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 Chapter 910: A Complete Breakdown

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The King of the Outworld Fiends stood blankly in the void. Initially, he had a skyrocketing ambition of wanting to snatch over the body of a powerful being. But right now, before he had even touched a single strand of hair of that powerful being, his entire army had already gone down, leaving him as a solo commander of nobody right now.

"Old timer."

Lin Fan and the other Weapon Spirits gathered around the King of the Outworld Fiends with him as the center. He was startled as he yelped out and wanted to fight back straightaway.

But, at this moment, a single hand rested on the shoulder of the King of the Outworld Fiends, causing him to freeze up all of a sudden. That despaired heart of his was starting to tremble slightly.

"Old timer, don't get excited now. It's all over. You're safe now." Right now, Lin Fan truly wanted to burst out laughing wildly without any restraints at all. However, given the way the situation was, he definitely had to maintain his cool. He shouldn't shatter the heart of the other party.

"I..." That hideous face of the King of the Outworld Fiends was somewhat sunken. He felt that everything had happened way too suddenly.

"You don't have to say it out. We can all understand. That magnificent feat you've performed will not go forgotten by the world. We will definitely carve you deep into the depths of our hearts." Lin Fan assured him.

"That's right. To think that there would be such a noble and righteous fiend such as yourself amongst the Outworld Fiends. This is something that has been extremely touching and startling for us!" The Big Ancient Demon said.

"Hais! Samaritan..." The Thunder Trainer King could not help but compliment out as he sighed.

"I..." The King of the Outworld Fiends opened his mouth once more. But, before he could say anything, he was cut off abruptly by Lin Fan.

"You don't have to say it out. I know that you must have many words you wish to express right now. However, old timer, you've already taken on a huge loss this time around. All of those millions and millions of Outworld Fiends that you have lost as they swore with their lives to defend the Paradise is something that has had me extremely moved. If not for you guys, it would definitely have been quite difficult for this Paradise to upgrade to a World." Lin Fan said.


"I know what you're going to say. Don't worry! They will not die for nothing. I will carry forth their wills and determination, and continue to grow from this point forth..." Lin Fan was struggling to keep his laughter from coming out as he said with a straight and righteous face.

"Shut up! Can you just let me finish with my words?!" The King of the Outworld Fiends howled out. To think that there would be tears within those cruel eyes of his!

"No, old timer! Don't cry now! You're a man!" Lin Fan patted down on his shoulders comfortingly while saying.

At this moment, the King of the Outworld Fiends could no longer hold back the tears of regret that were pouring down. The millions and millions of Outworld Fiends Army hadn't even touched anything, and were just made to block away the other party's Calamity of World Creation for nothing.

And right now, every single sentence said by the other party was just akin to a sword that was stabbing through the inner heart of the King of the Outworld Fiends mercilessly.

This human was too much of a beast!

"Can you let me go?" Right now, the King of the Outworld Fiends no longer wanted to say anything else. All he wanted to do was leave this place. All his ambitions had vanished like smoke. Right now, he just wanted to find a quiet place and go cry it all out.

This time around, it was a tremendous loss. There was no way he could recover from this without a thousand of years or so.

"Hais! That is totally respectable! To think that you would hurry to leave the moment you're done with a good deed! This spirit is something that we can't even match up to!" Lin Fan lamented out once more.


The King of the Outworld Fiends clutched at his chest as he spat out a mouthful of old blood instantly. He couldn't take it anymore.

"Old timer! What's wrong with you?" Lin Fan asked immediately.

"No, please... I just want to leave." The King of the Outworld Fiends wanted to fight it all out with the other party. But, now that he was the sole survivor, what fart was there to even fight for anymore?

'Where the forest exists, there will be firewood to burn.' Right now, the King of the Outworld Fiends wanted to reform that gigantic army of his. But, the prerequisite for that was that he had to keep his life first.

"Alright. Since the old timer wishes to leave, I shall not force him to stay."

At this moment, a passageway appeared in this primitively formed world.

The King of the Outworld Fiends looked at Lin Fan. Those listless eyes of his shone with an endless despair for his future as he slowly limped towards that passageway.

Everything that had happened today was too great a blow for the him. For a moment or so, he truly could not come to terms with it completely.

His entire gigantic army had just been destroyed right before his very eyes, and to think that he couldn't even do anything about that!

That Calamity of World Creation was horrifying beyond anything else. If not for the fact that this Calamity of World Creation wasn't even targeting them directly, even he might not have been able to make it out alive.

"Old timer, have a safe trip!"

Initially, Lin Fan had intended to f*ck this King of the Outworld Fiends to death. But on second thought, he decided to scrap that idea away.

It wasn't easy for the King of the Outworld Fiends as well. That massive army of his which amounted to millions and millions of soldiers was gone just like that, without any single remnant.

If this were anyone else, they would have long died from the anguish. Furthermore, if not for these Outworld Fiends, whether or not his Paradise could successfully upgrade to a World was another issue entirely.

Now that the Paradise had upgraded into a World, there was a lot of credit to be given to the Outworld Fiends.

Since that was the case, he might as well let this King of the Outworld Fiends off then.

The King of the Outworld Fiends walked to the entrance of the passageway and turned his head around to look at Lin Fan and the others. Those listless eyes of his were shining with a loss.

"Old timer, walk slowly!" Lin Fan waved his hand saying.

"Old timer! Come visit us when you have the chance!" The Big Ancient Demon added.

"I wish you a safe journey ahead! Hopefully, you'll come and be our guest again next time!" The Spirit of Biggra said.


The body of the King of the Outworld Fiends jerked as he clutched at his chest. If he were to continue staying here, he was definitely going to die of anger.

"I... will...!" Right before the King of the Outworld Fiends left the place, he left these words and disappeared entirely.

After the departure of the King of the Outworld Fiends, Lin Fan could no longer hold his laughter in.

"HAHAHAHA! Your Daddy's almost laughing to death now! How lucky could I get?!" Lin Fan burst out laughing wildly. He hadn't expected that at the most critical moment, a bunch of Outworld Fiends would swarm into his Paradise like locusts!

With that, they had blocked out the Calamity of World Creation entirely.

That was an Outworld Fiend Army that numbered in the millions! This was such a mighty force that had just perished in this Paradise without even knowing why. If anyone else were in those shoes, they would definitely have found it impossible to endure as well.

Thinking back of the expression on the face of the King of the Outworld Fiends, Lin Fan could not help but burst out laughing once more. That was too damned bloody miserable for him!

The Big Ancient Demon and the other Weapon Spirits laughed out madly as well. They were laughing so badly that their dangling balls were hurting by now.

"Old Bro! Seems like our luck is really incredible! I bet that the King of the Outworld Fiends must even be contemplating thoughts of suicide right now!" The Big Ancient Demon said.

"That's for sure. An army of millions and millions... That was no small figure! Now that they had all been annihilated, no matter how strong of a heart of the King of the Outworld Fiends has, he would definitely find it hard to swallow this incident!" Lin Fan replied.

"Then, are we really letting that King of the Outworld Fiends off just like that?" The Thunder Trainer King asked.

Lin Fan looked up into the void and smiled calmly, "That's right! How could someone like me who is always so grateful and kind to others kill someone who has achieved such a great merit?"

Lin Fan's eyes shone with a deep gaze as though he had seen through the future.


At this moment, the King of the Outworld Fiends came out of that passageway with a heavy heart.

"Damn it! Damn that accursed f*cker! I swear on my status as an Outworld Fiend to kill him no matter what!" The moment the King of the Outworld Fiends came out, he roared out in a furious rage.

He could not believe that the great army of his had been annihilated just like that!


At this moment, a maddened roar came forth. Accompanying it was a series of auras.

"Guys! Check it out! That's a King of the Outworld Fiends!"

"The King of the Outworld Fiends is a royalty of the Outworld Fiends! There are definitely going to be a lot of benefits to be gained from killing him! KILL! LET'S GO!!!"

The moment he heard these voices, the King of the Outworld Fiends was stunned. All of a sudden, he found himself being surrounded by a large bunch of beings of the thousands of races!


The King of the Outworld Fiends did not hesitate as he broke into a run immediately. His heart was filled with an endless rage. To think that the human would still stab him in the back even after everything!