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 Chapter 909: What A Magnificent Feat!

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"HAHA! We're coming in now!"

"The body of this human? The Outworld Fiends shall take it now!"

"This is a formidable body! If we get our hands on it, we'll finally have a footing in this world!"

"Young ones, devour everything! That human already belongs to us!" The King of the Outworld Fiends yelled out, venting the frustration in his heart. After such a long time, he had finally found a powerful being that had a sufficient strength for them to capitalize on!

Some of the other Kings of the Outworld Fiends had already entrusted themselves into the bodies of some powerful beings, and were mixed in together with the rest of the thousands of races.

For these Outworld Fiends, as long as they were to get a hold of a single body, even the utmost powerful beings would not be able to identify them.

"Hold on! Not good...!"

"Argh! What is this?!"

"What's going on in the Paradise of this Human?! Why is there such a berserk power that's running rampant here?!"

"Help! I want to get out! I don't want to die here!"

At this moment, the berserk powers were sweeping through the void within the Paradise like a maddened dragon. All of those Outworld Fiends were just like paper that were burnt into ashes instantly.

"What's the situation now?" Lin Fan was a little taken aback. What was happening right now seemed to have gone a little out of his expectations.

Even the Big Ancient Demon and the others were equally stunned. They had already made full preparations to face it head-on. But, to think that just when they were about to strike, there would be a huge bunch of fellas swarming in to block out this horrific calamity!

"Guys! Take a look! This is what true Samaritans are!" At this moment, Lin Fan yelled out. He felt that the changes in this world were truly too great.

He had already recognized that these were the so-called Outworld Fiends. But, to think that these Outworld Fiends would be rushing into his Paradise without a single fear for death!

Right at the moment they swarmed in, the Calamity of World Creation slammed down. And, these Outworld Fiends were just in the way to block it out.

"Now that's what you call righteous!" Lin Fan lamented.

"Old Bro...To think that there would be such kind hearted Outworld Fiends in this world!"

"Since they're so kind hearted, shall we go and help them?" The sweet and innocent Flying Heavens asked.

Lin Fan waved his hands off and replied calmly, "No need. Just look at their expressions! How firm and resolute! How wild! If we were to step in right now, we might have them feeling like we're looking down upon them. Therefore, let us just sit and watch their act of valor."

"We'll wait till the very last moment. If there are any of them still left alive at that time, we'll express our gratitude to them by then."

Lin Fan wanted to snigger in his heart. However, in order to express his respect towards these Outworld Fiends, he could only stifle his laughter inside himself.

"Oh, I see. You're right, Old Bro. The way these Outworld Fiends are so righteous is truly extremely rare to behold."

"Just by listening to their wails, we can tell of their determination!"

"With the help of these Outworld Fiends, we can really take a seat and relax. Let us just chew on some melon seeds and enjoy the show." Lin Fan went into Earth and grabbed some melon seeds before giving out one pack to each person.

Lin Fan and the other Weapon Spirits then stood there and chewed on melon seeds while raising their heads and observing the situation ahead.

What sort of a majestic sight was when millions and millions of Outworld Fiends were gathered? They were dense and clustered, covering the entire sky.

Within the Paradise, the skies were pitch black right now. At the same time, there were sparkles of light appearing from the darkness from time to time.

"Save me! I want to leave this place!"

"This is a calamity! The Calamity of World Creation! There's no way we can fight it at all!"

"This Human is upgrading his Paradise right now! Us running into this place right now is just practically helping him to fight the calamity!"

"Great King...Hurry and save us! We can't hold on any longer!"

The countless of Outworld Fiends screamed out at the top of their lungs. Even though they were strong, being stuck right at the eruption point of the Calamity of World Creation was just them looking to die!

Millions and millions of Outworld Fiends... How long could they hold out for?

The King of the Outworld Fiends howled out as he slammed at the crystallized walls of the Paradise with his boundless strength, trying to create a breach in it so that he could move out this entire army of his. But, to his despair, while it was easy getting into this Paradise, getting out was one hell of a difficult task.

"Fight on!"

"Good showing, Outworld Fiends! My opinion of you guys has changed quite a bit!"

"Samaritans! Where else in the world could you find such Samaritans?! It's really way too rare!"

Lin Fan lifted his head and clapped while cheering the Outworld Fiends on to show that he had high hopes for them.

The moment the King of the Outworld Fiends heard these words, he could not even breathe properly anymore. He truly wanted to yell back out, "Good your mother!"

"Let us out...!" The King of the Outworld Fiends roared out in rage.

"Huh? Let you guys continue with your performance? Yes, yes! You definitely deserve the honor! I understand now. Thank you, all of you old timers!" Lin Fan acted as though he hadn't heard them properly and yelled out after 'understanding' their point.

"F*ck you...!" The moment the King of the Outworld Fiends heard this, he blew up.

But at this moment, the entire void was flashing out with lightning, Earth Fire, and Heavenly Winds as though they were free of charge to dole out. The rained down relentlessly, slamming onto the Outworld Fiends so hard that they were completely dumbfounded.

The tragic cries and screams were never-ending as they filled up the entire Paradise.

"Old Bro! I'm out of melon seeds!" The Big Ancient Demon looked at Lin Fan and said. He felt that these melon seeds really tasted pretty decent!

"Eat slower now. You're just stuffing them into your mouth one grab after another without even spitting out the shells! How uncouth!" Lin Fan remarked while grabbing over yet another bunch of melon seeds.

"But, it's so delicious! This taste is really wonderful! Looking at the marvelous acts of the Outworld Fiends while chomping on melon seeds... These are really the best of days." The Big Ancient Demon exclaimed.

"That's right! There're truly Samaritans in this world still." The Spirit of Biggra added on.

"Hais! But, these Outworld Fiends...If only I could turn them into the teachers of my Electroconvulsive Therapy Academy... How wonderful would that be? The world would truly turn into a better place then." The Thunder Trainer King sighed out regrettably.

Lin Fan sighed out along with the rest of the Weapon Spirits. Their eyes were shining with a look of respect.

"All of you guys, listen to them properly. Look at how full and magnificent their formations and screams are." Lin Fan commented.

"That's right! They're really displaying some extraordinary tenacity. Even if they have to sacrifice, they're not backing off in the slightest bit. This spirit of theirs is something we would all do well to learn from." The Big Ancient Demon said admirably.

"Old Bro, how come they sound like they're scolding us?" Flying Heavens asked a little suspiciously.

"It's because they're intentionally trying to agitate us so that we will not head up to help them at all!" Lin Fan replied while munching on the melon seeds.

"Oh, I see!"


After God knows how long, the faces of Lin Fan and the others were getting more solemn. Their expressions when looking at the Outworld Fiends were all filled with admiration.

Right now, out of those millions and millions of Outworld Fiends, there was only a single one standing.

The Paradise started upgrading as the vast plains expanded out. The Essence Qi of the entire world was much thicker than before as balls of lifeforce started forming living beings one after another.

Even though this was only an extremely primitive world which would take quite some time for civilization to start setting in, it was all enough for Lin Fan right now.

At this moment, Lin Fan wasn't too bothered about this world. There was something else he had to do.

The sole remaining Outworld Fiend had been standing in the void blankly, as though he was frozen and did not know what to do for a long time now.