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 Chapter 885: Who Is This Blind F*ck?

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One minute later...

The Fire Water Empress frowned before standing up. Her body flashed with a bright light, and she was draped with clothing instantly.

"What's going on?"

The Fire Water Empress was confused, not knowing what had just happened. Earlier on, it was as though she had lost all her consciousness and senses!

"Where has the Exclusive Property of Your Empress gone?" The Fire Water Empress searched all around. All of a sudden, she flared up, "Damned Exclusive Property! How dare you run away behind the back of Your Empress?"

The Fire Water Empress started walking forth a little. All of a sudden, she realized something a little uncomfortable about her body. This was especially the case for that throbbing pain that was coming forth from between her legs.

However, the Fire Water Empress did not put this to heart at all.

Flicking out with her finger, the entire dimension dispersed. The Fire Water Empress then stood up in the void and looked out at the world.

Even though the Fire Water Empress was just standing silently like that, she had already long cast out her consciousness into the world, trying to seek out for signs of Lin Fan. However, when her search reined in no results, the Fire Water Empress frowned.

"To think that he would have disappeared just like that."

There was a pair of eyes with a sneaky gaze that were peeking up at the situation ahead. And the owner of these sneaky eyes was none other than Lin Fan.

"Holy f*ck! Luckily, Yours Truly was smart and knew that I should just enter Stealth mode, since I have no way of running away. After that, this mud that I used to cover myself with would do well to hide the scent of my body!"

Lin Fan was really pleased with his intelligence.

This was a trick that he could repeat countless of times. As long as he was being hunted down by others, he could just run this same ploy and practically ensure a perfectly safe escape.

But, now wasn't the time to run off just yet. It wasn't as though he was on equal parring with the Fire Water Empress. It was hard to say that she wouldn't just do a turnabout and return for him. It'd be best for him to hide it out a little while more.

Lin Fan laid there quietly and motionlessly. No matter how dirty the mud around his body was, he just refused to move at all.

Indeed, it wasn't long before a figure appeared in the void.

And by the sounds of it, it was evidently the Fire Water Empress!


"Damned Exclusive Property! If Your Empress were to catch hold of you, I'd be sure to break off all THREE of your legs!"

This domineering voice boomed out across the entire sky. When Lin Fan heard this voice, he could not help but suck in a breath of cold air as well. What an overbearing woman!

At the same time, he swore to the Heavens that no matter what happened in the future, he must definitely not get captured by her. He must raise his cultivation state! Only then would he have the foundation to fight it out with her, so that he could pin her down harshly and show her who was the true Daddy.

"Huehue! Do you think that Yours Truly wouldn't know of your sneaky plans? Even if a single strand of hair from your body twitches, Yours Truly can see right through you! It's not as though you can play dirty with me!"

Lin Fan was confident right now and did not move at all, just letting the Fire Water Empress act all she wanted instead.

Even now that the Fire Water Empress had left by this moment, Lin Fan still did not budge an inch. That was because in his opinion, the Fire Water Empress was still a really devious person.

And indeed, just as Lin Fan expected, the Fire Water Empress appeared a few more times continuously, as though she was waiting for Lin Fan to fall back into her trap himself.

Seeing a situation as such, Lin Fan was just totally speechless. He just laid down there and closed his eyes.

It was truly a torture after being f*cked for a couple of years. It had been a long time since he had had a good rest, and he truly just wanted to rest right now.

This was a sleep that Lin Fan wanted to slowly enjoy and savor.


The battle between the Fire Water Empress and Lin Fan had gone over a good five years now. Within these five years, the changes within the Ancient Saint World had been huge.

With the resurrection of one powerful being after another, the thousands of races who had been oppressed in the past were now finally able to stand up for themselves. That was because they now had the utmost powerful beings to look up to in their hearts. As for the Ancient race, while their position was largely similar to the past, they could no longer be as tyrannical as they once were.

The 3,000 Demonic Gods of the Ancient race had been waking up one after another in the past five years as well.

This was going to be an apocalyptic battle.

As for the Primogenitors of the thousands of races, each time one of them awakened, a sect would form with their appearance. These sects would pull all the beings of the same race within as their disciples.

This time around, the glorious age of the thousands of races had finally descended. However, there were still sinister plots going underway.

Two years ago, the God of the Wings race, Lucifer, had sunken down and colluded with the Ancient race.

And in the most recent year, there was even an earthshattering battle that took place. The King of the Giant race, Kua Fu, had gone for a round with the Death Demonic God. This was a battle that caused the entire Heavens to topple over and the stars to shatter. There were countless of casualties.

However, as for the other utmost powerful beings of any races, they were all just waiting as though they were anticipating something.

"Traitor! Hand over that big treasure of the Buddha race!"

At this moment, a few streaks of light bolted over from the void. The leading streak of light was exceptionally hurried, as though he was being chased close to death right now.

"This is mine! It does not belong to the Buddha race!" A monk was yelling out. However, two gigantic basketballs were hanging from the chest of that monk. Bobbing up and down, they were really eye-catching.

If Lin Fan had seen this, he would have definitely been shocked. Wasn't this bloody Reverend Shakya?

Reverend Shakya was a genius of the Buddha race! How was he being hunted down by his own kind right now?

"Hmph! Just capture this being with the demonic body right there and hand him over for the Rulai Buddha to handle!"

"Heaven Encompassing Buddha Palm!"

All of a sudden, the entire void rippled out as a gigantic golden Buddha Palm descended from the skies, aiming to capture Reverend Shakya within. When Reverend Shakya caught sight of this, he was so scared that his little heart started thumping.

"Holy f*ck! You guys are coming at it for real?"

Reverend Shakya felt that the world had changed greatly in the past few years. The moment the Guarded grounds were shattered, he was all ready to head back to the Buddha race and join them. But who would have thought that after he returned to the Buddha race, he would realize that there was something somewhat different about them now?

The Buddha King that was totally unparalleled in his eyes suddenly looked as though he had been given a bad beating! After inquiring a little, Reverend Shakya discovered that all of them had been suppressed down by a powerful being.

It was only then that Reverend Shakya found out about an extremely powerful being having arrived. And not only that, the powerful being claimed that the entire Buddha race was created by him!

This was one hell of a fantasy tale in the mind of Reverend Shakya! But, when he thought about how his cultivation state was barely enough for the other party to even fill the gaps of his teeth, he could only remain alive with a low profile.

But, who would have guessed that the secret of him possessing the Great Buddha's Light of Purification would be made known to this Rulai Buddha or whatnot, and the other party would request for him to hand it over!

This was something that Reverend Shakya couldn't accept naturally. What was with this with giving up his own possession just because the other party wanted it? It was not as though they were THAT chummy with one another now, were they?

Therefore, Reverend Shakya broke into an escape immediately. This single escape of his lasted for an entire year up till now. Within this single year, Reverend Shakya had been ambushed countless of times, and he would barely scrape out alive each time.

However, this time around, Reverend Shakya could feel that something was not right. The people hunting him down this time around were all powerful beings. Compared to him, they were much, much stronger.

"Lay down and surrender."

The Buddha Palm that was descending from the skies was getting larger by the second, as though it could cover the entire sky. Reverend Shakya had nowhere to run entirely. He then howled out before using both his arms to hold up the Heavens.


At this moment, Reverend Shakya just went into S.E.E.D. mode immediately as an immense amount of power surged out from him, wanting to push the Buddha Palm away.

But, the powers that were coming at him were simply way too strong! Reverend Shakya could only feel a tremendous force that was pressing down on his body.



Reverend Shakya was being pushed down from the void by this crushing power. His feet were being pushed into the ground right now.

"I'M F*CKED...!" Reverend Shakya screamed, feeling that this was the end of the road for him.

"Holy f*ck! Who is this blind f*ck who is stepping on the body of Yours Truly? Are you looking to die?!"

Just at this moment, a loud voice boomed out.

Right now, Lin Fan was blowing up. Wasn't he just taking a good sleep, and that was all?! Why would a blind f*ck start stamping deep into the mud? Did they not grow any eyes when they were born or what?