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 Chapter 884: I Admit Defeat

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As long as one had the skills, they could grind an iron rod into a needle.

However, Lin Fan wasn't worried about this. Wasn't it just a needle? And even if it DID become a needle, all he had to do was just chop it off and regrow a new one.

This was a steady plan for sure.

An endless abyss with tactful and penetrative turns... For a moment or so, this was simply a mysterious feeling to behold.

The body of the Fire Water Empress truly left one with no complaints. It was exquisite and fine, with protrusions at all the right places. She was neither fat nor skinny, forming perfect curves on her body.

And right now, she could even be described as a wild horse that was just unleashed into the wild, galloping with unbridled joy over the grass plains.

'Ding...Experience Points +5,000.'

The notifications of the system had Lin Fan almost flying into the Heavens.

This was too damned pleasurable!

This was the TRUE way of leveling! Compared to even killing monsters to level up, this was way faster!

Right now, Lin Fan's cultivation state was already at the Supreme state, and he had truly transcended from the Divine celestial level 10, Eternal God state. Initially, Lin Fan had thought that he would have to put in a lot more effort to get through this state.

But, who would have thought that he could actually get at it this easily?

This speed was simply way too unreal!

Right now, the amount of experience points he required could be compared to a vast ocean. However, Lin Fan wasn't afraid of it in the least bit. As long as he had the perseverance, he would definitely be able to make up for those experience points.

In this period of time, Lin Fan had already cultivated that secret skill to an extremely high state. Each time it activated, it was the exchange of powers between him and the Fire Water Empress, causing his experience points to rise because of it as well.

However, there was something that bugged Lin Fan's mind. Ten years seemed a little...too long, didn't it?

And how much time had passed earlier on?

Lin Fan truly did not keep a track. But, for him to be able to raise his cultivation state from a Divine celestial level 10, Eternal God state to the Supreme state, it must have been quite some time.

Thump. Thump.

Right now, Lin Fan's mind was completely fixated on his cultivation. As for this most wonderful activity in the world that was going on right now, he did not pay much attention to it.

However, the sensations were still ever too real.

Lin Fan could only think of a saying right now, 'There is no field that is plowed to death, only the cows that are worked to death.'.

However, that saying wouldn't work out all the time as well. If the fields ran out of water, it would also dry up!

Although given the current situation, it was pretty unlikely for that to happen. This was practically a flooding dam right now. She was so wet that she couldn't possibly get any wetter.

Day and night passed by one another. In this separate dimension, there was no concept of time at all.

One year later...

Lin Fan could feel that his entire body was almost sucked dry. He could barely endure it any longer. But on the other hand, he realized that the Fire Water Empress was only getting more energetic over time!

Even the True Essences of Fire and Water that had fused together were getting stronger and stronger as though there was no limit to it!

Given the current situation, Lin Fan was not the only one raising his cultivation state. The Fire Water Empress was doing the same as well.

This was a win-win situation.

Two years later...

Lin Fan could feel that he had turned skinner by a whole lot as though he had been sucked dry. This repetitive cycle day after day was never-ending. Even Gods would bloody get tired over this!

"Fire Water Empress, how about this...?"

At this moment, Lin Fan opened his eyes. He wanted to suggest for them to just let it go how about that. Towards the fighting prowess of the Fire Water Empress, Lin Fan was truly convinced by now. This mother*cker was just like a perpetual motion machine that did not require rest at all!

However, a single sentence of reply from the Fire Water Empress had Lin Fan completely riled.

"Whoever stops is a dog. You said that, didn't you? And, YOU want to stop now?" Even after two years of riding, the Fire Water Empress's face did not change at all, and was ever so domineering.

For the Fire Water Empress, the mockery from her Exclusive Property was something that she couldn't possibly endure! If she didn't suppress him entirely right now, how was she going to uphold her might in the future?

Lin Fan's heart was burning with a ball of raging flame. It had already been such a long time now! To think that she would still remember that single sentence, 'Whoever stops is a dog.'

But, how could he possibly admit that he was a dog? Even if he couldn't hold on anymore, he had to persevere.

"Who's afraid of whom? Continue then!" Lin Fan wanted to flip around and take the lead to show her who was the boss. But, when he placed his hands on the slender waist of the Fire Water Empress, he was immediately hit away by the Fire Water Empress.

"You are the Exclusive Property of Your Empress! Could it be that you're thinking of pinning Your Empress under? You had better just lie down right there!" The Fire Water Empress scolded out.

"Lie your mother...!"

Lin Fan was practically close to breaking down right now. How could this mother*cker be so tyrannical? The both of them were improving mutually! Why couldn't they just change a position?!

But, under this absolutely formidable suppression, Lin Fan couldn't fight back at all, and could only lie down there silently.

Three years later...

Lin Fan's cultivation state was getting more and more superb right now. He was already more than halfway through the experience points required to break through the Supreme state. It might not be long before he could break through it fully now.

However, something that Lin Fan did not want to talk more about was the fact that he was already numb right now. There wasn't a single shred of feeling left.

Even though his godly body was well accomplished by now, he could not endure such a savage attack still!

In Lin Fan's eyes, this Fire Water Empress was no living being at all! This mother*cker must be a robot!

If this were to continue on, someone was going to lose their life!

As the Supreme Being of the Human race right now with a cultivation state of a Supreme state, his death might not come at the hands of an enemy, but instead by being f*cked to death!

For the Fire Water Empress, this was quite the decent feeling. To think that she could continue to progress even after the True Essences of Fire and Water were fused together.

"It seems like it's been a couple of years now...The outside world might have already fallen into a state of complete chaos by now." Lin Fan said from the side of his face. He was hoping that the Fire Water Empress would let him off because of this. It was really time to stop playing now. It was way too much for him to handle now.

"Exclusive Property, it's all too late now. You have already let Your Empress here hit the sweet spot." The snow white and smooth skin of the Fire Water Empress was dripping with beads of sweat. This was so damn seductive to look at!

However, even if that were the case, she was nothing but an old sow in front of Lin Fan's eyes right now.

He truly wanted to cry.

Four years later...

Lin Fan was totally dumbfounded by now. He truly did not wish to move anymore.

The experience points were still rising up like crazy. However, for some reason, Lin Fan just couldn't feel any bit of joy at all right now. Compared to the experience points, he was more willing to be able to get a rest right now.

At this moment, Lin Fan just laid there with a face of absolute despair. He raised his right hand gently and placed it on his forehead.

'I truly can't take this anymore.' Lin Fan realized that he had always overestimated himself.

Bloody hell. Ten years? He was almost breaking down by the end of the second year!

The hands of the Fire Water Empress were pressing down on Lin Fan's chest. Her long hair were spilled down from her head, and tender drops of sweat rolled down those glistening, shiny hair of hers. However, for the Fire Water Empress, this was not enough. Everything was still far from enough.

Lin Fan looked at the Fire Water Empress. And when she looked at him, she gave him a smile instead.

Perhaps this was how feelings grew over time.

Lin Fan realized that the Fire Water Empress was much gentler to him than before. But even then, she did not show any indication of wanting to stop at all.

'No, no more. I've got to save myself. If this were to carry on, the only path awaiting me is surely death!' Lin Fan screamed out in his mind. He then gently raised his hands and stroked the long hair of the Fire Water Empress. All of a sudden, the Nine Five Legendary Brick appeared in his hands.



The Fire Water Empress fainted over instantly.

Immediately, Lin Fan pushed the Fire Water Empress over. When he checked out that little brother of his, he truly wanted to cry.

'It's totally numb now! There's no more feeling to it! Seems like it's truly crippled right now!' Lin Fan cried out in his heart.

Without giving a care for anything else in this world, he wore his pants and made a run for it instantly.

As for the Fire Water Empress with that perfectly crafted body, Lin Fan didn't even want to take a look at it ever again.