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 Chapter 866: Chicky Eats Worms!

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Instantly, all of those humongous Insect race beings let out a sinisterly creepy sound.

The disciples of the Heaven Spirit Sect looked at these horrifying living beings around them and started shivering. They were fearful right now.

Those of them who had ascended from the Lower Worlds had a much firmer mental state than the others. But, when they caught sight of the situation before them, even they could not help but get nervous.

The terrifying Insect race looked at the Spirit race as though they were looking at a prey. Sticky saliva started drooling out from the sides of their mouths.

Ling Tianzi bolted upright instantly and sheilded his disciples behind him, "Insect race... Insect race!"

He lowered his head before laughing out miserably, "All the disciples of the Heaven Spirit Sect, listen to my commands! Today, we shall fight it out with this Insect race!"


While these disciples were afraid, they puffed their chests up and showed no fear at this moment.

"Cricket... A bunch of ant-like living beings! Today, I shall have all of you devoured and reminisce about just how delicious the beings of the Spirit race are!"

The Insect Ancestor took a step forth. In his eyes, these Spirit race beings were nothing more than ants, good food that was waiting for him to fill his belly with.


Instantly, the Insect Ancestor opened up that gigantic mouth of his. That originally not too huge body of his began to expand as an unknown green liquid poured out of his mouth.

Feelers extended out of that body of his one after another, dancing up in the skies.

In the blink of an eye, an Insect Ancestor that was several times larger than the previous one appeared. Within that menacingly frightening mouth of his, a row of sharp teeth lined within, as though anything, no matter what it was, would definitely be chewed down into scraps when placed into that mouth.


When the disciples of the Heaven Spirit Sect caught sight of that monstrous body, they stumbled backward as their eyes shone with an endless fear.

Some of the disciples were so scared that their hands and legs had lost all their strength, and they could not even hold the weapons in their hands steady anymore. There were even some who had fallen onto the ground crippled, having a look of extreme fear.

In the face of this frightening monster, they were truly afraid right now. This was even scarier than facing up against the Ancient race.

While the Ancient race was ugly, they were in no way as ugly as these hideous creatures.

And not only were these Insect race beings ugly, they were savage. Each and every single one of them were just like the devil.


Right at this moment, the voice of Ling Wuwei rang out from far in the distance.

The moment Ling Tianzi heard this, his face changed, "HURRY AND LEAVE!" He was starting to panic now. Hadn't he already told them to leave? Why did they choose to come back now!

"GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...!!!" Ling Tianzi screamed out at the top of his lungs.

"Cricket. Yet another bunch of Spirit race beings? Since you're here, don't leave then." The Insect Ancestor looked at these Spirit race beings and laughed out sinisterly. He waved the feelers on his body as they turned into streaks of black light that seeped into the void, attacking toward Ling Wuwei and the others.

When Ling Tianzi caught sight of this, they felt their hearts getting nervous. But at this moment, there was nothing they could do about it as well.

"Could this be the Insect race?"

Lin Fan, who was brought over by Ling Wuwei and the others, felt a series of images float into his memories as he caught sight of these monsters. Back in the records of the Cloud Sect, he had seen some relevant introductions about these guys.

The Insect race was also a race amongst the thousands of races. However, they were the most savage of all. They would devour the other races before transferring their genetics unto their own bodies.

Each time the Infinite Worlds opened up, the Insect race would lead the charge and tear open the barriers of the Insect World to come and devour the other beings.

They could be considered as the steady brawlers of the Ancient race.

However, the Insect race would not serve under the Ancient race. Or rather, it would be more accurate to say that both races were just making use of one another.

"Interesting race! Later on, I'll have to dissect one and give it a good research." When Lin Fan caught sight of the Insect race, that inquisitive and curious mind of his got to work right away.

Now, this issue about dissecting the thousands of races was something that Lin Fan could not really bring himself to do it. But, when he looked at these Insect race beings, he found his heart being filled with an endless joy.

'What can all these big insects be used for? You either barbeque them or dissect them, duh?'

"Big Insect! Big Bro, there's a Big Insect!" Chicky, who was standing on Lin Fan's shoulders, had his eyes shining with an endless gleam as he caught sight of these Insect race beings. It was as though he was extremely excited.

And just at this moment, the black light arrived. Within the black light was the feeler of the Insect Ancestor.

"Striking out the moment we meet... They're quite violent, aren't they?" Lin Fan smiled out calmly. Opening up his palms, he pushed out instantly.



"ARGH!" The Insect Ancestor suddenly yelped out as his feeler was broken, causing that green liquid to spray out into the world furiously.

"WHO'S THERE?" The face of the Insect Ancestor tensed up and looked extremely serious. He hadn't expected that there would be a living being who could be this strong! This was definitely unbelievable!

Initially, Ling Tianzi had thought that those disciples of his would be killed by the Insect Ancestor immediately. To think that there would be someone there that was strong enough to be able to hold back the attack of the Insect Ancestor!

"Old Bro, I can't take it anymore! Big Insects! It's all Big Insects!!!"

All of a sudden, Chicky leaped down from the shoulders of Lin Fan.


With a shrill cry, Chicky's body burst forth with an unparalleled radiance which shone down upon the world. At the same time, Chicky's body underwent a huge transformation all of a sudden.


A few colored tails rose up furiously. At this moment, Chicky's body began to expand out rapidly as well, growing to a size larger than those Insect race beings.

By the time the radiance dissipated, a gigantic Chicky had appeared before Lin Fan. Those huge and thick chicken claws of his stood on the ground like heaven piercing pillars.

That chicken head of his was tilted high, facing the air with that sharp beak of his. The crown above his head was even more flamboyant right now.


Chicky was mad right now! Those initially bright eyes of his were filled with a deranged look in them!

"Holy f*ck! This is a bloody situation of a chicken eating worms!"

When Lin Fan looked at the appearance of Chicky right now, he was stunned as well. He hadn't expected such scene to manifest!

Using his feet, Chicky stomped down on a being of the Insect race. Following that, he used that sharp beak of his and pecked down like a piledriver, poking up and down relentlessly.

In the blink of an eye, the seemingly formidable Insect race was turned into a mess just like that.

Chicky reared his head up high and swallowed that Insect race being into his tummy instantly.

"Delicious! DELICIOUS...!!!"

At this moment, Chicky revealed a look of utmost enjoyment.

When the Insect Ancestor caught sight of this, he let out a maddened roar. At the same time, there was a look of astonishment on his face.

"The natural enemy of the Insect race! How can this be...?"

For the Insect Ancestor, the Insect race was supposed to be an unparalleled supreme existence in the Infinite Worlds, which was meant to stand atop all the other races out there!

But at this moment, the Insect Ancestor was shocked to discover that they had a natural predator!

Beneath the feet of Chicky, some of the Insect race beings lost that imposing aura they had earlier. They then started retreating quickly as though they were extremely afraid.

As for the masses of the Heaven Spirit Sect, they were completely stupefied by this scene before them right now. To think that these extremely horrifying beings of the Insect race would actually turn so fragile in the face of such a weird looking beast!

One peck, one kill. They completely had no way of fighting back at all!