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 Chapter 852: Someone Is Making A Tribute

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A beautiful lone figure stood on a fresh patch of grass near the riverside.

Lin Fan's words had a huge impact on her. To think that he would say that she was not all that young, and that this was the most she would amount to! This was something that the Female Empress had difficulty in accepting.

Cough cough.

Lin Fan coughed gently as he walked over from the distance, "Ah, Female Empress, it was actually just a misunderstanding earlier on. Actually..."

"King Lin, you don't have to say anything. I understand it myself. If there's nothing else, I would like to have a moment of silence alone." The Female Empress replied coldly. However, there were subtle hints brought by her tone that one would make out as long as they weren't a retard. Right now, the Female Empress was angry and unhappy.

However, this couldn't be helped. Even though the strength of the Female Empress was tantamount to the Heavens, she was a girl at the end of the day, and would naturally love the compliments of others unlike what Lin Fan had just done by insulting her the moment he spoke out.

How was the Female Empress supposed to feel about this? Furthermore, this was in front of her disciple. She had no way of placing her dignity any longer.

When Lin Fan looked at that figure, he shook his head helplessly. He was only bearing some grudges over what happened in the past. Since he had already made his choice to not f*ck her over back and forth, he had to at least get something off his chest through his mouth. But, who would have thought that this Female Empress cultivated her strength and not her heart, and would still have such a fragile heart!

"A moment of silence alone isn't comparable to a moment of silence between two people." Regardless of whether the Female Empress consented to it, Lin Fan walked over and stood beside her. He then inhaled deeply, "Wow! The air here is really fresh! Once the Ancient race is overthrown, the world can finally have peace returned to it, and the beings of the thousands of races will finally be free to roam the lands without living such fearful lives any longer!"

The Female Empress looked at Lin Fan, "Aren't you quite the shameless man?"

"Shameless? I'd say, Female Empress, aren't you a little too venomous with your words?" Lin Fan rebutted.

"I AM venomous?" The moment the Female Empress heard this, her face blew up immediately.

"That's right. Back in the Xuanhuang World, that strand of consciousness of yours was indeed extremely venomous to destroy my sect. What do you say?" Lin Fan asked. As though he had remembered something all of a sudden, he continued, "Oh, right. I've been meaning to ask a question. Why did you fight so hard for that God Blood back then?"

"It's been too long. Forgotten. Since you feel that the scenery here is good, you can enjoy it all by yourself." The Female Empress did not want to say too much as she turned around to leave.

She would have never expected that the ant in her eyes back then, that fella who was barely hanging onto his life, would have grown to this extent.

Even she herself wasn't a match for him anymore.

"Forget it. Since it's over, let it be over then. But, it's just a pity about those lovely days back then." Lin Fan lamented.

In the blink of an eye, a couple of years had passed. While things might have remained constant, people had changed.

"Your innate potential isn't something that pills can help to grow any further. You have already consumed all the pills that can help you with your innate potential. Unless there is some heavenly miracle that happens, there is practically no other way your innate potential can change anymore." Lin Fan said.

"I know that." The Female Empress nodded her head. It was just as Lin Fan had said, she was unable to raise her innate potential any longer. Or perhaps, it was more accurate to say that this was her limit.

If she wanted to raise her innate potential once more, she would have to depend on some miraculous encounter.

But, how could that encounter come by this easily?

"Alright, let me give you a raise in your innate potential. Who knows when the Infinite Worlds will open up. Therefore, it'd be good to raise your strength in the meantime." Lin Fan raised his hand and hovered it over the head of the Female Empress.

"What are you doing?" The Female Empress shirked back and looked at Lin Fan in shock.

"Raising your innate potential?" Lin Fan replied in bewilderment. "If I wish to raise one's innate potential, I would have to touch their heads. Why? Is there any issue?"

The Female Empress looked at Lin Fan. That frosty face of hers let out a troubled look.

She was THE Female Empress, an existence that was revered by the masses! But, to think that she would have her head touched by someone right now! This...!

But, the Female Empress wanted to raise her innate potential at the same time. Eventually, she nodded her head in agreement.

Lin Fan chuckled out while placing his palm on the head of the Female Empress. This feeling was pretty decent, similar to guiding a young child along.

'Fondle it a little!'

'So obedient!'

"Have you not started?" The Female Empress was feeling a little uneasy about getting touched now. It was probably a long, long time ago when she was last touched on the head by someone else. Back then, the Female Empress wasn't the Female Empress yet, and was just a little girl who wanted the love and adoration of her parents.

"I'm starting now. Don't speak." Lin Fan said with an indifferent expression. However, he was overwhelmed with joy in his heart!

The both of them stood there with Lin Fan's palm fondling the head of the Female Empress. He tapped her head lightly with his fingers as though he was pampering a child he loved.

The Female Empress lowered her head. Within the depths of those snow white cheeks of hers, one could tell of some slight blushing.

She sent out her consciousness and ascertained that there was no one else in the vicinity, then heaved out a sigh of relief. If she were to be seen like this by anyone else, where would she be able to hide her face?

"Is it not done yet?" The Female Empress was feeling a little weird right now. There was a sensation she could not describe.

"Soon, soon."

Lin Fan chuckled out. Feeling that it was about time, he then had no choice but to kickstart his Trainer module.


The potential of the Female Empress hadn't been expended entirely just yet. At this moment, the face of the Female Empress changed. She could sense the changes that were running through her body. Within her Inner World, there seemed to be a locked door that was now being slammed at with an immense pressure!


The door shone with an unparalleled brilliance as a mysterious power spread out from beyond it.

It was opening! To think that it would be opening up now!

The face of the Female Empress changed. This was her final door! But no matter how hard she tried and how many methods she used, this door still remained unyielding regardless!

But, to think that it would show signs of loosening at this moment! This was an indescribable joy for her!


And just as the Female Empress was overwhelmed with joy, the door opened up entirely.

The mysterious energy that had accumulated for a long time now finally gushed out and cruised through her entire body. A series of luminescent lights shone through the head of the Female Empress and lit up the entire world.

"My innate potential has really been raised!" The Female Empress exclaimed out in exhilaration. That breathtaking face of hers was shining with an endless radiance as well.

"It's nothing too difficult."

Lin Fan retracted his hands and placed them behind his back while saying out with a calm face.

Sensing the changes in her body, the Female Empress turned around to Lin Fan, "Thank you."

"Huehue." Lin Fan chuckled out, "Small matter."

While this was truly a small matter to Lin Fan, this was quite a significant deal for the Female Empress.

And just as Lin Fan was ready to say something once more, his face changed as his expression started turning grim.

"What's wrong?" Noticing how Lin Fan was looking slightly off, she could not help but feel nervous, thinking that something big had happened.

At this moment, the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar that was floating within his Inner World was vibrating violently.

Someone was offering a tribute!

Within the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar, there were a series of sacrificial chants that were revolving around it.

"I shall sacrifice my body to bring forth protection for the Cloud Sect!"

The power of sacrifice was extremely strong right now. It was a powerful being who was sacrificing himself. And, it must be an unusually strong enemy for them to be able to push this powerful being to this extent.

Lin Fan delved into the sacrificial altar and caught sight of a distant land through it. The Grandmaster of the Cloud Sect was burning up everything of him right now. Using his body, he was going to exchange it for the future of the Cloud Sect.

"I've got something on. I'll be leaving first."

Lin Fan did not say anything more to the Female Empress. Right after he said those words, he left the place and headed straight for the Cloud Sect.