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 Chapter 858: Why Leave?

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"The Shark King is dead!"

From amidst the Spirit race beings, someone suddenly yelled with excitement as though this was something unbelievable. It didn't take long before the rest of the Spirit race beings caught on to it.

"The Shark King is dead!"

"To think that the invincible Shark King would be killed!"

"He was killed by the powerful being brought back by Little Stone!"

"Everyone, hurry and come over! The Shark King is dead!"

The cheers erupted out into the sky. All Spirit race beings felt as though a feeling of indignance had finally been vented out of their hearts.

"Senior, you're really way too strong!" Little Stone raised his head and looked at Lin Fan in exhilaration. Lin Fan chuckled out and did not put this affair to heart.


All of a sudden, all the Spirit race beings collapsed to their knees prostrating, "Please save us, senior!"

"Please save us from everything, senior!"

The Spirit race had been oppressed by the Colossal Shark race for a long time. Now that hope had finally appeared, they naturally wanted to grab hold of it. And they had to kneel down and beg all the more for it since the hope had appeared right before their very faces.

Lin Fan raised his hand gently, "Rest assured, everyone. After today, the Colossal Shark race shall be a thing of the past."

"Chicky, you stay here and gather some helpers to prepare for a Heaven Fin Feast." Lin Fan said.

"Don't worry, Old Bro. Your Chicky is the best guy for such things." Chicky replied cheerily.

At this moment, Lin Fan flew up into the void, "You guys don't have to be nervous. Yours Truly will head over to kill the Shark God now and return to host the Heaven Fin Feast."

Instantly, Lin Fan dove into the void and disappeared into the direction of the Shark God up ahead.

As for Chicky, he was now the center of all attention.

Chicky could not help but raise his head with a face of pride, "All of you can just calm your nerves. It'll only take a short time for my Old Bro to go kill that Shark God or whatnot. Any cooks around here? Come forth and prepare these Heaven Fins here."

It wasn't long before a large group of cooks from the Spirit race stepped forth. When they saw the pair of Heaven Fins, they were completely petrified.

"Holy sh*t! This is truly the first time I'm preparing such a large ingredient!"

"That's right! How should we do this?"

Chicky hopped onto the Heaven Fins and waved his wings, "Alright, come listen to my instructions..."


At this moment above a patch of ocean...

Lin Fan's white robes fluttered gently with his hands behind his back as he looked down at the situation below. On his way here, he caught sight of the Colossal Sharks who had taken Little Stone's younger sister and cleaned them up conveniently.

He then had Little Stone's younger sister head back on her own.

"Shark God, come on out."

Lin Fan looked at the calm water surface and said out softly.


The moment Lin Fan said these words, the water surface surged with mounting waves.

"Who was the one who killed the Shark King?"

All of a sudden, the entire ocean region turned pitch black as an enormous cluster of Colossal Sharks floated up, filling the entire place.

"Who are you?"

At this very moment, a golden colored Colossal Shark stood solidly on the surface of the water. Those shark eyes of his shone with an ominous glint.

For the Shark God, there had truly never been anyone who had dared to come here and act so audaciously. Even in the past when there were those beings of the Spirit race who had dared come forth to try kill him, they were all killed by the twelve Kings under him easily.

But all of a sudden, the Shark God realized that one of his twelve Kings, the Shark King, had died.

For the Shark God, this was something absolutely intolerable.

"Motherf*cking Human King."

Lin Fan placed his hands behind his back with a haughty aura.

"It's you!" When the Shark God heard this title, his face took a stark change. It was evident that he knew Lin Fan.

"Were you the one who destroyed the Colossal Shark God Ark of Your God here as well?" The Shark God asked sternly.

"Huehue. Why ask when you know the truth?" Lin Fan chuckled out, then sized up the Shark God, "Not bad! Compared to the Shark King, you're much larger in size. Those pair of Heaven Fins you have there? They can be considered as Yours Truly's."


At this moment, the remaining ten Kings who stood at the side of the Shark God barked out.

But in the next moment, Lin Fan stretched out his fingers and instantly grabbed the ten Shark Kings in his palms.

"How dare you!" When the Shark God caught sight of this, his entire face changed. But for Lin Fan, was there anything he wouldn't dare do?

In a flash, the ten Shark Kings returned to their true forms. But the moment their true forms appeared, Lin Fan severed their Heaven Fins straight away before pinching them to death one after another, turning them into sludge.

That thick blood stained the water surface, scaring the Colossal Sharks so badly that they retreated furiously, as though they had just seen a ghost.

"Not bad! These ten pairs of Heaven Fins should be enough for the Spirit race to enjoy." Lin Fan checked them out properly, then tossed the ten pairs of Heaven Fins up into the void and sent them flying toward the city.

This single scene had the Shark God feeling like his guts had just been smashed. This was a downright provocation! The Colossal Shark race were known to dominate over the water regions! But, to think that there would be this guy here who would dare come knocking on the door and taunting as such!

This was an utter humiliation...one that was absolutely unbearable!

The billions of Colossal Sharks roared out as that ferocious might of theirs was transmitted into the air.

"Shark God, the moment you decided to side with the Ancient race, your death had already been set in stone." Lin Fan said calmly. At the same time, he had some lingering intents on the treasures of the Colossal Shark race.

This time around with his trip to the Colossal Shark race base, Yours Truly would have to pillage a good round out of them!

"Damn it! DAMN IT! KILL HIM!" The Shark God bellowed out as he waved out his hands, sending billions of Colossal Sharks pouncing on Lin Fan.

At that moment when Lin Fan looked down and caught sight of those pitch black figures down below, he grinned out.

"Motherf*cking Human King, so what if you're immensely strong? The might of a billion Colossal Sharks isn't something that you can afford to defend against!" The Shark God yelled.

"Fellow brother, let us assist you!"

Just as Lin Fan was prepared to make his move, the void suddenly rippled out as hundreds of figures burst forth from the void.

Lin Fan was startled as he looked over. This single glance had him realizing that all of these figures seemed to be from the Spirit race!

"Shark God, how dare you hold our fellow Spirit race beings captive and slay them indiscriminately? Today, I'm going to fight it out with you!" A man wielded two swords in his hands and stood beside Lin Fan as he shouted out in fury.

"HAHA! So, it was you guys. But it's alright. All of you can die together from the fury of a billion Colossal Sharks today!"

"My Colossal Shark race is an invincible existence!"

The Shark God roared out. As he took a massive step forward, a tremendous amount of power burst forth from him. A series of ripples spread out on the water surface, causing the entire ocean to start billowing outwards.

"Fellow brother, who are you? On behalf of the Spirit race, I thank you."

"However, the situation is pressing right now. This Colossal Shark race is extremely formidable. We have to retreat now first before we plan for our next course of action carefully."

The man wielding dual swords looked over at Lin Fan saying.

When he caught sight of the black cluster of figures down below, his face could not help but turn grim as well.

"Senior brother, we had better hurry up and leave! This is the Savage Shark Formation of the Colossal Shark race! If we're caught up in it, death is the only thing that awaits us!" A female from the Spirit race said.

"Alright, fellow brother, let us hurry and leave!"

They were beings of the Spirit race. When they found out that there was a big group of their fellow race members who were being held captive and reared by the Colossal Shark race, they were filled with an endless rage down from the bottom of their hearts.

Therefore, they gathered a huge group this time around to try and save them.

Initially, they had remained hidden in the void for days now to check out the situation carefully. But, to think that there would be a man who would come forth and head straight for the Shark God!

This was something that was way too incredible for these Spirit race beings.

But, seeing how the other party was stepping up for their Spirit race, how could they leave him in the lurch to die? Therefore, they did not mind revealing themselves.


Lin Fan blinked his eyes and shrugged his head helplessly.

"There's no need to. Why are we leaving? It's just a bunch of ants."