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 Chapter 890: Making A Break For It

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"Bravo, my Old Bro!" Reverend Shakya was yelling out wildly right now. It was especially the case after seeing how that darned Ancestral Buddha was being whacked up so badly, and he could not help but laugh out.

In the past few years, this was the old fogey who had ordered people to chase him down endlessly, causing his life to turn so horrendous. Now that his Old Bro was here seeking revenge for him, Reverend Shakya's heart naturally felt extremely joyous.

"That's the way! Whack him!"

"Good job! What Ancestral Buddha? You're still going to get walloped by my Old Bro all the same!"

Right now, Reverend Shakya's expression was extremely delighted. When he saw how tragic the Ancestral Buddha looked, he laughed out madly.

Pleasurable! This was simply way too pleasurable!

For Lin Fan, the Ancestral Buddha was nothing more than a big target. With such a huge body frame, one did not even have to aim, and just had to fire wildly.

And right now, the Ancestral Buddha could not even sit firm. Even though that golden lotus seat did not have much use to it, there was a load of style it possessed.

When he went out with that, he definitely scored top points for style. But for the Ancestral Buddha right now, this thing had mother*cking turned into burden all of a sudden.

If he moved right now, all his style would definitely be gone!

But, if he didn't move, the situation didn't seem all that right as well! This damned Human was using some unknown treasure! The attacks did not even have a fixed shape, and were hard to check out properly.

'Damn it!'

Just as the Ancestral Buddha was contemplating about these things, the attacks of the Gatling Gun got even more ferocious.


The Ancestral Buddha could no longer bear with it as he burst up standing immediately. That golden Buddha body of his had been attacked at every spot.


All of a sudden, the Ancestral Buddha started jumping and shaking his body left and right while his hands roamed all over his body. It was as though the pain was getting more and more unbearable!

"Benefactor, you have honestly, thoroughly riled Your Ancestral Buddha here! GO TO HELL!" The Ancestral Buddha roared as he slammed out with both of his palms. A Buddha Land that was extremely huge descended down from the skies.


Within the Buddha Land, a bright, golden Buddha Light shone down on the entire place. Within there, Buddhas appeared one after another just like real beings of the Buddha race as they chanted out Buddhist scriptures. All of a sudden, the scriptures danced out of the mouths of these Buddhas one after another. The texts of these scriptures were like dragons and elephants. These were the scriptures of the Dragon Elephant, and possessed an endless amount of secrets, as well as a devastating power!

Lin Fan noticed how this Buddha Land did not seem like it was for show at all. Pointing his barrel towards it, he started firing at it.


The Buddha Land was immediately turned into a scrub with millions of holes all over it. It was an unbearable sight to watch. The Buddhas within were pierced through by the Gatling Gun as well before exploding out and turning into nothingness.

"What's this sh*t?"

Right now, Lin Fan was already addicted to firing. He could not stop his hand actions at all as he turned around to face and fire at the Ancestral Buddha once again.

When the Ancestral Buddha caught sight of that black barrel facing him again, his heart skipped a beat. He had a bad feeling about this.


Right now, Lin Fan could not even tell how this was a fight between powerful beings! This was more of someone just whacking a target!

The body of the Ancestral Buddha was tormented right now. That move from earlier on was stronger than anything else, and possessed all the True Essence of the Buddha race. But, to think that it would have been shattered instantly without being able to produce any effect at all!

When Lin Fan caught sight of everything before him, he already had a rough idea about everything. This Supreme Weapon of the Human race was definitely unable to kill the Ancestral Buddha. But, dealing some damage to him would not be an issue at all.

The strength of the Ancestral Buddha had already surpassed the Supreme state. If he were only a Supreme state being, he would have long been turned into a pancake.

But right now, the state of the Ancestral Buddha dancing left and right and jumping on his feet was still extremely awkward to look at.

"Bald monk, how is it? Are you feeling great now?" Lin Fan laughed out wildly as he started gathering the power of Biggra. One after another, the Biggras were converging into round balls that were all ready to be shot out.

"DAMNED HUMAN..." Right now, the Ancestral Buddha was thoroughly incensed, and felt extremely aggrieved.

This human was evidently not his match. But, that strange looking treasure was extremely formidable! Even though it could not deal much damage to him, the amount of pain it was causing him was still a form of torment!

Given his current strength, there should be no reason for his physical body to feel feelings as such!

If that were the case, there could only be one reason: That treasure must have some extraordinary effect.

"Bravo! My Bro! To think that the dancing style of the Ancestral Buddha would be this tyrannical!" Reverend Shakya was stunned at the sight before him as he laughed out uncontrollably.


Chicky was laughing out as well while flapping his wings furiously, nearly toppling over.

If any other powerful beings were to catch sight of the Ancestral Buddha right now, they would definitely be stunned. Was this still the Ancestral Buddha from their memories?

No matter when it was, the Ancestral Buddha would always be dignified and stern while seated on that lotus seat. Even if he were faced with an enemy, it would always be a battle of consciousness, which alone could cause the entire world to topple over.

Right at this moment, Lin Fan yelled out, "Power of Biggra! Surround the enemy!"


All of a sudden, the round balls that were formed from the power of Biggra surrounded the Ancestral Buddha.

Bam! Bam!

Lin Fan did not care about anything else right now as he just sprayed that Gatling Gun's rounds without leaving any chances.

"Damned human, you had better just wait there for Your Ancestral Buddha! I must definitely send you into the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss to suffer for all eternity!"

From within the mist that was being formed, the enraged voice of the Ancestral Buddha sounded out.

"Seems like he's making a break for it!"

The ten seconds of invulnerability were up.

Lin Fan heaved out a sigh of relief as well. If he really had to go all out, he knew that he would definitely not be a match. However, being able to scare the other party off was a pretty decent option as well.

'Ding...Buddha race's Impression Points has dipped to a freezing point. They will not rest until you are dead.'

Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders helplessly. To think that he would have gained yet another enemy. He was pretty helpless by now. However, none of that mattered to him.

He reared his head up into the skies. For that battle earlier on, he had only made use of the Supreme Weapon of the Human race to chase the Ancestral Buddha away. But, if he wanted to be able to fight against these truly powerful beings properly, he might have to step it up a notch.

Right now, he had thoroughly offended the Ancestral Buddha. Seemed like he would have to be more careful from now on.

"Why is the Human race so pathetic? Can't we just have a single supreme powerful being that can rule over the entire world? If that were the case, I could just rely on that backing and grow up under his wings. By the time I became a heaven revolting, powerful being, I'd be able to kill any Gods and Buddhas that stand in my way, unlike now when I still have to fend for myself."

Lin Fan could not help but lament out. He could only endure all of these worrying things by himself.

"Old Bro, are we safe now?" Reverend Shakya walked up while asking.

Lin Fan kept back that worried expression of his and revealed his normal, despicable smirk, "Aren't you just asking a stupid question now? Why don't you take a look at who your Old Bro is?"

"However, we had still better make a run for it first. That bald monk is not someone easy to deal with." Waving his hands out, Lin Fan dove right into the void and sprinted off into the distance.

"Old Bro! Wait up for me!" Reverend Shakya had just barely managed to escape death right now, so why would he want to remain at this place for any longer still? Therefore, he chased after Lin Fan instantly.

There was no chance of him being able to return to the Buddha race anymore. Seemed like he could only go back and fight it out with that guy after he turned stronger on his own.

At that time, he would then take over as the ruler of the Buddha race. He had even thought up his title: Shakya Rulai Ancestral Buddha. He would just replace the seat of the Ancestral Buddha entirely.

However, these were all just assumptions of Reverend Shakya on his own right now. He was still far from his goals.