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 Chapter 853: A Single Sword Slice.

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That once peaceful and beautiful Cloud Sect was no longer the same right now. In its place, the structures were derelict and the skies were almost stained red.

In the Ancient Saint World, the Cloud Sect could be considered as a major sect. There were a myriad of disciples under them from all the different races.

Even the Grandmaster had had the strength of the formidable Divine celestial level 8 state. Not only that, he had even broken through the barrier recently and had leveled to Divine celestial level 9, Eight Desolates United state.

All the elders under them were godly as well, with an immense strength not to be looked down upon. But, even if that were the case, the sect was still faced with the calamity of destruction today.

A relentless assault for three days and three nights had left those previously sturdy barriers of the Cloud Sect to be breached entirely.

Within the void...

The disciples of the Cloud Sect were glaring at a cluster of black figures far in the distance with an infuriated look on their faces.

"Grandmaster Yun, you guys have been hiding in this pocket dimension with its fortified barriers that cannot be broken through. But, under the might of the Colossal Shark's God Ark, any defenses shall be taken down."

A gigantic battle ark that spanned several hundred thousand miles in length shone with a godly glow. In order to push a godly ark that was this huge, it would require at least thirty Divine celestial level 8 state powerful beings to expend their fullest powers so that it could sustain its motion.

And at this moment on the God Ark, there was a humanoid living being with a shark head that stood there imposingly with an unparalleled might. This was one of the Top Ten Old Ancient Beast races, the Colossal Shark race.

"To think that the Colossal Shark race would defect over to the Ancient race." Grandmaster Yun glared at the void coldly and scolded out.

"A wise man recognizes his circumstances. The fortune of the Cloud Sect has dispersed. For the Cloud Sect to dare to pit itself against the Ancient race, there was only death awaiting them. With orders from the Ancient race, the Cloud Sect shall be uprooted entirely!"

Sha Jingwang... He was one of the twelve Godly Beings of the Colossal Shark race. His strength was monstrous, and his powers torrential. With the orders of the Ancient race this time around, he had come forth to take down the Cloud Sect entirely.

"All of you b*stards... Are you guys really going to betray the sect?!" Meng Hengtian glared at some people on the gigantic ark with an enraged look.

He hadn't expected that there would be some elders from the sect who would betray them, resulting in the Cloud Sect's location being revealed. At the same time, this allowed the Colossal Shark race to rapidly break through the defenses of the sect's barriers.

This pocket dimension was opened up by the Founder Ancestor, and should provide enough protection for them to resist the attacks of the Ancient race. But, under this Utmost Treasure God Ark of the Colossal Shark race, it was broken through without putting up any resistance at all.

All of the traitorous elders changed their expressions before replying casually, "Meng Hengtian, siding with the Ancient race is the only choice! If you were to surrender and conform to the Ancient race, perhaps we might be able to spare your lives! Otherwise, death is the only path that awaits you!"

"Bullsh*t! Even if Your Father were to die, there's no way I'm going to collude with you spineless and conniving scums!" Meng Hengtian hollered out.

When some of the disciples of the Cloud Sect caught sight of the situation, their hearts skipped a beat as they could not help but feel a tingling of fear. Within the void, that imposingly looking Colossal Shark race was giving them immense pressure.

As one of the Top Ten Old Ancient Beast races, their strength was nothing to be scoffed at. It was definitely not something they could deal with.


Just at this moment, a roar burst forth. Sha Jingwang wielded a Sea God Staff in his hands and struck the ground with it furiously. Instantly, the world trembled as a gigantic wave surged up and enveloped the entire world in it.

"Hengtian, take the disciples and return first." Grandmaster Yun knew that there was no other way to fight this anymore.

In the past, the Cloud Sect had only managed to survive by relying on this pocket dimension that was cleaved out by the Founder Ancestor in the past. But, now that the barriers had been broken, there was no way to defend against the attacks of the Colossal Shark race at all.

Grandmaster Yun knew that the Infinite Worlds must be on the brink of opening right now. Otherwise, the Ancient race wouldn't be in such a rush to clean up all the sects and races.

"Grandmaster, what about you?" Meng Hengtian asked worriedly.

"I'll be fine. Hurry and take the disciples back into the sect immediately." Grandmaster Yun said.

"Hongyun." After hesitating for a moment, Meng Hengtian shouted out.

"Elder." Fairy Hongyun floated over with a grim look on her face. She could see that the situation was dire for the Cloud Sect this time around.

"Take the disciples and retreat back into the sect. Leave everything here to the Grandmaster and me." Meng Hengtian ordered.

"Yes." Fairy Hongyun replied without thinking twice. Given the urgency of the situation, there was naturally no need for her to overthink things.

"Grandmaster. I know what you're thinking. However, this will require the both of us to join hands."

Meng Hengtian naturally knew what the Grandmaster was thinking about. However, this wasn't an affair for the Grandmaster to shoulder alone. This was something that concerned the entire Cloud Sect.

They had to retain seeds of hope for the Cloud Sect. How could the Cloud Sect perish here just like this? As long as they could allow the entire Cloud Sect to leave this place safely, even if they had to sacrifice themselves, it would be all worth it.

"Hmph! You want to save the younger generation? Dream on! This time around, we shall have the Cloud Sect annihilated from the Ancient Saint World entirely! What are you guys still waiting for? Seal the place!" Sha Jingwang shouted out.


Instantly, the faces of Grandmaster Yun and the others changed. Since God knew when, some of the other elders of the sect had already entirely betrayed them and sealed up the entrance to the sect completely, not letting even a single disciple through.

A bright flash of light burst forth. Some of the disciples who were about to enter the sect were immediately minced into dust.

"Wang Tianlong! Zhen Huoli! What are you guys doing?" Meng Hengtian's eyes were practically popping out with fiery blazes burning out of them. He could not believe everything that had just happened.

"Your King here has said it. Wise men know their circumstances. These two elders have already submitted over to the Ancient race." Sha Jingwang continued.

All of the remaining disciples could only retreat back continuously before returning to the side of Grandmaster Yun. For these disciples, everything that had happened right now had already left their hearts completely frozen in fear.

'Grandmaster, what should we do now?" Fairy Hongyun had not expected that there would be elders in the sect who would betray them and cut off their exit path. These disciples had nowhere left to run now!

The positions of these two elders weren't all that low in the sect as well and were pretty formidable. While they might not be comparable to Grandmaster Yun, they were Divine celestial level 7 state beings as well.

Now that there were these two elders blocking at the entrance, there was basically no disciple who could pass through at all.


Suddenly at this moment, Grandmaster Yun laughed out shrilly, "To think that at this critical moment, the ones who would bring the Cloud Sect to its doom would be the elders that the Cloud Sect has painstakingly raised!"

"The Ancient race has ruled over the entire Ancient Saint World. Everything is because of our own doings!"

"Forget it. Even if I have to die today, I'll ensure that there're still seeds of hope for the Cloud Sect!"


Grandmaster Yun bellowed out as his aura skyrocketed up. At this very moment, Grandmaster Yun had no other choice but to sacrifice himself for the sake of preserving these seeds of hope.

The powers of Sha Jingwang weren't something that he could go up against.

"GRANDMASTER, NO!" Everyone from the Cloud Sect screamed out instantly. They hadn't expected that their Grandmaster would sacrifice himself!

"I'll sacrifice everything in exchange for the safe departure of the Cloud Sect!"


A light beam caged up Grandmaster Yun and pierced right through the Heavens. The face of Sha Jingwang tensed up. He hadn't expected that Grandmaster Yun would sacrifice himself!

"Hengtian, I shall leave the Cloud Sect in your hands." Grandmaster Yun said.


Meng Hengtian howled out. However, he knew that he had no way of stopping the Grandmaster at this moment. This was probably the one way to retain some seeds of hope for the Cloud Sect right now.


All of a sudden, the power of sacrifice vanished entirely as Grandmaster Yun looked at everything in disbelief.

"How could this be?"

"HAHAHA...!" When Sha Jingwang caught sight of this, he burst out laughing. If the sacrifice had taken place, he might truly not have been able to withstand it. But, now that the sacrificial process had been cut midway as though it was severed, Sha Jingwang could not help but burst out in laughter.

"Seems like even the Heavens have abandoned you guys from the Cloud Sect! This is truly doomsday for the Cloud Sect!"


Sha Jingwang waved out with his hands as all the living beings of the Colossal Shark race on the God Ark roared out. These imposingly ferocious Colossal Shark race beings opened their menacing mouths and attacked the Cloud Sect members.

As for the cannon on the Colossal Shark God Ark, it was gathering a beam of light that then bolted out into the void with a loud bang.

When the disciples fo the Cloud Sect caught sight of that light beam, they could only stand there in a daze. The power of the light beam wasn't something they could possibly defend against!

And just at the moment when the disciples of the Cloud Sect thought that death had arrived, a sharp sword flash burst down from the sky and stood tall before their faces.

This sword flash was incredibly immense as it slashed out ferociously.

Instantly, the light beam was sliced cleanly into two.