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 Chapter 893: Go Level Up

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All of the powerful beings who were surrounding and watching inhaled a deep breath of cold air. This was something that was so horrifying that it was beyond their imaginations.

To think that a few Heavenly Kings would have been killed just like that! They didn't even have a chance to fight back at all!

At this moment, the man who was seated on that Eternal God Seat was still expressionless as ever. However, out of nowhere, a black sword had actually gently floated over to his side. The sharp flash of light from earlier had evidently burst forth from this black sword.

Supreme of the Sword Dao... This was an Eternal God state being who had mastered the Sword Dao to its highest point.

Even if he had fallen, his Sword Dao was still immensely strong, and could slice through the firmaments.

In its eyes, all of these Divine celestial level 9 state Heavenly Kings were not even capable of defending against a single blow from it.

Heavenly King Huang Shen opened up his eyes wide and glared at everything in disbelief. The air was filled with a thick stench of blood, which was the blood of many Heavenly Kings flowing around!

But right now, the other party had merely used a single skill, which they could not even make out clearly, to kill all of these Heavenly Kings! How was this not shocking news for everyone?

"That must be a supremely peerless powerful being of Divine celestial level 10 state! Why is there such a powerful being watching over the Eternal God Seat?" One of the female Heavenly Kings asked. There were nine tails spread out from behind her back. However, that soul-capturing appearance of hers was just pale with fright because of fear right now.

"The Eternal God Seat is right before us no. Do we really have to give it up just like this?" Another Heavenly King asked with indignance in his heart.

Heavenly King Huang Shen was feeling aggrieved in his heart as well, "Everyone, let's go at it together. No matter how strong this person is, he will definitely not be able to hold out against us."

"Who's going up first?"

"How about you go first, Heavenly King Huang Shen? We'll follow close behind."

Many of the powerful beings stifled out their laughter. How could they not understand what Heavenly King Huang Shen's intentions were? Wasn't he just trying to make them cannon fodder?

The eyes of Heavenly King Huang Shen squinted slightly in anger. However, he did not respond to them. The situation right now was really troublesome indeed. But, he knew that whoever struck first would probably just die.

"Bald monk, let us go then." Lin Fan looked at the situation right now and knew that this was the time for them to make their move. Now that the masses did not have any other way, this couldn't be considered as him snatching away the belongings of kids anymore. After all, these kids had no choice. It was not as though they could do anything about it.

"Alright." Reverend Shakya was astounded by that powerful being who was seated on the Eternal God Seat as well. That flash of Sword Will was truly extremely tyrannical beyond words.

At this moment, when the masses caught sight of a single man walking forth, it was only natural for them to cast looks of bewilderment.

"Who is this man?"

"That monk is someone from the Buddha race. But this man here...?"

"It seems like he's here to give it a shot. But, if even we can do nothing about it, it's not like THEY can, right?"


At this moment, Lin Fan could only smile calmly and turned to the masses, "Since you guys can't get your hands on this Eternal God Seat, Yours Truly shall take it then."

But this single reply had all the Heavenly Kings totally riled.

"Who are you?"

"An existence that even WE cannot take down... You think that someone like yourself is able to?"

"Fellow brother, I'd advise you not to just waste your life like that."

Hearing the persuasions of everyone else, Lin Fan did not pay them any heed. They had got to be kidding him! Wasn't that just a Divine celestial level 10, Eternal God state being? If he could not even take that guy down, THAT would be something now.

"Hmph! Just some guys who don't even know their places. That monk's cultivation state is only a Divine celestial level 9 state as well."

"But, it's not too bad for someone to go toss their lives away. At least we can observe from the sidelines. Who knows if we're even able to make out any openings of the other party from his actions."

Lin Fan shook his head. Seeing this Eternal God Seat, he was definitely bent on getting his hands on it.

But, when he approached, the man who was seated on the Eternal God Seat suddenly bolted up and sent forth a torrential Sword Will.

"The one protecting that Eternal God Seat must definitely be a Divine celestial level 10, Eternal God state being without doubt! That Sword Will alone is not something we can defend against!"

"Indeed. With just that Sword Will alone, who could even be its match?"



All of a sudden, that tremendous Sword Will surged through the entire dimensional world. That ferocity of the Sword Will was extremely sharp. Even the powerful beings who were quite some distance away from this place could feel the impact of that Sword Will.

This sharp Sword Will severed everything. Even if they were Divine celestial level 9 state powerful beings, they truly found it impossible to defend against.

At this moment, all of their faces were frightfully pale, and there were traces of disappointment. If this Sword Will alone was enough to render them defenseless, that Eternal God Seat would most certainly belong to no one then.

That figure wielded the sharp blade, and in one-thousandth of a second, he brandished the sword extremely quickly before sending that Sword Will that glided through the world and penetrated through all the layers of space and time as it pierced over.

"We're dead...!"

Towards the outcome of Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya, the masses already had a rough guess of what was to happen. Against power of this level, they could not hope to defend against it at all! This was power that surpassed everything.

But, right at this moment, Lin Fan raised his hands gently. Placing two fingers together, he drew down in the air from top to bottom gently. All of a sudden, something that shocked the masses happened.

That formidable Sword Will shattered all of a sudden! As for the powerful being who was guarding the Eternal God Seat, his body convulsed slightly before a blinding beam of light erupted forth from the top of his head and sliced him cleanly into two.

He vanished just like smoke in thin air!

The masses were stunned as their breathing got hurried. They found everything before them way too unbelievable.

"Bald monk!"

"Coming!" Reverend Shakya was truly hands down in admiration towards Lin Fan's strength. This was just heaven revolting to be honest.

Grabbing out with five fingers, Lin Fan instantly snatched the Eternal God Seat over and lifted it above the head of Reverend Shakya swiftly.

"Break through then." Lin Fan said softly. With that Eternal God Seat, it should be time for Reverend Shakya to have a breakthrough.


The moment the Eternal God Seat entered the body of Reverend Shakya, he started shaking while emitting a series of godly glows. This was a sign of him evolving.

Reverend Shakya could only feel as though his entire body was filled with an unlimited amount of energy. It was just like a volcano that couldn't wait to erupt and burst forth from his body.

As for Lin Fan, he checked out the void at this moment. It was as though there was someone who had been observing the situation from the depths of the void. At the moment when the person caught sight of the Eternal God Seat being snatched away, a sudden burst of anger erupted forth from him.

But in a split second, that anger vanished into thin air as well, as though the person was just enduring it within himself.

Lin Fan smirked out. Seemed like someone must have been manipulating everything from behind the scenes. However, the person did have some tolerance to not come out despite all of this.

But, what Lin Fan did not know was that there was a pair of infuriated eyes glaring at Lin Fan from within the endless void.

"Lin Fan...just you wait!"


"The Eternal God Seat was stuffed into that monk by that guy!"

"Just who in the world is that guy! To think that he wouldn't even use it for himself after snatching away the Eternal God Seat, and would give it to that monk instead! T-this...!"

"How could this happen? We have crossed hundreds of thousands of miles to come here, just to get nothing at all! Damn it!"

"While there are many Eternal God Seats in this world, no one has been able to grab hold of even a single one! When can we finally get our hands on one?"

At this moment, a burning flare of indignation blazed up in the hearts of these powerful beings. However, an existence as such who could take down the Eternal God Seat was someone they truly did not dare to offend at all.

They could only hide all of these indignant feelings in their hearts and not reveal it out.

Just at this moment, a bright Buddha glow emitted from the body of Reverend Shakya. This was especially the case for that Great Buddha's Light of Purification within his body that occupied everything. It was undergoing an upgrade as well, to tread onto that stage of an eternal imperishability.


Right at this moment, the void trembled as an overbearing power streaked through everything, threatening to destroy the world with it.

When Lin Fan sensed this aura, his entire face changed.

"F*ck me...!"