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 Chapter 844: Yet Another Eternal God Seat

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"Boss! Please hurry up with it! This Utmost Being Fault is still struggling to turn around and pin me down instead! I'm almost unable to hold him down anymore!" The Big Ancient Demon yelled out. At the same time, he felt exceptionally pained in his heart.

He wondered how he was made to face situations like these consistently as a Demon Emperor?

But thankfully, it had been a long time since he had fallen. Hence, the outside world has long forgotten about him. Otherwise, if his fellow race beings were to catch sight of him like this, he would have truly lost any bit of face he had!

"Alright, just hold on for a little longer. I'm coming!" Lin Fan shouted out. Raising the brick high in one hand, he ran over excitedly.

For the beings of the Fox race, this scene, however, was extremely chilling to behold.

"Don't let the children see this!"

All of the adults of the Fox race covered the eyes of the children. However, they were watching the scene unfold tastefully. This was a rare sight to behold for a million years! If they ever wanted to flaunt about something in the future, this would be totally worth it!

The face of the Female Empress blushed red. When she saw how her disciple was watching fixatedly, she hummed softly and said, "Little kids shouldn't be watching this."

"Master, I'm no longer a kid. I can watch this."

For Xuan Xuan, this scene was truly THAT exciting.

Right now, the Big Ancient Demon was pressing right on top of Fault. He was using both his hands and feet together in order to restrict the movements of the other party. However, Fault was still thrusting his waist while trying to flip around. But, how could the Big Ancient Demon possibly let him succeed?

In the blink of an eye, Lin Fan appeared in the face of Fault. Looking at this Utmost Being who was lying on the ground and yelling out in retaliation, Lin Fan could not help but chuckle out.

"Fault, I know that your consciousness is still present and fresh. It's just your physical body that's out of control, that's all. Had you ever thought that this day would happen to you as an Utmost Being of the Ancient race?"


The Utmost Being Fault howled out with maddened red eyes that glared at Lin Fan with a death stare.

It was exactly as Lin Fan had said. The consciousness of Fault was still present. It was just that he was no longer in control of his body.

The lust that was kept deep within his body was unleashed thoroughly like a raging, relentless river that was gushing forth. There was only a single thought in his mind: Pin the Big Ancient Demon under him.

But, no matter how hard Fault tried, he couldn't suppress the Big Ancient Demon.

In a situation like this, the Big Ancient Demon could be considered an old timer. Therefore, he naturally knew how to deal with it.

"No matter how much you scream, it's all going to be useless. Everything about you shall belong to Yours Truly later on. Your cultivation state, Essence Spirit, Paradise, et cetera... Everything shall be converted into nutrients, and from this day forth, the world shall have one less Utmost Being yet again. The Ancient race is bound to fall."

Lin Fan wielded the red brick in his hands and searched for a good position, ready to f*ck this guy up.


A direct slap on the head knocked him down so normally without any fuss.

At this moment, Fault's head tilted to the side as he fainted over entirely.

"Alright, job's done." Lin Fan clapped his hands together.

The Big Ancient Demon took in a deep breath and could feel that he had expended all his strength earlier on. Under circumstances as such, Fault was truly way too intense.

"The Utmost Being lost?"

For a moment, all the beings of the Fox race gasped out while remaining somewhat silent. Then, they all erupted out into cheers.

To them, this was clearly something impossible! In their hearts, the Utmost Beings were unparalleled!

Towards the assault of the Utmost Being this time around, they long had a rough idea of their outcomes, which was to be killed by the Utmost Being. Even with the Female Empress, it was all seeming to be useless.

But at this moment, when they saw the Utmost Being lying there like a dead corpse, everyone was absolutely startled.

The masses rubbed their eyes, thinking that they might have seen something wrong. But, that corpse laid there obediently, without any falsehoods at all.


At this moment, the void exploded out as a gigantic tear appeared.

"B*stard, how dare you treat an..."

At this moment, another figure appeared. This was yet another Utmost Being.

The masses turned their heads over. Lin Fan, on the other hand, blinked his eyes curiously. Who was this experience points baby that was coming over to die again? Now that Fault had already been suppressed by him, this guy was still coming alone! Wasn't he just looking to die?

The Utmost Being, Desolate was feeling infuriated right now. He was born from the same body as Fault, and they had an innate telepathic connection between them. The moment he sensed that Fault was in trouble, he tore through the void to come over and assist him.

But, when he appeared out of the void, he found several pairs of eyes glaring at him intently.

"Utmost Being, Desolate."

Cruel spoke out first.

Utmost Being Desolate flung his head around and was startled. He hadn't expected it to be Cruel.

"It's been 10,000 years."

Yet another voice boomed out. Desolate tensed up and felt his heart skip a beat before he yelled out, "Ancient One!"

This was something that was absolutely impossible for Desolate. He was still pretty composed on seeing Cruel> After all, that guy had already betrayed the Ancient race.

But, the Ancient One had fallen 10,000 years ago! How could he possibly appear here right now?

"Seems like yet another Utmost Being has come knocking on the door." The moment Lin Fan saw this, his lips curled into a grin. Just what in the world was up today? To think that his luck would be this good that the enemies were sending themselves up the doorsteps one after another!

"Motherf*cking Human King."

Even though Desolate hadn't met with Lin Fan, the Heaven's Will had pumped down his orders. They were extremely clear about every nook and cranny of the Motherf*cking Human King's features. And, with this single glance over, it was clear that that was the Motherf8cking Human King.


Desolate gulped down his saliva. Even though he should be fearful of nothing within this world as an Utmost Being, he could not help but feel something wrong about this situation right now.




While Desolate might admit to his personal strength, he did not have THAT much confidence to think that he could fight one on three and come out victorious.

"May I ask what the issue is?" Lin Fan raised his head over.

If this guy was here for a fight, then he might as well come right on! Lin Fan couldn't have asked for anything more!

For a moment or so, Desolate was silent. He then looked over at Fault, who was lying there motionlessly. It was evident that he had been defeated.

And that fella above Fault, why in the world did he look so much like the Demon Emperor?

Wait, no! That fella WAS the Demon Emperor!

Holy f*ck!

Just what in the world was going on? Why were there so many powerful beings appearing here at one go?

And by the looks of it, all of them looked like they wanted a go at him!

"It's nothing, just taking a quick look. You guys carry on!"

Without any hesitation, Desolate rushed back into the void he had barely popped out from, and disappeared after leaving those final words and nothing else behind.


Lin Fan was confounded right now. Was he going to leave just like that? Wasn't that too spineless?

Even though he really wanted to keep Desolate around, there was truly nothing much they could do right now if that guy wanted to escape. But, one might as well forget it. Even if he could leave now, he couldn't run away forever.

Without any hesitation, Lin Fan then kept Fault into his Paradise.

The Reforming Buddha Lord, who was kept in the Paradise, scrambled over with his stumpy feet the moment he saw this. However, the Mythical Parasol Tree's tree branches shot out immediately and wrapped Fault around.

"Mythical Parasol Tree, let me train him up a little first! Don't do it!" The Reform Buddha Lord yelled out. But, it was all too late.

"I'll f*ck your mother...!"

The tree branches started moving and sucked out everything from the body of the Utmost Being immediately.

Powers, Paradise, Essence Spirit, Universal Elixir, et cetera... In that instance, everything disappeared with the winds.


All of a sudden, Fault's body broke down and was turned into a pile of flesh that was absorbed into the Paradise.

An Eternal God Seat floated out and hovered gently within the Paradise, emanating a boundless brilliance.

When Lin Fan saw this, he curled out with a slight grin on his lips. Yet another Eternal God Seat. This meant that he would be able to craft out yet another unparalleled powerful being once more.