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 Chapter 917: Trampling Everything Flat

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Disciplinary Hall, Vice Hall...


A bright streak of light sliced through the air, followed by a swooshing sound. When this bright white light flashed by, it scared off all the disciples of the Disciplinary Hall as though they had just seen a ghost.


At this moment, Lei Wanzun, who was seated high up on his throne, frowned. Spreading his fingers open, he leaped out and held down that white light.

All of a sudden, a massive amount of power burst forth from it. Initially, Lei Wanzun had thought nothing of this. But at this moment, his expression changed as he was pushed back continuously by this power. As he pushed his feet firmly on the ground, all the Thunder Heavenly Crystals on the ground also began shattering under the might of this tremendous force.

Such a horrifying power!

Lei Wanzun was burning with rage in his heart, wondering who in the world would have such guts to cause trouble in the Disciplinary Hall.

Just as Lei Wanzun was about to grip down with his fingers to crush this thing that came forth with it, a tragic wail rang out.

"Big Brother, it's me!" Lei Wanshan was on the brink of tears right now. That leg from earlier on nearly cost him his entire life. His entire chest was even dented in by that single kick.

"What's wrong with you?" When Lei Wanzun took a look, he hadn't expected for this to be his younger brother. But right now, the situation had him immensely taken aback.

"Big Brother, please save me! That Lei Ming has gone entirely batsh*t crazy and is whacking out the senior brothers of the Disciplinary Hall! Right now, he's headed over for us and even spouting out something about taking down the Disciplinary Hall today!" Lei Wanshan howled out in sorrow. He hadn't thought that his life would actually come to such a pathetic state.

But all of a sudden, a tremendous pain surged through him. In a fit of rage, Lei Wanzun had lost control over his emotions and gripped his palm way too tightly, causing Lei Wanshan's arm to be crushed entirely.

"B-big Brother! Gentler please! G-gentler!"

Snapping back to his senses, Lei Wanzun placed Lei Wanshan down and cast his sight into the distance. His heart was burning with a furious rage, "What guts! To think that he would dare to cause trouble for the Disciplinary Hall!"

"I'll just have to see what sort of a background this fella can have!"

Lei Wanzun was truly enraged this time around. Under their control all this while, there truly had been no one who dared to come over to the Disciplinary Hall and cause trouble.

Even if it were the other Halls, they would not dare to come face the Disciplinary Hall head on. But, to think that a single unaffiliated disciple would dare to openly provoke the Disciplinary Hall! If he did not take down this guy, where would the dignity of the Disciplinary Hall stand in the future?

"Have all the disciples of the Disciplinary Hall prepare their equipment...!" Lei Wanzun ordered out.


Big news... This was some major news indeed!

From top to toe, every Hall from the Thunder Sect knew about this event. To think that a single unaffiliated disciple would challenge the Disciplinary Hall!

In the eyes of countless people, this was undoubtedly just committing suicide.

Powerful beings in the Disciplinary Hall were just like clouds, scattered everywhere. The Hall Master of the Disciplinary Hall aside, even the Vice Hall Master was an unrivaled Supreme state being!

Countless Hall Masters stood above in the void, silently looking at this Lei Ming, who was walking around the Thunder Sect without fear.

At this moment, Lin Fan was headed towards the Disciplinary Hall. Lin Fan naturally knew how great of a commotion he had created throughout the entire sect. But to him, as long as one wasn't an utmost powerful being, he would definitely whack them till they started doubting the meaning of life.

What was a mere Disciplinary Hall? Even the utmost powerful beings had had a couple of them falling in his hands. It was not as though he could be afraid of this mere Disciplinary Hall now, could he?

Some of the disciples who knew what Senior Brother Lei Ming was normally like were totally astounded, feeling as though the entire world had changed.

The Senior Brother Lei Ming of the past was someone who was humble and mature. But, ever since he had returned, everything had changed. It was as though something had happened.

Senior Brother Lei Ming seemed as though he had swallowed some fiery pills! Not only had he beaten up Lei Wanshan cruelly, he had even declared that he would be the one to reign over the entire Thunder Sect!

Anyone who had some brains would know that saying these words was akin to looking for death.

Qingxuan hurried back to the Holy Thunder Hall and reported this affair to the Holy Master. When the ravishing Holy Master heard of this, her face changed as well into one of bewilderment.

"To think that this Lei Ming would be this tyrannical."


At this moment, there were a huge bunch of disciples following behind Lin Fan. They knew that something big was about to happen today.

Also, all the other Halls could not have asked for anything more than what was going to happen now. They took it as though they were just watching a movie. No matter the outcome, it would have nothing to do with them.

When Lin Fan arrived at the doorsteps of the Disciplinary Hall, a big group of disciples from the Hall had him surrounded.

"Take him down!"

In a flash, all of them made their move as the fight broke out noisily. From up in the void, a series of Thunder God Chains swooped down while weaving together and forming a gigantic Thunder Net that wrapped Lin Fan within it.

"It's over."

When the numerous people caught sight of this, they already knew what the outcome would be. But all of a sudden, the masses felt their hearts skip a beat as everyone watched with their jaws agape. All they saw was Lin Fan slapping out with a gentle palm strike, causing a gigantic typhoon that sent all of these disciples of the Disciplinary Hall flying away!

When the surrounding viewers caught sight of this, they felt their hearts palpitating. How could this be? Wasn't this just way too scary?

All of these disciples of the Disciplinary Hall were not weak at all! And, this wasn't even considering those Thunder God Chains that no ordinary person could defend against!

But right now, everyone was just completely dumbstruck at how incredulous everything was.

The folks from the other Halls put on a grim expression. They had suddenly realized that the strength of this person was far beyond their expectations.

At this moment, Lin Fan stood within the Disciplinary Hall. When he took a look around this grand Disciplinary Hall, his lips curled into a smirk.

Today, he was going to start with this Disciplinary Hall and occupy it. He would then lead them to go destroy everything left and right. There was nothing that could stand in the way of their destruction!

"All of you, get the hell out! Today, I, Lei Ming, am going to trample the Disciplinary Hall flat!"

Lin Fan stood there and roared out. That boundless voice of his shook the entire area with its extraordinary momentum.

When the surrounding disciples heard these words, they were just petrified.

Tyrannical! This was truly way too tyrannical!

He was directly coming straight for the Disciplinary Hall!

Today, one side was definitely going to be taken down. But, the masses still felt that Lei Ming was the one who was going to be on the bad end of things. After all, the Disciplinary Hall was extremely formidable, and wasn't a place someone could just take down singlehandedly.


All of a sudden, a Thunder Cloud appeared in the void up above. Within this Thunder Cloud, lighting flashed out all over as a threatening might descended from it.

For some of the disciples, this threatening aura caused them so much pressure that they could barely straighten their backs against it. All of their faces were frightfully pale as their hearts gushed with an infinite amount of fear.

"Who dares to come cause trouble for the Disciplinary Hall? This calls for a severe punishment!"

At this moment, an authoritative voice boomed out from within the Thunder Cloud. All of a sudden, a thunderbolt struck from the void and came roaring down at Lin Fan.

All of the surrounding disciples could sense the amount of destructive power wielded by this thunderbolt. They were so rattled that they stumbled backward repeatedly, afraid of being caught in the whole situation as collateral damage.

"Lei Wanzun is here!"

When some of the powerful beings from the other Halls caught sight of this, they knew that this was Lei Wanzun who was coming forth personally.

"To think that Lei Wanzun would be this strong! Just how crazy is that Berserk Thunder Dragon that he wields?"

Everyone was just harboring guesses in their hearts. The reason why the Disciplinary Hall was able to maintain their position despite the existence of so many other Halls was because they had these people who possessed such incredible might.

The Hall Master of the Holy Thunder Hall wasn't weak either. However, she did not have too many powerful beings under her. That was the reason why the Disciplinary Hall was always one level above her Hall.

"Holy Master, I think that it's over for that Lei Ming now." Qingxuan said.

"Yes." The Holy Master nodded her head. Now that Lei Wanzun had come forth personally, there was no way this guy had any chance of living anymore.

However, at this moment...Lin Fan smiled.