Could it be that some enemy has come knocking on our doorsteps?"