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 Chapter 894: Three Utmost Powerful Beings

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Buddha sounds traveled throughout the entire world like heavenly music. A sky full of Buddha light rained down as an auspicious and peaceful power surged through the void.

A gigantic golden lotus seat appeared within the void, on top of which was none other than the Ancestral Buddha.

At this moment, the expression of the Ancestral Buddha was dignified. One could not make out anything weird about his expression, yet his heart was burning with an endless amount of fury.

One should not wait overnight to seek revenge. For a powerful being such as the Ancestral Buddha, how could he possibly endure taking such a loss in the face of the ant-like Human?

"It's you again." Lin Fan's heart skipped a beat, feeling something amiss about this.

At this moment, Reverend Shakya, who had just turned into an Eternal God state being, woke up as well. When he caught sight of who it was that had arrived, his entire face changed as his heart palpitated.

Chicky hung around behind Lin Fan and glared at the Ancestral Buddha with his beady, thief-like eyes. For Chicky, a powerful being of that level was simply way too scary.

"Greetings to the Ancestral Buddha."

When the Heavenly Kings of the various races caught sight of who it was that had arrived, all of them were startled as well. To think that the utmost powerful Ancestral Buddha of the Buddha race would descend at this place!

When the Ancestral Buddha caught sight of all the living beings, he spoke up softly, "Amitabha."

Seeing juniors as such, the Ancestral Buddha naturally could not be bothered about them. But, he could not disregard the utmost powerful beings that were backing them in their respective races. For the Ancestral Buddha, his favorite activity was to purify all of these so-called juniors and convert them into his Buddha race for him to order them at his whims.

"Bald monk, what are you here for? Could you have felt that the punishment given to you earlier on wasn't enough?" Lin Fan was unfazed as he shouted out.

But, this single sentence of Lin Fan had all the beings of the thousands of races astounded beyond words. To think that this fella before them would be so tyrannical! This person was THE Ancestral Buddha, the utmost powerful being of the Buddha race!

"Amitabha." The Ancestral Buddha chanted out the Buddhist phrase and seemed neither happy nor enraged. Naturally, he would not toss his face away in the face of these juniors here as he spoke up, "All of you can take your leave first."

While all of these Heavenly Kings who hadn't obtained the Eternal God Seat felt indignant, they couldn't possibly disobey the words of the Ancestral Buddha. Therefore, they just glared at Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya before diving into the void and leaving this place.

When the masses had finally left, the dignified face of the Ancestral Buddha suddenly changed and turned extremely dark, "Sinner... Today, Your Ancestral Buddha is going to subdue you!"

"HAHAH!" Lin Fan burst out laughing loudly. He then put on a face of disdain, "Just someone like you? And, I wonder who was the one who was walloped like a dog by Yours Truly the previous time."

"Remember this now... If Yours Truly can whack you like a dog once, Yours Truly can whack you like a dog twice." Lin Fan continued.

"Old Bro, are you really so confident?" Reverend Shakya asked. Somehow, he didn't feel too confident this time around.

"Shut up and watch obediently." Lin Fan replied with a stern face. At this moment, Lin Fan had a feeling of impending danger. This was a feeling that was ever so mysterious.

"Ancestral Buddha, is this the Human you were speaking of? His strength is truly weak indeed."

"Puny Human, to think that you could rile the Ancestral Buddha to this extent that he would have us come forth as well. Seems like you've got some capabilities, eh?"

All of a sudden, two authoritative voices boomed out of the void.

When Lin Fan heard the voices, his body shuddered intensely as his eyes shone with a serious look. Indeed, it was as he had thought. That bald monk had looked for help.


The void vibrated as an endless galactic river flew out. As the galaxy river shrunk down, a gigantic dude stood tall between the world.

At the same time, the entire world was filled with a black screen as an endless darkness consumed everything in its path. A young man with a devilish face placed his hands behind his back and glared at Lin Fan the same way he would look down on ants.

"Holy f*ckamoly!"

When Lin Fan caught sight of the two fellas who had sprouted out of nowhere, he was completely dumbfounded. Bloody hell! Did they really want to push him to his wits end?

This was just completely not giving anyone a chance to make a comeback at all!

"The two emperors, you guys are here." When the Ancestral Buddha caught sight of the both of them, he greeted them indifferently.

"Naturally. Since we've already agreed to it, why wouldn't we be here? However, the strength of this human is simply way too weak. Supreme state? That's something we can easily defeat with the flip of our hands. Could you have suffered a huge loss in his hands, Ancestral Buddha?" The Ancestor of the Star race said with a stifled laughter. He then checked out Lin Fan. However, he could not tell anything special about this guy at all.

However, the fact that a human could turn into a Supreme state powerful being was still something that had the Ancestor of the Star race curious.

"Ant-like human, there's nothing else to say other than kill." The voice of the Ancestor of the Night Devils was cold.

Towards any beings of this level, he had no interest at all.

Lin Fan's head was practically exploding right now. This matter had blown way out of proportion than he could have imagined. He hadn't expected for the Ancestral Buddha to want to hunt him down so relentlessly and not give him any chance at all!

And, the most unexpected thing was that the Ancestral Buddha would be shameless to the extent of seeking out two helpers along with him!

Not only that, these two helpers were utmost powerful beings! Even just one on one, Lin Fan did not have the confidence of being able to kill them, let alone the fact that there were three of them right now! If they were to bloody all come at him together, Lin Fan would definitely be whacked up like a dog!

"Old Bro, what should we do?" Reverend Shakya looked at the two people who had arrived behind the Ancestral Buddha and could feel a power that was like the deep abysses. Naturally, he knew in his heart that these two were extraordinary.

Even though Lin Fan was strong, he was definitely not a match for them.

"What else can we do? Naturally, we're just going to run!"

Immediately, Lin Fan activated the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar and was prepared to make his escape.

"Huehue. Puny and insignificant Human, to think that you would try to attempt an escape in front of Your Ancestor of the Star race here... That's pretty laughable." The Ancestor of the Star race smiled out calmly and used his finger to grab the void, pulling Lin Fan out towards him from within.

"Mysterious indeed... To think that you can connect out to the Infinite Worlds. But, it's a pity that you're that bit off." The Ancestor of the Star race chuckled out.

Lin Fan's expression changed. He hadn't expected that he would be discovered for trying to escape using the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar!

This was a situation that Lin Fan could have never imagined!

"Trying to run away from our faces is undoubtedly a fool's dream." The Ancestral Buddha said with a grim tone.

For three utmost powerful beings to gather up just to kill a Supreme state being... If word of this were to get out, they would undoubtedly be a laughing stock.

"What is there to even talk about with an ant?" All of a sudden, the Ancestor of the Night Devils struck out. With a single palm strike, he brought forth with him an apocalyptic power. Even though that was just a simple palm strike, it was something that was totally unrivaled in Lin Fan's face.


At that moment, Lin Fan instantly burnt up Shengyang Pills and slammed out with a punch that collided furiously with the oncoming palm strike. A tremendous amount of power erupted forth.


Lin Fan was sent flying backward as his eyes shone with a serious look.

He hadn't expected that for powerful beings of this level, a single random palm strike could possess such might! Even after burning up Shengyang Pills, he could not withstand it at all!

"Interesting." When the Ancestor of the Night Devils caught sight of this scene, his lips curled into a cold grin.

Lin Fan was infuriated beyond words in his heart. Bloody f*ck his mother's eggs!

'Ding...Night Devil race Impression Points dipped. Disgusted.'

'Ding...Star race Impression Points dipped. Disgusted.'


The dipping of the impression points for these two races was something that Lin Fan had expected.


Chicky leaped up beside Lin Fan. When he caught sight of how the latter's mouth was spitting out blood, Chicky's heart was filled with pain. He then looked at the three utmost powerful beings and spread out his wings.


"Chicky, go back!" Instantly, Lin Fan tossed Chicky into the arms of Reverend Shakya while his mind started churning furiously. Right now, the situation was truly extremely dangerous indeed. He had to think of a good way out of this.