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 Chapter 856: The Race With No One Cultivating At All

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And by now, Lin Fan knew the name of this young boy as well.

Little Stone.

This was some really casual name that he was given!

"And with just that strength of yours, you want to cross this vast ocean that spans out tens of millions of miles? I'm afraid that's not going to be too possible in your entire lifetime." Lin Fan's words did not have anything untrue at all. For a little kid like this, the ocean was truly boundless, and stretched as far as his eyes could see. If he wanted to cross it just by floating across slowly like this, he might not be able to achieve it even if he was given a hundred years.

Even for any living being below the Divine celestial cultivation state, if they wanted to fly across this entire ocean, they would have to spend at least an entire year.

"I'm not afraid! My race members are living in the shadows of these demons! I will head out there to find a powerful being to acknowledge as my master! I will then learn some capabilities to come back and save my entire race!" Even though Little Stone wasn't huge in size, his eyes shone with an iron will.

"You've got ambition, little fella! But, if you hadn't bumped into me, you would have long been eaten up by that Sea Beast." Lin Fan chuckled out.

Being well read, Lin Fan had an understanding towards all the beings of the thousands of races. There was plenty of Spirit Qi within the body of this boy that was pure without any impurities. While he might not have any cultivation state, Lin Fan could tell that his entire body was filled with Spirit Qi, even down to his flesh.

With this type of body, there was no doubt that he was from the Spirit race.

And, this race was a little mysterious now. It was hard to find them in other places.

"Are you strong?" Little Stone peered at Lin Fan with a thirsty look in his eyes, as though he was anticipating something.

"Not too bad. Why? Is there any issue?" Lin Fan chuckled out.


Instantly, Little Stone collapsed to his knees and prostrated that small little body of his on the ground, "Please take me in as your disciple, senior! Teach me some mystic skills of the martial arts! I want to learn them to save my race!"

"Haha." Lin Fan could not help but chuckle out when he looked at this small Little Stone that was prostrating before his face. This was quite an interesting kid.

"Oh? Sure, I can teach you some unparalleled mystic skills. But, what can you give me in return, kid?" Lin Fan laughed out. "There's no free lunch in this world out of no reason, you know?"

When Little Stone heard these words, his face got a little anxious, not knowing what he should do. All of a sudden, Little Stone took out a dagger and placed it right in front of him.

"Please take me in as your disciple, senior! Little Stone is someone from the Spirit race! I know that all of those devils love eating the meat of my comrades! As long as you teach me some mystic skills, Little Stone is willing to cut off his meat for senior to eat!"

Even though Little Stone was young, his face was extremely solemn as though he was talking about something extremely important right now.

Lin Fan's face tensed up. To think that this Little Stone would say something as such!

But, Lin Fan knew that it was inscribed in the records that the Spirit race beings were born with an incredible amount of Spirit Qi within their bodies. This could be considered as the most delicious thing in this entire world.

The Colossal Shark race must have rounded up the Spirit race beings and reared them so that they could enjoy this endless delicacy at their own likings!

At this moment, Chicky stood on Lin Fan's shoulders, his chicken eyes shining with a bright glint.

"Old Bro, this kid is pretty decent. He has the style of Your Chicky here." Chicky commented.

"You've taken a liking to him? How about you take him as your disciple?" Lin Fan grinned.

"Sure. Even though this kid isn't anything much, Your Chicky here is a benevolent chicken. Regarding this matter..."

Chicky had wanted to brag a little more. But just at this moment, Little Stone suddenly shook his head furiously.

"Nononononno! I only want to take senior here as my master. I don't want to take a chicken as a master."

The moment Chicky heard these words, he exploded immediately. Spreading out his wings, all his chicken feathers stood upright, "Kid! You really don't know what's good for you! Your Chicky Daddy here has extended such a goodwill gesture and yet...? This is going to anger Your Chicky!"

"HAHAHA!" Lin Fan burst out laughing before patting Chicky on the head.

"Kid, we'll talk about this matter in the future. First, let's go check out the area of your Spirit race first, shall we?" Lin Fan tossed his robes. Bringing Little Stone with him, he flew into the distance.

It didn't take long for Lin Fan to reach the place, as he barely had to blink.

But for Little Stone, this was a little unbelievable. He had drifted out for close to ten days now! Yet, in the blink of an eye, he was already back home! At this moment, Little Stone was even more certain that this person before him was an absolute powerful being.

"Little Stone, is this your home?" Lin Fan looked up into the distance where a city floated above the ocean's surface and asked curiously.

This city was filled with Spirit Qi, all of it being emanated out from the beings of the Spirit race. Over an endless amount of time, it had become so thick that it had formed Spirit Qi Cyclones.

These Spirit Qi Cyclones swiveled above the sky of the city and formed different types of spirit creatures that lingered on and on.

"Senior, this is the hometown of Little Stone." Now that he was back home, Little Stone could not help but let out a look of reminiscence. But, his face was mostly filled with fear as though there was something horrifying that existed here.

"Eh? That's strange. This is the first time I've seen a city which is filled with only normal people." Lin Fan sent his consciousness through, and every single movement and action that took place within this city was instantly taken into his mind.

The innate gift of these beings from the Spirit race was that they had bodies that were extremely pure and without any impurities within them. If they were to cultivate, it would definitely be a smooth sailing for them. However, the curious thing was that within these beings of the Spirit race, there wasn't even a single cultivator! All of them were normal people who were extremely weak!

In the Ancient Saint World, this was something that he thought to be entirely impossible!

"Little Stone, is there anyone who cultivates in your hometown?" Lin Fan asked.

"No, senior. None of Little Stone's family members are allowed to cultivate. If they did, they would be killed by those devils instantly. That's the reason why Little Stone wants to leave this place and look for a powerful being outside to acknowledge as my master, so that I can learn something."

Little Stone replied.

Lin Fan did not say anything. He was just silently sensing all the movements within the city. Before long, he knew exactly what was going on.

Within this city, there were ten million Spirit race beings. However, not only did none of them have a cultivation state, they didn't even have any True Energy!

Seemed like the Colossal Shark race had really just encircled this entire place and kept these Spirit race beings as captives while letting them live on their own within. Those who worked could only earn some meager livelihood to feed their families.

This had Lin Fan recalling the society back in his old world. Those who would dare to cultivate on their own were akin to the ones carrying firearms back in his old world. If they were to be discovered, it would be a severe crime.

On the streets, the Colossal Shark race beings formed patrol groups that roamed the place. Whenever the surrounding beings of the Spirit race saw these Colossal Shark beings, they would lose all of their guts.

"How dare you bloody sh*t of the Spirit race dare to cultivate?"

At this moment, a patrolling Colossal Shark race being arrested a Spirit race being and bared his rows of sharp teeth.

"No, I didn't cultivate!" The Spirit race being who was arrested yelped out in horror.

"Hmph! Cultivating on your own leaves you only with death! Time to devour you!" The being of the Colossal Shark race instantly opened his mouth at the Spirit race being.

For the Colossal Shark race beings, the flesh of the Spirit race beings was an absolute tonic. That meat which was full of Spirit Qi would turn into pure Spirit Qi the moment they ate it up, nourishing their bodies.

When the surrounding Spirit race beings caught sight of this, they cowered in fear at a corner badly, not daring to say anything more.

To all of them, these beings from the Colossal Shark race were simply way too intimidating.

"Spare me please!" When the being of the Spirit race saw how he was about to turn into fish food for the Colossal Shark race being, he begged out for mercy with a tragic look on his face.

Looking at everything, Lin Fan could only shake his head. These Colossal Shark race beings were truly lapdogs of the Ancient race. To think that they would even pick up on the same habits of eating up others.

He then pointed out with a single finger.


Instantly, that Colossal Shark race being exploded out and was minced into sludge, deader than he could have ever been dead.