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 Chapter 850: There's Nothing Wrong With These Words!

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"His cultivation state rose just like that?"

"Why do I get the feeling that I'm dreaming!?"

Xuan'er's little comrades were long stunned. This was especially when they caught sight of how the cultivation state of that little comrade of theirs had soared like a rocket. They could no longer stay steady.

Step by step, they had painstakingly, relentlessly, diligently, slowly, and tirelessly raised their cultivation states. The reason for that was because they did not want to accidentally veer off the right path and turn insane or something. But, look what happened now! That little comrade of theirs had literally soared just like that!

And, it was a direct ascension into the Heavens, without any hesitation at all!

Even the little fella, whose cultivation state had increased, was equally astounded at this moment.

"Erm, I'm a Desolate celestial full cultivation state being just like that?" Huo Dong raised his head in bewilderment and looked at Lin Fan blankly.

"That's right. What's wrong? Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere or anything? But, that shouldn't be right too! I gave you a thorough check just now. You seem perfectly well!"

Looking at the expression on this little fella's face, Lin Fan thought that something was wrong.

Huo Dong's emotions right now were as though he had just taken a rollercoaster ride and was unable to steady his nerves for a long, long time. His potential could be considered average. For him to get to this cultivation state, he had endured countless trials and tribulations.

By the time he got to Desolate celestial lower level cultivation state, he felt as though he had already used up all of his innate potential. Towards his path from that point forth, he no longer bore much hope.

If he wanted to cultivate up to a Desolate celestial full cultivation state, it would probably be impossible for him unless he met some encounter or something.

But right now, in just a mere few seconds at most, his cultivation state had leaped all the way up to Desolate celestial full cultivation state! If word of this were to get out, it would shock quite a number of people!


At this moment, Huo Dong collapsed onto his knees before Lin Fan. With a look of reverence on his face, it was as most he would take Lin Fan as his only idol for the rest of his life from this point forth.

"My gratitude for your help, senior! My gratitude for your help, senior...!!!"

In his entire lifetime, Huo Dong hadn't really bowed down to anyone. But at this moment, he was thoroughly convinced. This senior before him was not a human! This was a God!

Within the Ancient Saint World, the raising of cultivation states was still something that one had to be extremely wary about. That was because it would result in the instability of one's cultivation root. But, even at this point, Huo Dong did not notice anything wrong with his body. It was as though every single cultivation state had been climbed up by him on his own, all the way to this full cultivation state.

"What are you doing? As a man, why are you kneeling? Hurry up and get up. I was the one who gave you the wrong pill earlier on. It's my problem. Therefore, I was the one who had wronged you instead! The joy of cultivation is not about whose cultivation state is the highest. It's the sense of satisfaction one gets after enduring all the hardships!"

"And without a single peep, I brought your cultivation state all the way up to Desolate celestial full cultivation state, causing you to miss out on all the joy in the process. But, it was only lucky that there wasn't any greater price to be paid!"

Lin Fan lamented regrettably.

"No! Please don't say that, senior! The kindness of senior will be something that this young one will remember in his heart deeply!" Huo Dong replied emotionally at this moment.

How could Huo Dong not be emotional right now? Even though Desolate celestial full cultivation state wasn't an extremely high cultivation state, he could still be considered as a pretty decent powerful being. Even a Legatus of the Ancient race did not have a cultivation state of this level!

Back when they met a Legatus of the Ancient race, they could only scram. But right now, Huo Dong could stand a chance against one!

"Hais! Thankfully, I had only mistakenly taken out a Triple Energy Pill earlier on. If I had missed a little further off and taken out the Rainbow King Pill instead, your cultivation state might have even bolted all the way up to a Divine celestial level 4, Undying state! By then, that would be a huge dip in the joys in your path of cultivation! But thankfully, I didn't pick that up. That is the silver lining in this mistake!"

Lin Fan said with some trepidation in his heart.

This thing about cultivation was huge! The feeling of every single cultivation state was an experience on its own. If not for this experience, what was the meaning of even cultivating?

Just like Lin Fan himself, who had climbed up every single step up through chopping down monsters... How wonderful was that feeling?


When the little comrades of Xuan'er heard those words, they were completely confounded.

What did that mean?

To think that jumping 3 cultivation states in a go wasn't enough, there was even a pill that could jump all the way to a Divine celestial level 4, Undying state!


Convinced. Everyone was thoroughly convinced and speechless right now.

When Huo Dong heard these words, he seemed a little disappointed. Why didn't senior make a mistake earlier on? If he did, Huo Dong would have been willing to be bumped up to a Divine celestial level 4 state!

But, when he thought about what he had just gained, Huo Dong felt that he had already benefited from it. If not for senior, God knew when he could have actually raised his own cultivation state to Desolate celestial full cultivation on his own.

"Senior, that skill you gave me earlier on...!" A young brat spoke up.

She had looked through that skill book earlier on. However, she felt that it was a little profound. Given her current cultivation state and experience, she could not make out what sort of mystifying effects that skill could produce.

But in her opinion, any skill given by senior must be something extraordinary. Although, it would still be better for her to clarify things at this point. At least, she could have a sense of direction in her heart.

"Oh, that skill? Let me think. Oh, right. I got that after killing the Utmost Being Saint. It's a top of the line skill only for females. Once you cultivate it to its peak and enter the Dao, the power that can be produced will be pretty decent. There aren't many issues with the cultivation process in the early stages as well."

Lin Fan replied after recalling for a moment.

These were skills that Lin Fan couldn't even be bothered with. He had wanted to throw them away initially. But, he thought about it and figured that there might be some uses for them in the future. By the looks of it, it was indeed serving some purpose right now.

"HUH?!" The moment the brat heard it, her entire face froze up. A skill that he had obtained after killing Utmost Being Saint? This was something way too terrifying for her!

Any skill that was kept by the Utmost Being couldn't possibly be weak, right?


"Big Brother Lin, I heard that forcefully raising one's cultivation state would cause some sort of impact towards one's path in the future, wouldn't it?" Xuan'er knew that Lin Fan was extremely strong. But, she hadn't expected him to be THIS strong.

Even though her Master was the Female Empress, she didn't have the same formidable capabilities!

"Yes, there IS indeed that issue." Lin Fan nodded his head, agreeing with Xuan'er's opinion.

"Senior, it's fine! I'm already really satisfied!" Huo Dong declared with a look of gratitude on his face. He thought that senior here was feeling guilty over the fact that his cultivation root might be unstable due to this forceful raise of his cultivation state.

But, to Huo Dong, if not for the fact that senior had raised his cultivation state, it might be difficult for him to cultivate to this state even if it took him his lifetime.

"There's definitely no issue. The raising of one's cultivation state would definitely bring forth issues. But, for those who face issues, it's because they themselves are the ones who are lacking in their own physical strength. Don't worry about that. When I raised your strength, I had long stabilized your cultivation root along with it. There will definitely be no problems."

Lin Fan replied calmly before looking at Xuan'er.

"Who did you hear this from?"

Xuan'er was stunned. For a moment, she was speechless. How could she possibly say that she had heard it from her Master? She then acted dumb, "Xuan'er has forgotten."

Far in the distance, the Female Empress bore a troubled look. She had heard the conversation. While she felt bad about it, she couldn't say anything about it.

There was nothing wrong with those words! Yet, how did it sound like everything was wrong through Lin Fan's explanation?

However, at least Xuan'er had the thought to cover up for her Master.

"Alright, all of you little fellas have been working hard. With that, I'll give you guys a round of blessings then." Lin Fan chuckled out.

He then stretched open his fingers and encompassed everyone around. The Female Empress was perplexed, not knowing what Lin Fan was trying to do.

But all of a sudden, she was flabbergasted.

Everything before her seemed so surreal.