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 Chapter 851: My Master Has A Heart Of Glass!

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Lin Fan raised the potential of Xuan'er and those little comrades of hers.

In reality, this Trainer profession was extremely sick. Given enough time, Lin Fan could definitely groom a huge batch of powerful beings steadily.

The moment he thought of this, Lin Fan slapped his head.

"Bloody hell! Were the brains of Yours Truly caught in the middle of doors? Back when I used Hundred Years in A Single Thought, why didn't I think of raising the potential of everyone in Xuanhuang World?"

"AIYAH! Holy f*ck! To think that I could even forget something as such! How am I to live with myself?"

At this moment, Lin Fan was regretting. However, one might as well forget it. Since he had missed it, what else could he say about it?

"Big Brother Lin, what's going on? Xuan'er feels as though there's a door being opened up in my mind!" Right now, Xuan'er was no longer the little brat who knew nothing. Thanks to the Female Empress, she naturally had some sort of an understanding towards the path of cultivation by now.

But even then, the current situation had Xuan'er feeling stumped, because it was as though a door had opened up abruptly within her mind. With that, a mysterious aura flowed into her body. This was a mystifying feeling that was impossible to be described.


The Female Empress floated over with a look of astonishment on her face. She could not believe what she was seeing right now. She had discovered that Xuan'er's potential had been raised indefinitely! This was something that made no sense at all to the Female Empress!

Raising another's innate potential with just one's strength without depending on any treasures of the world? This was something that was absolutely impossible!

But even if it were impossible, the facts were laid bare right before her eyes. She had no choice but to believe in it.

"Hush, don't get hasty now."

When Lin Fan saw the Female Empress approaching, he indicated for her to be silent. The Female Empress was taken aback as she shut up immediately. In her mind, it must be extremely difficult to raise someone's innate potential. If her disciple were to miss out on a miraculous encounter as such because of her, she would never be able to live with herself.

Not long after, Lin Fan's hand motions came to a stop.

"You're raising their innate potentials?" The Female Empress asked with an incredulous look on her face.

"Yes, a casual raise here and there would do them some good." Lin Fan chuckled out as though he had just done something extremely normal.

"Master, what's innate potential?" Xuan'er was confused at this point as though she had yet to recover to her senses. But all of a sudden, when she sensed the changes going on in her body, that little face of hers was startled.

"Eh?! My innate potential has grown!"

"Mine too!"

"I feel like my cultivation state's about to be raised! The barriers that I've once found difficult to cross are actually looking pretty easy right now!"

All the little comrades of Xuan'er were getting startled together, finding everything difficult to believe.

"Big Brother Lin...!" Xuan'er looked at Lin Fan with an astounded look.

Lin Fan smiled calmly while waving it off, "You and your little comrades here all are pretty decent. Therefore, I've just casually raised your innate potentials so that you guys can have a smooth sailing path in cultivation."

"And you call this casual?!" The Female Empress looked at Lin Fan in a perplexed way. Capabilities as such were practically enough to rattle the entire world! If the thousands of races were to catch wind of such an ability, wouldn't they just soar in the future?

At this moment, the face of the Female Empress changed as a thought struck her. Noticing how the potential of her own disciple was even higher than hers right now, the Female Empress could not help but feel a little envious.

In order to raise her innate potential, the Female Empress had thought of up all sorts of ideas. She had popped endless elixirs and pills as well. Therefore, her innate potential naturally had seen some changes.

But, looking at how Lin Fan could raise the innate potential of her disciple to this extent with just a casual wave of his hand, she could not help but harbor some thoughts.

If her own innate potential were to be increased, how nice would that be? That would mean quite the jump in her own capabilities as well!

"This..." Even though the Female Empress was dying for it in her heart, how was she supposed to say this out loud? The Female Empress had an ego as well. How could she initiate the conversation to request for the other party to raise her cultivation state?

At this moment, the Female Empress cast her sights towards her disciple. If her disciple were to speak up for her, there might be a chance at this!

Xuan'er was undoubtedly the little heart warmer of the Female Empress. A single expression and a single motion was all it took for Xuan'er to understand her intent.

"Big Brother Linnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...!" Xuan'er tugged at Lin Fan's arm and said in a coquettish manner. Looking at how close Xuan'er was with senior, all her little comrades could not help but feel envious. They knew that senior was really easy-going. However, in front of him, they still watched their manners and would not act as Xuan'er would.

"Why, you little brat? What are you up to again?" Lin Fan asked, chuckling.

"Big Brother Lin, could you help my Master raise her innate potential too?" Xuan'er asked secretly.

"Oh?" Lin Fan raised his brows and looked over at the Female Empress. As though she was embarrassed, the Female Empress turned her head away, acting like she had just remembered something.

"Xuan'er, you can't be rude now. Your Master's innate potential doesn't require any raising at all."

This was called putting out a long line to catch the big fish. The Female Empress felt that it was better to act more reserved right now. If she were to act like she was asking for a raise in potential the moment her disciple brought up this topic, that would be too shameful!

"But Master, you've gathered so many materials and cultivated so many pills all for the sake of raising your innate potential! Even then, it has all been useless! Now that Big Brother Lin can raise one's innate potential, how great would that be for you?" Xuan'er pressed the issue further.


"Xuan'er, Your Master has no need for it." The Female Empress replied.

She was waiting for that one sentence. All would be fine as long as Lin Fan said, "We'll give it a raise then."

The Female Empress would then agree to it as though she was put in a spot. That would put her out as someone who wasn't all that thirsty for it. At the same time, the other party would be the one who asked for it.

Lin Fan looked at this act between Master and Disciple, then sniggered out in his heart at that moment. Even if this mother*cker wanted to act in front of Yours Truly, she had to make it somewhat more realistic!

"Oh, Xuan'er! Since your Master says that she doesn't need it, then let's forget about it. We don't want your Master to be unhappy now, do we?"

"Now, raising one's innate potential is no small affair. It's huge! The reason why I raised your innate potentials was because you guys are young and driven. As for your Master, she's not really all that young now, and is practically at the end of her path. Therefore, there's no point whether we raise her potential or not." Lin Fan explained.

This was him exacting revenge on her for everything that had happened in the Xuanhuang World!



Both the Female Empress and Xuan'er were completely stunned at this moment.

The Female Empress could feel a burning sensation on her face. Those eyes on that ravishing face of hers opened wide as she turned around to leave, as though she had just been dealt with some immense pain.

What did he mean by 'not all that young now'? Was Your Mother really that old?!?!?!?!?!?

"Master!" Xuan'er shouted after her.

"Don't come over. Your Master has something to do. You just have a good time with your FRIEND there." The voice of the Female Empress was a little different now as though she had just received tons of grievances.

"Aiyah! Big Brother Lin, how could you say it like that? My Master has a heart of glass, and is really easily hurt!" Xuan'er stamped her feet in a huff.

"Huh?!" Lin Fan was startled. Heart of glass? It couldn't be, right?

"Big Brother Lin, let me tell you this in secret." Xuan'er cupped Lin Fan's ears and whispered softly, "My Master has a really fragile heart! Even though my Master may put on a strong front on the outside, she is extremely sensitive in her heart, and will often shed tears alone!"

"Gosh, and a little brat like you even knows what's sensitive!" Lin Fan chuckled out.

"Of course, I know what it is!" Xuan'er pursed her lips while saying.

"Then, shall your Big Brother Lin head over to console your Master for a little bit?" Lin Fan continued asking while chuckling.

"Needless to say! Big Brother Lin, this was all caused by you, you know?" Xuan'er replied.

"That makes sense."