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 Chapter 898: It's All Thanks To The Ancestral Buddha

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With the great amount of power that was gushing forth, Lin Fan, who was still in the midst of evaluating the scene, suddenly broke into a cold shudder as something changed with his aura.

The current Lin Fan entered a complete state of oblivion.

The future Lin Fan in the image stood upright. That initially calm aura from him had disappeared entirely. The moment he opened his eyes, it was as if the countless of stars were all quivering in the might of his presence.

He was just like an ancient god that had resurrected at this moment after awakening from the chaos. Wherever he stood, he would rattle the entire ancient times and universes.

This vicissitudinous aura had the Ancestral Buddha and the others feeling extremely fearful as their bodies started breaking out in shivers.

"Who is he?" The Ancestral Buddha looked in fear. Even his voice was starting to sound hoarse now.

"Ant... Are you the one who wishes to kill Yours Truly?" The expression on the face of the future Lin Fan was calm. But, the moment he opened his mouth and spoke up, the surrounding void began to explode out, and everything turned into nothingness.

When the Ancestor of the Star race and the Ancestor of the Night Devils caught sight of this scene, their entire bodies broke out in shivers, "T-that's destruction! The emptiness void that can destroy everything! How could anyone possibly exist in that realm?"



"I...!" When the Ancestral Buddha caught sight of this person before him, he felt as though his entire throat was being choked by someone, that he could barely speak anymore.

"Hmph! Irritating!"

A cold snort boomed out, causing the entire world to seem as though it was about to explode right now.


All of a sudden, the entire body of the Ancestral Buddha started to burst apart. Even that formidable consciousness of his was starting to vanish!

This was extremely ferocious! The Ancestral Buddha had only looked at him one single time, and he fell right after just like that, without even a chance to fight back!

The moment the Ancestor of the Star race and the Ancestor of the Night Devils caught sight of everything before them, they were completely flabbergasted as they collapsed onto the ground with a thud.



The Ancestor of the Star race and the Ancestor of the Night Devils had completely lost it right now. That was the Ancestral Buddha, an existence that was equivalent to theirs! But, to think that he would have been blasted apart with just a single cold snort! Even his consciousness had perished because of it!

This might of the other party was practically invincible! It wasn't something they could stand shoulders to shoulders with!

These two Ancestors of their races could only prostrate on the ground, begging for their lives right now. How in the world was the future of that human like this? This was just impossible!

At the same time, they were secretly hating in their hearts. Why in the hell did that bald monk have to try slaying all three lifetimes of his? If he had just slain this current life of his, wouldn't it be done? He just had to go and slay his future as well!

And even more inconceivable was the future form of this human. This strength that he possesses was something entirely unimaginable!

But at this moment, the faces of the Ancestors of Star race and the Night Devils changed. The future Lin Fan pointed out with his finger. While this looked extremely normal, it was akin to the entire world being destroyed for the two of them.



An explosion happened, followed by another. The two utmost powerful beings of the two races had exploded out just like that.

"Small fry."

The future Lin Fan looked at everything before him and shook his head helplessly before going back into that deep slumber.


Silence filled the entire world.

"Eh? What happened just now? Why did I lose my senses all of a sudden?" At this moment, Lin Fan woke up from his slumber, and his head was feeling a little confused. He had seen his future self moments earlier, but all of a sudden, he had lost all of his senses.

Wasn't this just bloody toying with him!?

"Eh? Where has that bald monk gone to? Where are those two utmost powerful beings as well?" Lin Fan looked up into the void. Other than him, there was no one else here right now.

"That's strange. There's not even any small fry left." Just as Lin Fan was still bewildered, the notifications that came from the system almost had him jumping in astonishment.

'Ding...Slain Ancestor of the Buddha race, Ancestral Buddha.'

'Ding...Experience Points +...'

'Ding...Congratulations on cultivation state leveling up.'

'Supreme state middle level.'

'Ding...Slain Ancestor of the Star race.'

'Ding...Slain Ancestor of the Night Devils.'

'Ding...Congratulations on cultivation state leveling up.'

'Supreme state upper level.'

'Supreme state full cultivation state.'


When Lin Fan heard the notifications from the system, he was completely dumbfounded. This was just crazy explosive! But, this was not the end just yet.

'Ding...Obtained the Ancestral Buddha's 36 Grades Lotus Seat.'

'Ding...Obtained Triple Lifetime Reincarnation Sutra.'

'Ding...Obtained Ancestor of the Star race's Star Glorious Records.'

'Ding...Obtained Ancestor of the Night Devils' Source Sealing Technique.'

'Ding...Obtained Stars Paramita.'

'Stars Paramita. Grade: Ancestor Weapon.'


Listening to the notifications of the system, Lin Fan could not help but gulp down his saliva. Bloody hell! This was crazy! He was practically skyrocketing!

"Bloody hell! That was f*cking hell of a scare! I'm not going to refer to him as bald monk any longer in the future! The reason why I could make it out of this alive was completely and entirely thanks to the Ancestral Buddha! If not for that fella, I would have long died!" Lin Fan heaved out a sigh of relief in his heart. This was all thanks to luck!

What did it mean for one's fortune to defy the Heavens? THIS was what it meant! He was practically on the verge of being walloped to death, but who would have expected that the Ancestral Buddha would inadvertently save him?

At the same time, Lin Fan was extremely pleased with the items that had popped out. This was especially the case for that Triple Lifetime Reincarnation Sutra. That mystic skill was practically twisted! But, someone like Lin Fan might just be able to make good use out of it!

'Ding...Learn Triple Lifetime Reincarnation Sutra?'

'Ding...Learn Stars Glorious Record?'

'Ding...Learn Source Sealing Technique?'


Was there even a need to ask? Lin Fan would DEFINITELY learn them for sure! That Triple Lifetime Reincarnation Sutra which could slay off all three lifetimes of someone was something that even one's consciousness could not escape from, and was heaven defying enough!

And this Stars Glorious Record was also an unparalleled mystic art, which could be considered as a skill as well. It could communicate with the endless powers of the stars, and use them to boost and strengthen one's body. This was something that would complement the Eternal God Body well.

As for that Source Sealing Technique, it was a mystic sealing technique that could seal up everything in this world.

At this moment, Lin Fan held the Triple Lifetime Reincarnation Sutra and his heart began to churn. Suddenly, as though he had just thought of something, he broke out into a sinister smile.

Replicate! Endless replication!

Densely cluttered, thousands and thousands of Triple Lifetime Reincarnation Sutras lined out through the entire void.

The predicament he had gone through this time around had Lin Fan realizing a simple fact. At times, even the mystic skills of his opponents could end up benefitting himself.

"Go on forth, my Triple Lifetime Reincarnation Sutras!"

The countless mystic skills from the Buddha race were scattered out into the endless void. For Lin Fan, the best possible outcome would be for more people to end up learning this.

"Stars Paramita."

Lin Fan looked at the boat shaped object in his hands. To think that it would be an Ancestor Weapon.


Instantly, Lin Fan tossed the Stars Paramita into his Paradise to let the Big Ancient Demon settle it for himself.

Now that the dangers had passed, Lin Fan heaved out a sigh of relief. Thinking back about the situation earlier on, it was truly extremely nerve wrecking. He was so close to being done in.

Seemed like these so-called powerful beings were not as easy to get along with as he had thought.

At this moment, Lin Fan released the Xuanhuang World and Earth from the Heaven and Earth Smelt. The moment Chicky and Reverend Shakya got out and saw that Lin Fan was safe and sound, they felt a heavy burden lifted off their chest as well.

"Benefactor, it's great that you're alright!" Reverend Shakya exclaimed emotionally. The situation earlier on was simply way too dangerous.


Chicky leaped onto Lin Fan's shoulders as he was still feeling the lingering fear after what had just happened.

"Honestly, it's all thanks to that Ancestral Buddha of your Buddha race that I'm alright right now. If not for that fella, I might truly have had to call it quits at this place today."

Lin Fan replied calmly.

After the fight this time around, Lin Fan truly understood that he was still way too far off from these truly powerful beings.

But at that moment, a tragic shriek suddenly arose from within his Paradise, released by the Big Ancient Demon.