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 Chapter 92: Crying Without Tears

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The scenery of the Glory Sect was as good as the one of the deep mountain forests. Furthermore, it was quite lively here. Living here really made one feel alive. Lin Fan looked at the five workers he had picked. He was quite satisfied with them. He believed that if he kept working, the unnamed mountain would be great again.

Lin Fan was a bit famous within the sect. However, his fame did not mean he was powerful. Disciples of the Glory Sect thought that he was probably a dumb guy.

'Have you seen anyone just sitting on a rock for ten days without moving?'

Of course, no one had. However, this man did indeed exist. And he was the one who was given the unnamed mountain.

Lin Fan did not care about those people.

Zhang Ergou and the others followed Lin Fan proudly, enjoying themselves when others looked at them.

'Check it out, when did we get so much attention before?'

'The emotion of others must be full of envy and admiration... Of course, it must be the master's doing. Master attracts attention no matter where he goes.'

Zhang Ergou regretted a bit. He should have asked for more pills from the muscular man. How dare he take any action when the master was present?

'I am going to be a disciple of a mountain, a student of the senior elder. There is no way that servant disciple can do anything to me.' While imagining all the glory, Zhang Ergou raised his head and acted proudly.

They had been walking for a while now. Zhang Ergou was a bit tired, and Lin Fan was still leading the way in the front. So, he did not dare to ask if they were there yet.

At that time, Zhang Ergou felt something was wrong. Which mountain were they going to?

There were ten known mountains in the Glory Sect. There were nine senior elders on them, and the last one was held by the grand master. However, they were going to the northwest. Wass there a mountain they did not know of?

Later, the prosperity of the sect disappeared. Weeds started to show up, and the road made of bricks turned into a road made of rocks.

"Master, where are we going?" Zhang Ergou asked carefully. He was afraid he would piss off the master.

"Almost there, right ahead." Lin Fan pointed at the tall mountain in the front.

Zhang Ergou and others looked at the direction the master pointed at. When they saw it, their faces turned pale.

This was not the same as their imagination, nowhere near it.

"M...master, this is the unnamed mountain. There is no one on it." Zhang Ergou cried. He felt like dropping from heaven to hell.

"Indeed, but now it is not an unnamed mountain. It is the Saint Devil Mountain. The grand master gave it to me, and I will build the Saint Devil Sect on it." Lin Fan smiled, thinking they are indeed so lucky. 'You will be the first group of disciples of the Saint Devil Sect. When the sect gets stronger, you will all be senior brothers of the sect.'

"Ah..." Zhang Ergou was shocked beyond words. How was this possible? This wasn't what he had imagined. Shouldn't he be going to those much stronger mountains?

How could it be?

Zhang Ergou realized that he was probably screwed when he saw those old stone steps. At the same time, the others were suddenly reminded of something, a legend about the unnamed mountain.

According to the legend, the grand master gave the unnamed mountain to a dumb guy who just sat on the rock. That dumb guy was going to build a sect on it.

Was the big man in front of them that dumb guy in the legends?

The others' faces changed at once. If this were true, it would be so bad for them. They were not amazing in the servant disciples, but they had a shelter, food to eat, water to drink. They could even become outer sect disciples if they worked hard enough.

Now, if they followed Lin Fan to the mountain, everything would change. There was no shelter, food, and drinks. They would have to rely on themselves. They realized that they had been tricked.

What were they doing there? If they had known this earlier, they would have definitely refused to come.

"Alright. Keep going, we will reach the top soon." Lin Fan had not noticed these people's facial expressions. He knew if they got to the top, there would be no way to leave.

"Ah, master, my stomach hurts. I need to go to the restroom." Suddenly, one guy held his stomach and screamed.

Lin Fan was surprised. He was going to let him go when suddenly, someone else shouted.

"Ah, master, I just remembered. I have something I need to retrieve first. I will be back when I get it."


Lin Fan realized this was not good. These people, they were trying to make excuses. This...this...

When Lin Fan tried to stop them, the other four people except Zhang Ergou ran away quickly. That must be a joke. They would rather keep being a servant disciple than staying here. If they followed Lin Fan to the mountain, it would be late to even cry.

"You..." Zhang Ergou looked at those four who ran even faster than dogs. His body shook, and he really wanted to tell them to take him with them. At this time, Zhang Ergou felt someone watching him with a scary face.

"What is wrong with those people? They just ran off. Do not be angry, master. I will go and catch them." Zhang Ergou shouted angrily.

When he tried to move, he heard something.

"Fine, you do not have to chase them. If you go back there, I will not be able to protect you." Lin Fan said. He felt a little disappointed. But he was sure he could control Zhang Ergou. Zhang Ergou stopped and realized what he had done in front of the muscular man. If he went back now, he would be beaten to death.

When Zhang Ergou thought about that, he smiled at Lin Fan, "Yes, yes. Master is right. It is fine that they are gone. I am still here."

"Good, let us go." Lin Fan nodded.

Zhang Ergou stood there and looked at the back of the master.

This was a joke. Lucky? That was the worst luck ever.

Zhang Ergou did not even have tears to cry out, so he just followed the master.