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 Chapter 854: A Single Palm To Destroy The Enemies

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When Sha Jingwang caught sight of that cannon shot from the Colossal Shark God Ark being sliced apart by a single sword flash, he leaped up in shock, not knowing what had just happened.

But, this wasn't the most startling thing awaiting Sha Jingwang.

Within the void, a single tear that was ripped open! This tear was incomparably pitch black, and a gigantic hand descended down from within. Tugging furiously, the hand grabbed all the Colossal Shark race beings in the void and gave a squeeze. Instantly, the sky was filled with blood spraying out everywhere as their remains were rained down onto the ground.

"WHO...? WHO'S THERE?!" Sha Jingwang howled out. He hadn't expected that something as such would happen at this critical moment!

When all of these disciples of the Cloud Sect, who were already prepared for death, saw everything before their eyes, they were completely confounded.

This was way too strong, wasn't it?

At the same time, a question popped into their minds. Who could it be?

"Gosh, you've really got some guts there to want to destroy the sect of my friend, eh?"

A set of white robes fluttered in the wind as a figure with hands behind his back walked out briskly. That calm expression showed that he wasn't fazed by anything before him in the least bit.

"Lin Fan...!"

When Grandmaster Yun caught sight of that figure, he could not help but gasp out in disbelief.

"It's been a long time, Grandmaster Yun. However, if not for your sacrifice, I might not even have known that the Cloud Sect had met with something as such." Lin Fan said.

But indeed, that was the case. Even if Lin Fan's powers were godly right now, if Grandmaster Yun hadn't initiated the sacrifice, he wouldn't have been able to sense it.

Seemed like this Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar wasn't entirely useless after all. Perhaps he could tell those people he was familiar with to hurry and sacrifice if they ever met with any problems. Maybe he could still make it in time with that.

Within the ranks of the Cloud Sect, there were some people who did not know of Lin Fan and who in the world he was.

But, as for Fairy Hongyun and the others, they couldn't be any more familiar with him.

"Who is this powerful being?"

"That's right! He was the one who had saved us earlier on! Also, he seems extremely friendly with our Grandmaster! Does this mean that we're safe now?"

"You guys ought to know him. He's the Motherf*cking Human King."

"What! He's THE Motherf*cking Human King?! THAT Motherf*cking Human King who is able to stand up against the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race?"

"That guy's my idol! To think that I would be able to see the Motherf*cking Human King in my lifetime!"

At this moment, every single person within the Cloud Sect started cheering out. While others might not know about it, they were thoroughly familiar with the Motherf*cking Human King.

That was because a long time ago, there was a live broadcast that was embedded in their memories. That was the only hero who could stand up against the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race!

"Who are you?" Sha Jingwang looked at Lin Fan warily. At the same time, his heart was burning with rage.

With just a single move, this fella had killed countless of his underlings!

Lin Fan turned his head around and looked at that vast, gigantic ark. He then chuckled out while asking, "One of the Top Ten Old Ancient Beast races, the Colossal Shark race... I wonder when you guys defected over to the side of the Ancient race?"

"Hmph! The Colossal Shark race has always been the most loyal followers of the Ancient race?" Sha Jingwang retorted.

"Since you guys are the loyal dogs of the Ancient race, then you have no rights to know who Yours Truly is. Just go to hell then, will ya?"

Towards ants like these, Lin Fan basically did not have that much of an interest. He then lifted his palm gently. Under the single slap of that palm, the world began to explode out all of a sudden. From the void, that gigantic palm crushed down in the direction of the Colossal Shark God Ark.

"BRAZEN!" Sha Jingwang bellowed out. As he gave the Sea God Staff in his hands a hard knock, the void broke out into waves. Layers after layers, the waves crashed against that palm strike.

"Anyone who has the guts to kill Colossal Shark race beings only has death awaiting them!" Sha Jingwang hollered.

Those torrential waves surged furiously before turning into a gigantic shark. This shark was akin to a Heaven Shark with two fins on its back as it opened up that humongous bloodied mouth.


In the blink of an eye, Lin Fan caught this Heaven Shark in his palms. With a gentle squeeze, it exploded out.

"Impossible! That's impossible!" Sha Jingwang was taken aback, showing a face of incredulity. It was as though he could not believe that this guy could take down a Heaven Shark with just a single palm!

But, things were never that simple. After crushing that Heaven Shark, the palm continued to crush down toward Sha Jingwang.

A tremendous aura erupted forth, causing the blood in the face of Sha Jingwang to drain out. As he lifted that Sea God Staff high, an immense amount of power gushed forth in retaliation.

One after another, Heaven Sharks burst forth menacingly. However, under the might of the palm strike, they were but ants that were destroyed one after another.


Caught at a loss, Sha Jingwang yelled out in a panic. Instantly, the Colossal Shark God Ark lit up with a bright flash of light as a natural barrier covered it completely.

"ACCURSED B*STARD!" Sha Jingwang screamed.

But all of a sudden, he heard a crack.

Lifting his head, Sha Jingwang discovered that under the might of that palm, the barrier was actually cracking apart without any resistance at all!

"How could this be? This is the protection of the Sea God!" Sha Jingwang howled out in astonishment. But, the entire barrier shattered in the blink of an eye, and the Colossal Shark God Ark was instantly in the control of the palms of the other party.

'Ding...Discovered Lower Graded Utmost Treasure, Colossal Shark God Ark.'

Looking at the imposing outlook of the gigantic ark, Lin Fan had thought that it would be some wild treasure. To think that at the end of the day, it would just be a Lower Graded Utmost Treasure! Boring! Way too boooooooooooooooooring!


Using a slight bit of strength, Lin Fan caused the Colossal Shark God Ark to crack as its core powers began to burst forth.

When Sha Jingwang saw how the Colossal Shark God Ark was broken under the might of a single palm, he was scared entirely witless.

This was a Lower Graded Utmost Treasure! Even a Divine celestial level 10 state being wouldn't be able to damage it!

But, to think that it would be destroyed by the other party with such ease! This was something that just shocked the bejabbers out of Sha Jingwang.


'Ding...Congratulations on killing Divine celestial level 9 state powerful being, Sha Jingwang.'

'Ding...Congratulations on obtaining Lower Graded Utmost Treasure, Sea God Staff.'


With just a single move, the entire world returned to its former peace.

Piak. Piak.

Lin Fan clapped his hands cleanly and looked at the Sea God Staff in his hands. He then tossed it straight into his Paradise for the Big Ancient Demon.

It was good to eat stuff like this every now and then as tonic.

"It's over just like that...?"

At this moment, everyone stood there dumbfounded. That formidable Sha Jingwang was dead just like that? And, that imposing army from the Colossal Shark race was annihilated entirely like that?

The disciples of the Cloud Sect were not the only ones stunned right now. Grandmaster Yun was entirely frozen as well. He felt that everything made no sense at all! Everything was just bloody too surreal!

When Lin Fan looked at the petrified masses, he chuckled out, "What's wrong? Are there any issues?"

Grandmaster Yun gulped down his saliva and asked in a tone of disbelief, "Lad, you...Just how strong are you right now?"

Grandmaster Yun could recall that back when this lad had left the sect those years ago, he wasn't this strong just yet, right? But now that he had appeared once more, this lad was practically too blinding to look at!

Strong! Just way too strong!

He should be a Divine celestial level 10 state powerful being by now, right?

But, that single palm strike from earlier on was something that even a Divine celestial level 10 state being might not be able to defend against!

"Oh, just pretty average." Lin Fan replied casually.

When Grandmaster Yun heard these words, he nearly spat out a mouthful of old blood.