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 Chapter 913: Sneaking Into The Thunder Sect

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Right now, the position of the Ancient race was somewhat awkward. In the past, the entire Ancient Saint World was under their control. But now that all the Old Masters of the various races had awakened and set up their own sects, they had raised the strength of all the races on the whole.

While the Ancient race might still have their 3,000 Demonic Gods, they were just on par in terms of strength with the other thousands of races right now.


Lin Fan remained hidden in the void and discovered that these living beings from the Thunder race had actually gotten into a fight with the Ancient race beings!

The true bodies of these beings from the Thunder race were thunderbolts, and they wielded an endless amount of power of thunder.

The leader of the Thunder race beings in particular was exceptionally strong. To think that he would be a Divine celestial level 10, Eternal God state being! By the looks of it, he must hold a pretty decent position within the Thunder race.

The methods of these utmost powerful beings were undoubtedly strong. In the short span of a couple of years, those extremely weak races of the past had already found their strength raised to such an extent.

All of these Old Masters were the backings for the different races. As for someone like the Namo Saint Emperor, who had no one backing him, he could only depend on his own strength. The fact that he could even get to where he was in the span of those few years was something that was pretty decent already.

"Lei Ming... How dare you try to kill me?!" The Ancient race being who was fighting with Lei Ming had a charred body right now, with some remnant power of thunder on his body. Evidently, he was the one that was weaker in this fight.

"HAHA! Why wouldn't I not dare? You guys of the Ancient race have oppressed us for far too long! Now that our Old Master is back, we've already made a comeback! Killing you guys is something extremely easy right now!" Lei Ming was one of the disciples within the Thunder Sect who had a pretty decent standing.

Within the Thunder Sect, there were quite the number of disciples who had a Divine celestial level 10, Eternal God cultivation state. In fact, there were even quite a few powerful beings of the Supreme state there.

Lei Ming firmly believed that he would definitely obtain a legacy in the secret grounds one day and level up to the Supreme state. Or, perhaps he might get the rewards from the Old Master, and thus receive some personal enlightenment of the Old Master to raise his cultivation state.

When this Ancient race being knew that he was no longer a match for Lei Ming, he bolted off into the distance without thinking twice.

"Heh... Trying to run? There's nowhere you can run." Lei Ming laughed out coldly as his body turned into a bolt of thunder that pierced right into the void.

"The chance is now!" Initially, Lin Fan was still thinking about what he should do. But, when he caught sight of this Lei Ming going alone, he chuckled out and sneakily followed behind him closely.


"You guys of the Thunder race shall have a terrible death!"

"Shut your trap."


With a single grip on, Lei Ming snapped off his neck using just some slight force, and began to reap in his belongings.

"Not bad! There's a Dao Weapon and some pills. Seems like all of this would be pretty good for giving to those junior sisters when I head back." Seeing the belongings of this Ancient race being, Lei Ming was still pretty satisfied.

"That's right. Yours Truly thinks that they're pretty good as well!" At this moment, Lin Fan was floating silently behind Lei Ming, just like a specter.

Lei Ming was astounded and wanted to fight back. However, in the blink of an eye, he was dragged into Lin Fan's Paradise.

"Who are you? What are you trying to do!?" When Lei Ming caught sight of this unknown place, he panicked in the face of this surprise.

"You're the Motherfu*cking Human King!"

But, when he caught sight of Lin Fan, his face changed. Thereafter, as though he had just recalled something, and broke out into a wild laugh, "Motherf*cking Human King, what are you doing here? All of us from the Thunder race are in absolute reverence of you!"

Right now, Lei Ming was like a changed man, with a completely different attitude that was extremely respectful. It was as though Lin Fan was the greatest hero in his heart the entire time!

If not for the fact that Lin Fan knew of the situation right now amongst the thousands of races, he might have actually been taken in by this guy!

"Great Buddha's Light of Purification."

Lin Fan lifted his finger as a Buddhist Light shrouded Lei Ming completely. A piece of trash like this was someone Lin Fan could purify in an instant.

Right now, his plan was to sneak into the Thunder Sect and conceal his identity as a human. If he had some great fortune and was able to kill the Old Master of the Thunder race, that would definitely be one hell of a reward!

'Since they want to cause trouble for Yours Truly, Yours Truly shall take the initiative and go play with them for a bit then!'

Lin Fan wore the Myriad Transformations Mask on his face. With that, his facial features started changing as he took on the exact appearance of Lei Ming. At the same time, he reined in his aura and changed it.

Even if an utmost powerful being were standing right before his face right now, they would not be able to tell that this was a disguise of that damned human!

"This lad has quite a number of skills learnt!"

In order to not cause any hiccups, Lin Fan took over all the mystic skills and runes from Lei Ming, and threw them all into his body.

But, these mystic martial arts skills were just ordinary ones, and weren't anything exceptionally powerful.

'Ding...Learned Thunder Yang Palm.'

'Ding...Learned Thunderbolt Movement.'


When Lin Fan came out of his Paradise, he checked out his attire.

No issues. He was Lei Ming right now, a disciple with some sort of a position in Thunder Sect.

"Heh! Old Master of the Thunder race, you wish to pit yourself against Yours Truly? Then, you can't blame Yours Truly for sh*tting on you to death!"

The Thunder race of today had caused Lin Fan to feel totally disappointed. 'Your Daddy has always been kind-hearted to you and helped you fight against the Ancient race. But wow, now that you have a backing, you decide to turn your backs on Yours Truly?' This was something that broke Lin Fan's heart entirely.

"Senior brother, has that Ancient race being died yet?" By the time Lin Fan returned, some of the other disciples of the Thunder Sect had already slain all the other Ancient race beings.

"Yes. That was just a puny little Ancient race being. Since we can't find any traces of that human, let us just head back first." Lin Fan replied.

With that, Lin Fan and the others flew out towards the Thunder Sect.

When they arrived in the territory of the Thunder Sect, Lin Fan was stunned by the scene before him.

An extremely thick thunderbolt struck down from the skies. And within this thunderbolt, there existed a series of structures one after another, looking all grand and majestic.

If not for the fact that he was witnessing this with his very eyes, Lin Fan would have found it difficult to believe that anyone could create a sect within a thunderbolt.

But, when he thought about the strength that the Old Master of the Thunder race possessed, it all made sense.

There was nothing those utmost powerful beings couldn't do. If he wanted to lock a mere thunderbolt as such into existence forever, it was evidently as easy as drinking water.

After he stepped into the thunderbolt, a slight power of thunder seeped into Lin Fan's body. It was as though this was used to check whether he was someone of the Thunder race.

However, for Lin Fan, none of this mattered. Even if an utmost powerful being were to stand before him right now, he or she would not be able to find anything off.

Needless to say, the same was the case with this small little power of thunder.

The moment Lin Fan landed, an unfriendly voice rang out.

"Ah, Junior Brother Lei! You've returned empty handed? Seems like you must have failed to find the humans then."

"However, it's not that your senior brother here wants to nag at you, but don't you know that beings of the Human race are extremely difficult to find? How could someone like you possibly seek them out?" A young man with a thunderbolt inscribed on his forehead commented out indifferently. However, there was a hint of disdain in his tone.

At the same time, sthere were some other disciples that followed along this young man. Just like stars that were orbiting a planet, they surrounded Lei Ming in the center.

Through Lei Ming, Lin Fan found out all he needed to know about the background of this man before him.

This was Lei Wanshan, a man whose strength was just SLIGHTLY above Lei Ming. Naturally, his position was also SLIGHTLY above Lei Ming. However, he had always been fighting for power over with the latter.

Ever since the Old Master returned and created the Thunder Sect, there were naturally tussles over power within the sect.

"Why? Have YOU managed to catch any humans, Lei Wanshan?" Lin Fan returned the question with contempt. With this, those disciples who had surrounded over could tell of the tension between the both of them.

In their hearts, they naturally knew of the disagreements between Senior Brother Lei Ming and Senior Brother Lei Wanshan.

However, they wouldn't have expected that Senior Brother Lei Ming would actually dare to throw a rebuttal at the words of Senior Brother Lei Wanshan!