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 Chapter 867: That's Earth!

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Even if some of the Insect race beings tried flipping themselves over onto Chicky's body, they would find themselves barbequed to a crisp as flames burst forth from Chicky's body instantly.

Tyrannical! Very tyrannical indeed!

Using his claws, he pinned down the Insect race beings while he used his beak to swallow down other Insect race beings.

Everyone from the Heaven Spirit Sect who was watching this felt their hearts shivering over it. What a ferocious beast! He was simply way too tyrannical!

However, none of these masses knew just what sort of a beast Chicky was.

"Courting death!"

At this moment, the Insect Ancestor could only see his fellow race beings being bullied by an extremely ugly looking beast! There was naturally no way he could endure this at all!

Countless of feelers burst up into the sky. These jet black gigantic feelers were extremely scary indeed. They could even contort space and time, let alone Chicky.

Against all the other small worms, there was naturally no issue for Chicky. But, if he had to deal with a Divine celestial level 10, Eternal God state Insect Ancestor, the difference would truly be too great for him right now.

Lin Fan's body flashed as a Sword Will burst forth into the skies. A bright flash shot out as the Sword Will sliced through the void.

Just like paper, these immensely strong feelers were sliced apart in the blink of an eye. Along with that, yet another wave of green liquid spurted out across the sky.

A tragic cry rang out from the mouth of the Insect Ancestor.

"S-so strong!"

When Ling Tianzi caught sight of everything before him, his heart was rattled. He then turned around to look at Ling Wuwei, wondering where his disciple managed to invite this powerful being from.

However, Ling Tianzi could not help but wonder if this meant that there would be a change in the situation of today.


Taking advantage of this brief respite, Ling Wuwei came over to the side of the Grandmaster. All of those hundreds of Spirit race beings joined into the crowd of the disciples as well. When they caught wind of their fellow brothers in the sect dying in the hands of this Insect race, everyone felt caught up in emotions in their hearts.

"Wuwei, this person here is...?" Ling Tianzi looked over at Lin Fan, who was fighting against the Insect race, and could not help but ask in doubt.

"Grandmaster, that's the Motherf*cking Human King." Ling Wuwei then started explaining everything that happened to the Colossal Shark race for the Grandmaster to hear.

After hearing everything, Ling Tianzi's face was astounded, evidently in disbelief.

Annihilating the entire Colossal Shark race? How could that be?

The Colossal Shark race was one of the Top Ten Old Ancient Beast races, having an extremely formidable strength! That Shark Ancestor was even more godly than anything else! He was definitely not someone that any ordinary person could deal with!

When the surrounding disciples heard the experiences relayed down by Ling Wuwei, they were taken aback equally. They could not believe that other than from within the Ancient race, there would be another powerful being of this level!


"Just who in the world are you?" At this moment, the Insect Ancestor looked at Lin Fan warily. His cautious gaze was also mixed in with a look of fury.

To the Insect Ancestor, this was a damned fella who had dared to chop off his feelers twice!

But, just these two times were enough for the Insect Ancestor to know that the strength of this living being before him was far from simple.

"Insect race? Say, this is a really weird race indeed. You guys are really extremely hideous." Lin Fan sized him up and down before letting out a bewildered expression, "How come you guys look more like centipedes?"

This centipede that Lin Fan was talking about was a type of insect that existed in his previous life.

And this Insect Ancestor right here looked really similar to that.

"How dare you insult the almightily great Insect race!" The moment the Insect Ancestor heard this, he blew up and his feelers started swinging around furiously, as though they were ready to slam Lin Fan to death.

"Xuanhuang World, Motherf*cking Human King... Hey, Centipede Insect, remember the name of Yours Truly. Don't end up not knowing who's the one who will dissect you!" Lin Fan chuckled out.

Now, dissection was something that required profound knowledge, and was not for the casual masses.

"Human race... Cricket... The Human race is about to go extinct. Your Ancestor here is the king of the Insect race. I can never die nor be destroyed." The Insect Ancestor barked out before laughing out endlessly in a frosty tone as though he had just recalled something.

"Smelly insect, what are you laughing at?" Lin Fan asked.

"Shut up! Your Ancestor is not a smelly insect! You puny little human! You'll definitely pay a terrible price for this!" The Insect Ancestor waved out and danced with those countless feelers, sending chills down one's spine.

"Smelly insect, Yours Truly is asking you. What are you laughing at!" Out of nowhere, the Eternal Axe had already appeared in the hands of Lin Fan.


All of a sudden, the Insect Ancestor turned into a long streak of light that bolted out at Lin Fan.

"Hehe... Insect with hundred feet, let Yours Truly shave you into a clean stick then." Lin Fan burst out laughing as he swung the Eternal Axe. A long streak of light tore through the air, slicing and destroying everything in its path.

Each time every single feeler of the Insect Ancestor moved, the void would be like white paper that was sliced apart. At this moment, there were many tears that appeared in the void, all caused by the wriggling of the Insect Ancestor's feelers.

The void currents were going berserk right now as they surged into the world. If it were any ordinary powerful being who was caught up in these void currents, they would have long been minced into sludge and killed!

But for Lin Fan, these were just akin to tickles that neither hurt nor itched. He didn't feel anything at all.


The long streak of light exploded out as a tragic wail rang out across the entire world.

"Smelly insect, you're simply way too weak in the eyes of Yours Truly."

This single man and axe just glided gently across the void to create an earth-shattering impact.

All of a sudden, the Insect Ancestor found out that all of his feelers had been severed! His body was truly like a wooden rod right now that was rolling around on the ground!

"DAMN IT! DAMN IT...!!!"

The Insect Ancestor burst out in rage. The areas where his feelers were cut off from were oozing out green liquid endlessly.

"How's that?" Even though Lin Fan was a Divine celestial level 10 state being who hadn't obtained the Eternal God Seat, his powers were already heaven revolting.

While the Insect Ancestor might be formidable, compared to Lin Fan, he was simply way too weak... Far, far too weak.

And right now within this entire world, there MIGHT be powerful beings who could kill Lin Fan. Who knew for sure? BUT, the powerful beings who COULDN'T be killed by Lin Fan were practically barely existent.

Even if it were the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race, so what? If it came down to a life or death duel, Lin Fan had at least a seventy percent confidence that he could kill the Utmost Being solo. And, if he were to use the Ancient One and the others, that confidence level would rise up to hundred percent.

As for this Insect Ancestor, he was nothing but an ant in Lin Fan's eyes.

"So strong!"

At this moment, the masses from the Heaven Spirit Sect were totally stumped. They hadn't expected that things would come down to this!

The extremely formidable Insect Ancestor in their eyes couldn't even take a single blow from the Motherf*cking Human King! And as for those other beings of the Insect race, they were just dying extremely miserably under the feet of that extremely savage beast.

Their flesh was being strewn all over the place. None of them died with a complete body.

"Delicious! Delicious!"

It was as though Chicky was possessed right now. The moment he caught sight of these Insect race beings, he was filled with an endless battle prowess. There was only a single thought in his mind right now.



"Huehue. I'm afraid I've got to disappoint you then. The Xuanhuang World is already under the protection of Yours Truly. What other methods does a smelly insect like you have?" Lin Fan chuckled out.

"CRICKET... HUMAN, THE XUANHUANG WORLD ISNT THE ONLY PLACE WITH HUMANS!" The Insect Ancestor screamed at the top of his lungs. He then opened up his gigantic mouth as a trace of his consciousness bolted out.

All of a sudden, an illusory image appeared.

When Lin Fan caught sight of this, he frowned.

A series of meteors were bolting down in the endless universe at a tremendous speed, dragging long fiery tails behind them. And the target of these meteors was a clear blue world.


The image changed in that instant.

Within those meteors, countless Insect race beings were revived and started blowing off the signal for the others to start devouring living beings as they waged war on that clear blue world.


Lin Fan was frozen. Wasn't that his hometown...?

"DAMN IT...!"

Lin Fan's brows creased as his entire body's aura burst forth in a tremendous surge. He then pointed out with a single finger.


The body of the Insect Ancestor was sliced cleanly into two.