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 Chapter 896: Why Aren't You Assisting Me Yet?!

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The face of the Ancestral Buddha changed. Within his eyes, a pair of fists were getting larger by the second and were etched into his gaze.


The golden body of the Ancestral Buddha was imperishable and impenetrable by any evils. There was nothing that could break it at all. And even if he were totally caught by surprise right now, he could still instantly deploy his golden body mystic skills and burst forth with a bright series of golden lights, trying to block Lin Fan outside.

But all of a sudden, the face of the Ancestral Buddha changed, "How could this be?"




Lin Fan's skills were ferocious as he kicked out furiously at the crotch of the Ancestral Buddha.


True Origins Crushing Kick was something that Lin Fan had already cultivated to an extremely high state. With a single kick, the entire world, including gods and ghosts, would weep over it. No one could block this at all.

That merciful and dignified face of the Ancestral Buddha vanished instantly, and was replaced with a look that was grimaced in pain.

This was the first time the Ancestral Buddha was feeling a numbing pain. This feeling was mysterious, as though his entire body was about to crumble under the pain from this single kick.

His heaven revolting Buddha heart shattered at this moment. For the Ancestral Buddha, there was nothing he wanted to do more now than to rub those aching balls of his.

"ARGH! YOU SINNER! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" The Ancestral Buddha howled out while arching his body and rubbing his balls. His face was alternating in shades of green and white, looking extremely terrible right now.

Rubbing and rubbing, rubbing and rubbing. However, the pain still persisted.

Now that there were two other utmost powerful beings here, how could the Ancestral Buddha lose such a huge amount of dignity? But right now, the pain that was surging through his body was causing him to almost break down entirely! How could he be bothered about anything else at this moment?

"What's up with the Ancestral Buddha?" The two utmost powerful beings looked at the behavior of the Ancestral Buddha right now with a weird gaze. His disposition as an utmost powerful being had vanished, and he just looked like a dancing ant.

Looking at the pained expression on the Ancestral Buddha right now, Lin Fan's heart was overwhelmed with joy.

"Smelly bald monk, do you know of the prowess of Yours Truly now? Go to hell!" Lin Fan roared out. Now that he had the chance, how could he possibly give up on it? If he could kill this Ancestral Buddha, he might perhaps have a chance of getting out of this alive!

"Help me!" The Ancestral Buddha wanted to retaliate. However, the numbing pain of his balls rendered him totally immobile. Therefore, he could only seek help from the other two utmost powerful beings.

At this moment, Lin Fan was all prepared to kill the Ancestral Buddha entirely when all of a sudden, he felt a tremendous force coming at him from his sides.

Lin Fan grit his teeth to face it. But suddenly, his face changed.

'Ten seconds of invulnerability ended.'

"Holy f*ck! Couldn't it last for just one second longer!" Lin Fan yelled out. This was practically like bumping into a ghost! However, this was too rare of a chance to pass up. If he were to miss this, there might not be a next time anymore!

"Ancestral Buddha! Go to hell!"


The boundless power crushed down on Lin Fan's body. When Lin Fan felt that power, his entire face changed instantly. His body ripped out with an endless amount of cracks as though it could break down at any moment.


"Damn it! I just need this bit more!" At this moment, Lin Fan was floating in the void gently as the cracks on his body made him like the back of a turtle's shell that was facing an imminent breakdown. The Ancestral Buddha had already escaped further into the distance. That extremely pained expression of his was accompanied by a look of fury.

He could not wait to take the chance and rip Lin Fan apart into shreds, then chop him down to death immediately.

Lin Fan felt extremely helpless in his heart. How f*cked up was this mother*cker? Just the looks of this bald monk alone were repulsive enough. If he could kill this guy, at least he could comfort himself with that fact.

But now that this bald monk was hiding somewhere far, it was basically impossible for Lin Fan to go f*ck him over.

"You've truly got some capabilities. The fact that the Ancestral Buddha could be pushed to such an extent by an ant like you is something that's unexpected. This must mean that you have many secrets on your body, Human, Your Ancestor here shall have you killed and steal your soul!" The Ancestor of the Night Devils burst out laughing wildly as he spread open his fingers and that gigantic pitch black hand tore the void.

"Hold on...!"

"Hold on...!"

At this moment, both Lin Fan and the Ancestral Buddha spoke up together.

Lin Fan was startled. Could it be that the bald monk had seen how tyrannical he was and could not bear to kill him?

"Night Ancestor, leave this human for me. After I kill him, I will not take any of his possessions."

"Unless I kill him personally, I will not be able to quench the indignance in my heart." The voice of the Ancestral Buddha was deep like that of a wild beast. He wanted to kill Lin Fan with his own bare hands.

The Ancestor of the Night Devils looked at the Ancestral Buddha and closed back his fingers. Instantly, that gigantic black hand vanished.

"So be it." The Ancestor of the Night Devil replied indifferently. A pitch black screen then enveloped the entire world, causing the void of this region to be severed and isolated from the entire world outside.

At the same time, it was as though Lin Fan was caught in a cage right now. No matter how hard he struggled with all his might, he could not break free of it at all.

He was a fish in a net.

Right now, there was truly nowhere else for Lin Fan to run.

"You are quite the character for you to be able to force the Ancestral Buddha to this extent. But, it's a pity that you have no future left for you." The Ancestor of the Star race said. He then pointed out with his finger as a martial arts mystic skill burst forth immediately.


Lin Fan did not feel anything. However, all of a sudden, a hole pierced through his body from his chest. Dark red, fresh blood started oozing out from the spot.

"Ancestral Buddha, you've got to hurry it up a little. To spend so much time on an ant as such is something that's extremely boring."

"Human, when you asked us to hold on earlier on, was there anything you had wanted to say?" The Ancestor of the Star race asked.

At this moment, the Ancestor of the Star race and the Ancestor of the Night Devils were filled with a toying intent in their gazes.

Lin Fan coughed out furiously as the lifeforce surged in hurriedly to repair his body. However, that single finger by the Ancestor of the Star race earlier on seemed to have severed everything. Lin Fan could not use his lifeforce to repair his body at all.

Damn it!

Lin Fan laughed out coldly. He then raised his head as his eyes were filled with a resolute intent, "I wanted to say... F*ck your father."


The Ancestor of the Star race pointed out once more as yet another blood hole appeared on Lin Fan's body.

'This mother*cking hurts!'

Tragedy. This time, it was probably truly a tragedy.

Had he known that this would be the case, he would have gone on all the way with the Fire Water Empress for that great battle. Even if his little brother had to be broken from it, Lin Fan would have never given up on it.

But, it was a pity that it was all too late for those regrets.

'Fire Water Empress, why don't you come and save me right now? This is the time I'm truly in need of your help!'

'Death Demonic God! How about you come on too? I'm willing to let you whip me as you will as well!'

'And this bloody system... Weren't you the bloody strongest one ever? Why aren't you hurrying to come out and assist me right now?'

These were the thoughts that were running through Lin Fan's mind.

"How now, Human?" The Ancestor of the Star race was evidently just messing around with Lin Fan right now.

At this moment, Lin Fan was extremely unhappy in his heart. He wiped off the fresh blood from the sides of his lips, "Your Daddy will never ever fear anyone."


Instantly, Lin Fan burnt up all of his Shengyang Pills as a formidable Sword Will burst forth into the Heavens.

"5 Elements completed! Power of the Paradise! Slay!"

"All of you dogsh*ts! If Your Daddy here doesn't die, I'll be sure to slay all of you f*cks!"

Lin Fan roared out as a boundless Sword Will tore through the void. The amount of Shengyang Pills he had burnt up could fill up a vast ocean. The might of this single Sword was enough to devastate the entire world completely.


The berserk Sword Will was just like a God Dragon that soared up into the void and flashed out with a bright radiance, threatening to cut down everything.

"HAHAHA! Ant."

When the Ancestor of the Star race caught sight of this, he laughed out momentarily, "An ant is an ant no matter what. How dare you try to fight against the Sun and Moon that are beyond your reaches."


He then flicked out his finger and caused a single fingernail of his to explode, which brought forth a galactic river. This galactic river possessed countless of planets as though it was a universe of its own.

"So what if Your Ancestor lets you destroy one of my galactic rivers?" The Ancestor of the Star race said with a casual tone.



The Sword Will cut through everything. However, it could only manage to destroy this galactic river that was summoned by the Ancestor of the Star race. As for the Ancestor of the Star race himself, he wasn't affected by it otherwise.

Lin Fan stood there in the void and was slightly breathless.

As for the Ancestor of the Star race and the Ancestor of the Night Devils, they placed their hands behind their backs calmly without being affected by anything at all.

This was the gap in their powers and was something that could not be surpassed no matter what.

Lin Fan was truly indignant right now.

And at this moment, the Ancestral Buddha finally recovered to his normal self. He then howled out in anger, "Human! Your Ancestral Buddha shall have you incapable of reincarnating for all eternity!"