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 Chapter 911: Five Down With A Palm

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With his Paradise upgraded into a World, this was a qualitative change for Lin Fan.

'Ding...Title of Creator.'

'Cultivated Worlds: (3/1,000).'

As for this title of Creator, Lin Fan truly did not know what use it had. If it was just for him to cultivate worlds and whatnot, then that would be too boring.

Within this newly formed world, there were already quite a number of living beings present. All of these living beings were normal living beings coming in all shapes and types. No one really knew what species they belonged to.

However, Lin Fan felt that he had to give this new world a name.


The beginning of everything.

This was quite the decent name. And just like that, Lin Fan happily decided the name of his new world.

Even though Lin Fan's cultivation state right now was at the Immemorial Ancient state lower level, he could definitely crush anyone at the middle level. In fact, even if they were upper level beings, he could take them down by borrowing some external help.

As for taking down those Immemorial Ancient full cultivation state beings, that would be a little more difficult. Although, if he could meet with more dumbf*cks like the Ancestor of the Sword race, he would be able to mow them down peacefully.

But, in Lin Fan's opinion, that was extremely rare to find. After all, there weren't many like the Ancestor of the Sword race, who had cultivated swords till he turned silly.

One month later...

Lin Fan was wandering all around the place aimlessly. During this time, he met with a few pursuits by enemies.

All of those utmost powerful beings already hated him to the core. Most of the Legendary Items were stolen away by Lin Fan. Therefore, right now, Lin Fan was just the human that all of these utmost powerful beings HAD to kill.

As for where the Fire Water Empress and the Death Demonic God were, Lin Fan did not have too much of an idea.

Back when the Legendary Items were born, the Fire Water Empress and the Death Demonic God were both absent. This was something that Lin Fan found to be curious.

Could there be something in the world that was more important than those Legendary Items?

Just at this moment, something far in the distance of the world caught Lin Fan's attention. Lightning flashed out all over the place as though someone was deploying some big move.

There were even several auras that were emanating out, feeling extraordinary. But, for someone like Lin Fan, they weren't even worth a mention.

"What is the meaning of this? I, the Namo Saint Emperor, have no grudges with you guys whatsoever. Why are you guys chasing after Your Emperor like this?" A man was being surrounded by five figures, and was unable to break out.

In the past few years, the Namo Saint Emperor had improved his cultivation state to the Supreme state lower level. This was all thanks to the merger of the Infinite Worlds. If not for the fact that the Infinite Worlds had merged together and resulted in the Will of the World getting stronger, wanting to move forward from where he was would have been immensely difficult.

And, because his initial strength was extremely formidable to begin with, it was naturally easy for the Namo Saint Emperor to snatch over the Eternal God Seats that were scattered all over the place.

Five Heaven Bandits...

These were bandits that had made a notorious name for themselves in the recent years. Their strength was formidable, and nothing to be looked down on. Right now, even the Namo Saint Emperor was feeling that this situation was quite troublesome to deal with as well. The combined strikes of these few people nearly had his life.

One of the Heaven Bandits that chased after him was a woman. However, she reeked of a killing intent from head to toe as she glared at him with a sinister expression, "All the utmost powerful beings have handed down the mission that as long as we kill those of the Human race, we will definitely gain a handsome reward from them. Even though you have no enmity with us, it's just a pity that you're way too valuable!"

The expression of the Namo Saint Emperor was extremely terrible right now. This was one hell of a mess that he had been placed in!

Ever since the merger of the Infinite Worlds, he had been cultivating in seclusion. But, who would have thought that the moment he came out, he would be hunted down by five powerful beings just because he was from the Human race?

The strength of these five powerful beings was the same as his own, and their combination techniques were even deadlier than any normal ones out there. If not for the fact that he had a treasure with him, he might have already been dead in their hands by now!

Back when the Infinite Worlds had yet to merge together, there were no rumors of such powerful beings at all! But no one knew where in the world these guys had spouted out from after the Infinite Worlds were fused together.

All of a sudden, there was an influx of powerful beings. Not only that, their strength was in no way weaker than any of them!

"What are we still wasting our breath on him for? Just sever his head and we can go make a claim for the rewards!" Killing Heaven Bandit barked out malevolently. There was a scar that extended down all the way from his head down to his neck, as though someone had once split his entire head open.

The Namo Saint Emperor looked at the five men warily as his mind started whirling furiously. He had to think up a way to leave this place fast.

"Aiyoh! Isn't this Little Namo? Wow! Why are you having such a terrible time and being hunted down by others?" At this moment, Lin Fan walked out of the void and looked at everything that was happening before him with a surprised expression.

The faces of the five Heaven Bandits turned over in a flush as they looked up at the void above.

The Namo Saint Emperor was equally stunned as he turned his head over, "It's you, lad!"

When he saw that the person who had arrived was Lin Fan, the Namo Saint Emperor heaved out a huge sigh of relief. Good one! Finally, help had arrived! However, what did this lad call him earlier on?

'Little Namo? I'll f*ck your father! Since when has this lad turned so tyrannical to dare to call me Little Namo?!'

"Little Namo, what's with that attitude of yours? I'm not 'this lad'! Please call me the Motherf*cking Human King." Lin Fan said with displeasure.

"Yet another one of the Human race."

The five Heaven Bandits looked over at Lin Fan and let out a creepy smirk, "To think that our luck would be this good for us to meet two beings of the Human race. Once we have you guys killed, the rewards will definitely be beyond handsome!"

"What are you guys?" Lin Fan asked.

"Lad, you had better watch out now! All of these guys are powerful beings of the Supreme state... Chasing Heaven Bandit, Killing Heaven Bandit, Slaying Heaven Bandit, Shaking Heaven Bandit, and the Demon Heaven Bandit."

The five Heaven Bandits straightened their backs as though they were extremely proud of their reputation right now. This was especially the case on seeing the expression given off by that Human who had arrived later. That had them feeling pretty good.

It was an expression of fear!

"Holy f*ck! Do you guys have a grudge with the Heavens or something? Chasing, Killing, Slaying, Shaking, and even Demon? What sort of a vengeance do you guys have?! All those names are sh*t! Pure sh*t!"

"Brazen!" Chasing Heaven Bandit was enraged all of a sudden. She hadn't expected for this Human to be so audacious!

"Lad, let's join forces." The Namo Saint Emperor did not know what Lin Fan's strength was like right now. But, he knew that this lad couldn't be anything too weak either.

If both of them were to join forces, the chances of them breaking out of this predicament would be pretty huge.

"I refuse. I don't like the way you're calling me. If you call me as the King, I'll help you. Otherwise, you're on your own." Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders saying.

"Holy f*ck!" Namo Saint Emperor had not expected that this lad would be so bothered by his title at this moment! For a moment or so, he was completely speechless.

"Lad, now is not the time to be throwing a tantrum!" Namo Saint Emperor shouted over hurriedly.

"Goodbye, Little Namo." Without even turning his head around, Lin Fan prepared to leave the place.

"Hmph! You think that you can come and leave as you wish? Not so easy." Chasing Heaven Bandit roared out as an Astral Qi tore through the void.

However, to their astonishment, Lin Fan did not even bother dodging as he took on that move straight on! He then remarked with a tone of unhappiness, "All of you guys had better watch out. Once I strike, all of you will definitely have to die. Little Namo, how are your considerations going? If you can't agree to it, I'm going to leave now, and you can just slowly drag it out with them."

Namo Saint Emperor felt his heart skip a beat right now. He knew of the strength of the Chasing Heaven Bandit. That Astral Qi earlier on was extremely relentless! Even he would not be able to dodge it at all!

But, to think that the lad would be able to take it on with just his physical body alone. This was just too sick!

"Motherf*cking Human King, let us join forces." Namo Saint Emperor had nothing else he could say to Lin Fan, and could only change his way of addressing him.

"Yes, that's more like it." Lin Fan chuckled out.

"Alright! You'll handle two of them. Let us not drag out the battle! We must think of a way to break out of this mess!" Namo Saint Emperor roared out. Both of his palms started glowing with a bright light. Seemed like he was ready to fight it out.

"Hais! To think that just these five mere bandits would be able to force you to such a state. That's really pretty sad to look at. Just look at me."

Lin Fan shook his head as he stepped out and slapped with a single palm.





The five Heaven Bandits did not even have a chance to fight back as their bodies exploded out. Killing five of them with a single palm strike was something that was pretty simple for the current Lin Fan!


Namo Saint Emperor could only watch with his jaws agape right now as though he had just seen a ghost...