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 Chapter 857: Time To Eat Shark Fin!

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"Who's there?"

"Just who is it?"

At this moment, all of the patrol members of the Colossal Shark race started getting nervous. To think that a living being would dare to kill the Colossal Shark race members! Were they tired of living?

As for those horrified living beings of the Spirit race, their faces were completely frozen solid at the scene before them.

This was the Colossal Shark race, one of the Top Ten Old Ancient Beast races! This was an existence that stood shoulder to shoulder with the Ancient race and ruled over the tens of millions of miles of ocean region! They were a force not to be reckoned with in the Ancient Saint World!

"Spare us! Please spare us!"

The beings of the Spirit race suddenly prostrated down onto the ground. In their opinions, the Colossal Shark race beings would definitely shift the rage over to them and kill them later on!

"The Colossal Shark race is indeed extremely tyrannical. To think that you're able to hold an entire race captive."

At this moment, an authoritative voice descended down from the void as two figures could be seen standing out.

Little Stone was beyond excited right now as he waved down to everyone below, "Everyone, I'm back!"

"I'm back!"

Little Stone was young and ignorant, without much knowledge towards powerful beings out there. But, when he saw how Lin Fan had annihilated a Colossal Shark race being with just a single finger, he was naturally overwhelmed with joy.

Chicky stood on Lin Fan's shoulders and looked down at the Spirit race beings below. He could not help but shake his head, feeling that these guys were leading way too miserable a life, being reared like pigs.

The Spirit race beings who were prostrating on the ground looked up at that voice from that short little figure and looked at one another.

"Little Stone."

"Isn't that the son of Zhao Xinming?"

"Hadn't he set out for the seas? I had thought that he would have died in the jaws of some Sea Beast or something. To think that he would have returned!"

"Who's that man beside Little Stone? Was he the one who killed that Colossal Shark race being just now?"


"Who are you to dare killing the Colossal Shark race beings?" The patrolling squad from the Colossal Shark race roared out. Something as such had never ever happened before! To think that a living being would dare to kill someone of their race right in their territory!


Lin Fan snorted out coldly using the Heavenly Dragon's Music, and a soundwave boomed out ferociously, as that immense amount of power caused the void to rupture out immediately.


The void cracked out inch by inch. For all of these Colossal Shark race beings of the patrol squad, this power was simply way too formidable to resist at all!


Crushed. Completely, utterly crushed.

These beings of the Colossal Shark race patrol squad were turned into a sludge of blood and dust.

Tragic. This was truly really tragic.

"Everyone, I've brought senior here back with me! Senior will be able to help us get rid of these devils!" Little Stone commented excitedly.

"Little Stone, why are you back? And who is this person?"

"Little Stone, your younger sister was just taken away by the Colossal Shark race to give to the Shark God as tribute!"


The moment Little Stone heard this, his entire face changed, "Senior, please save my younger sister! My younger sister has been brought away by those devils!"

Hearing these words from the masses, Little Stone started tugging at Lin Fan's robes worriedly.

"Who is it?"

At this moment, a violent roar boomed out from the distance. This voice was coarse, mighty, and filled with an endless ferocity.

Far from the distant skies, a surging wave gushed over. Above that wave was a Colossal Shark wearing a golden armor and bringing forth an unparalleled might, along with an extraordinary disposition.

"AH! The Shark King is here!"

The moment the Spirit race beings heard this voice, they felt their hearts skip a beat as they were filled with fear once more.

For these Spirit race beings, the Shark King was akin to a god who held control over their lives. As for this powerful being that was brought back by Little Stone, they did not have any confidence in him at all. In their eyes, the Shark King was an invincible existence.

Back in the past, there were some other Spirit race beings who had grouped up to come and rescue them. However, in the hands of the Shark King, they were like ants that were killed in a split second. They could not fight back at all.

Lin Fan's brows furrowed as he looked over into the distance. His lips then curled into a grin as he patted Little Stone's head, "Don't worry. Everything is under control."

"Who are you?" A long streak of golden light burst forth and stopped before Lin Fan's face instantly. The body of the Shark King was extremely huge, and that menacing shark head of his was especially nefarious looking. Those cruel eyes of his were glaring at Lin Fan with extreme violence.

"Get your Shark God out."

Towards an ant of this level, Lin Fan didn't have much of an interest.

"Hmph! The Shark God is extremely revered. He isn't someone that a lowly living being such as yourself will be able to meet. You have just killed my underlings earlier on. Today, I shall have you pay with your life!" The Shark King bellowed.


In a flash, the Shark King transformed into a streak of light and attacked at Lin Fan.

All of the surrounding beings of the Spirit race supposed that this powerful being brought by Little Stone was just going to fall right here.

Perhaps even Little Stone himself might die here.


But all of a sudden, something that shocked everyone happened. That Shark King that was invincible in their eyes was gripped by the throat by that living being!

"Just have that Shark God of yours come out to face me. In the eyes of Yours Truly, all of you aren't even worth a single ant." Lin Fan raised his hands with extreme ease and choked the Shark King in his grip. That look of disdain in his eyes caused the Shark King to be riled up entirely.

The Shark King hadn't expected that things would turn out as such! He barked out, "JUST WHO IN THE WORLD ARE YOU?"

"Motherf*cking Human King."

Lin Fan replied casually as he increased his grip strength.

On the other hand, Chicky was sitting on Lin Fan's shoulders carefreely right now. With a look of scorn, he looked at the Shark King and said, "Hmph! Just someone like you and you think you can get your grubby hands on my Old Bro? Why don't you take a piss and look at yourself in the reflection to see just how f*cking ugly you are."

"Eh! Old Bro, I've suddenly recalled something!" Chicky's eyes shone with a bright glint as he remarked excitedly.


"I heard from my mother that the royalty of the Colossal Shark race are all Heaven Sharks. Their fins are extremely great tonics that can help to raise one's cultivation state!" Chicky said.

"Oh? Shark fins?" Lin Fan grinned.

"YOU B*STARD!" The Shark King howled out. To think that this living being before him right now would be thinking about eating him!


All of a sudden, the Shark King roared out as his body began to expand rapidly. In the blink of an eye, he became thousand feet tall, as a Colossal Shark with a pair of fins appeared before Lin Fan's very eyes.

Those pair of Heaven Fins were glistening and shiny.

"Old Bro! That's it! He's a Heaven Shark! The royalty amongst the Colossal Shark race!" Chicky flapped his wings excitedly while saying as he drooled over it.

"Since these Colossal Sharks love eating the Spirit race beings so much, this time around, we'll have them treat the Spirit race beings to a meal then!"

Lin Fan raised his hand furiously and tossed the Heaven Shark into the air. Using two fingers as a sword, he drew a line in the air.

Two streaks of sword gleams glided through the air. With a sharp sound, that pair of gigantic Heaven Fins were sliced off.


The Shark King howled out in pain. However, in a single breath, Lin Fan slammed down violently and crushed the Shark King.

'Ding...Congratulations on killing Royalty of the Colossal Shark race, Shark King.'

'Experience Points +...'


Given Lin Fan's strength now, even if this were a Heaven Shark, he wouldn't give him many experience points anymore. Therefore, it was practically negligible.

At this moment, all of the Spirit race members were stunned, as though they had just witnessed something horrifying. They hadn't expected that the formidable Shark King would die just like that!

On the other hand, Little Stone was clapping excitedly. He was so enthusiastic in clapping that his hands were reddened by now.