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 Chapter 840: Come, Let's Fight!

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"It's you."

When Fault caught sight of who it was, his mental state was rattled as if he had just seen a ghost. He would never ever forget what had happened that day. And now that this human had appeared and Saint had never appeared ever since, it was evident that Saint had already died.

Being able to kill an Utmost Being of the Ancient race, this was something that was absolutely impossible in Fault's eyes.

The power of an Eternal God state being who had obtained the Eternal God Seat wasn't something that one could possibly imagine. Taking down an Utmost Being wasn't something that even multiple powerful beings of the same cultivation state could achieve.

And, if an Utmost Being wanted to run, there was no one who could stop him.

"Fault, to think that we would meet once more! This time around, you're not going to be able to escape!"

Lin Fan was still in a huff right now. To think that he would let that trash of an Evil Lord escape from his grasp. Wasn't that just a form of humiliation for himself?

If anyone else were to find out about that, wouldn't they laugh their jaws off?

Fault checked out his surroundings. When he noticed that there was no one else around, he heaved a sigh of relief and burst out laughing.

"HAHA! Just you alone? If that old thing, Feng Qingzi, was around, Your Utmost Being here might even be a little wary or whatnot. But, it's a pity that there's just you here. You're far from qualified!"

That incident back then had Fault truly feeling afraid. To think that both the Utmost Beings would be whacked so badly by the other party. Not only that, they had even lost an Utmost Being!

"Xuan Xuan, who is that man?" When the little comrades of Xuan Xuan caught sight of how this human would dare to stand up against an Utmost Being, their hearts were filled with curiosity.

"He is my Big Brother Lin."

Xuan'er said in a soft whisper. She had a feeling that once this matter blew over, Big Brother Lin would definitely give her a good bashing.

The moment she was reminded of those fists of her Big Brother Lin that were filled with love, Xuan'er suddenly felt that the entire world had just turned that bit scarier.

"Female Empress, are you alright?" Lin Fan glanced over at the Female Empress, asking. To think that the Female Empress would be leading such a miserable life right now that she even had to put out her Universal Elixir. Wasn't that just looking for death?

The Universal Elixir could be said to be both the strongest and the weakest part of a warrior. For one to display their Universal Elixir before other powerful beings was undoubtedly just courting death.

If he hadn't arrived in time, the Universal Elixir of the Female Empress would most probably have been snatched over by Fault. And by then, she would be a thoroughly handicapped cripple.

"It's alright, I'll be able to recover in a bit and fight together with you against Fault." The Female Empress knew of Lin Fan's strength. Even though he was extremely strong, he still had quite a bit of difference between him and the Utmost Beings.

"It's alright. It's just him alone. This will be a walk in the park." Lin Fan replied indifferently, unfazed by Fault in the slightest bit.

The Female Empress was startled, not knowing why Lin Fan was so confident.

This was an Utmost Being, not some ant by the roadside!

If it were truly that simple, all of these Utmost Beings would have been slain countless times over all these years! How else would things be at a level as such?

"Big and bold words!"

The moment Fault heard these words, he burst out laughing maniacally. His aura was torrential, with mighty gales gusting out. The entire world was under his control.

"Your Utmost only needs a single palm slap to crush all of you ants beneath me! The only outcome of going against the Ancient race is death! Furthermore, you are a being that the Ancient race is bent on killing!"

Fault barked out. There were many enemies of the Ancient race. But, someone of the Human race who could have the Ancient race hating them as such? Lin Fan was the only one.


The Utmost Being Fault blasted out. His body flashed as his speed reached an extreme point where even the void was starting to be contorted, letting out a series of crackling explosions.

"Watch out!" The face of the Female Empress changed. She knew of the strength that an Utmost Being possessed. It was unmatched.

For the past 10,000 years, she and the Namo Saint Emperor could only hide without revealing their faces. That was because if they were targeted by the Utmost Beings, their outcome would be absolutely horrendous.

The Utmost Being opened up both his arms and spread out his fingers, hugging at Lin Fan. All of a sudden, the left and right sides of Lin Fan seemed to be pushed in by an invisible force as they collapsed onto him. This time around, it seemed as though Fault was hell bent on crushing Lin Fan cruelly.

"This shall be the Doomsday of you, ant! COME...!"

The Utmost Being Fault said tyrannically. However, right at this moment, his expression changed as he began to stutter in his speech. It was as though he had just seen something horrifying.


Fault's breathing was turning hurried all of a sudden as though his entire heart was palpitating furiously.

"What's what? Why now? Could it be that you're afraid? Come, rush over and hit me?"

Lin Fan chuckled out calmly. Sweeping his robes, the powers that were trapping him from left and right dissipated instantly.

And before Lin Fan stood two figures.

The moment these two figures appeared, it was as though the entire world went silent.

When the beings of the Fox race caught sight of these two figures, they were frightened so badly that their faces were pale as a sheet, and their legs were wobbling uncontrollably. As though they had just been dealt with an unspeakable blow, they collapsed onto the ground in a crippled manner while looking absolutely dumbfounded.

The Female Empress was equally astounded at this moment.

These two figures were way too inconceivable for the mind of the Female Empress.


Ancient One...!

"This is not possible! IMPOSSIBLE!"

Fault yelled out as though he had just seen a ghost. He knew that Cruel had switched sides. Therefore, he naturally did not have that much of a reaction towards him. But when he saw the figure beside Cruel, he was practically exploding right now.

This was a figure he would never forget for his entire life.

That was the Ancient One! But, wasn't the Ancient One already dead? How in the world could he be appearing here right now?

And the thing that had Fault even more frightful was the fact that the Ancient One's powers seemed to be way stronger than before!


In a flash, Fault stopped in his tracks.

"Ancient One, you're an Utmost Being of the Ancient race! How could you be with this Human right here?"

Fault howled out. Everything... Every... Single... Thing... was way too unimaginable for Fault. What in the world had happened to this world? Just what sort of background did this human have?

Not only had Cruel defected, but even the Ancient One?

All of a sudden, Fault realized that there was something off with the expression of that human right now.

"Go. Take him down!"

Lin Fan did not waste time on speaking anymore. The matter with the Evil Lord had dealt an immense blow to Lin Fan. There was no more room for trust between individuals! Now that he had met with the situation, he might as well cut the crap and just f*ck up the other party!


The Ancient One and Cruel nodded their heads furiously. As they took a step forth, the entire ground cracked out like the back of a turtle's shell. Their figures disappeared from where they were instantaneously. The next time they appeared, Fault was already surrounded by both the Utmost Beings.

That initially arrogant Fault was breathing heavily right now. He had suddenly realized that the odds were really stacked against him.

"Ancient One, back in the past, I've treated you..."


Before Fault could even finish his words, the Ancient One had already struck out with a fist. This earthshattering and formidable force exploded out immediately, pulling in everything in the surroundings along with it.

"Ancient One, we're of the same race!"

Fault dodged furiously. The power of two Utmost Beings wasn't something that he could handle at all! This was especially the case for the Ancient One. That power of his alone wasn't something that Fault could fight against!

As for Cruel, Fault wasn't exactly bothered by him. After all, he was way weaker than Fault himself. But, no matter what, he was still an Utmost Being. If Fault were to slip up, he would be left with nothing but death.